Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green School Is a Good Neighbor. Describes the construction techniques and building materials used in a Pennsylvania school, yielding an environmentally friendly facility at a lower than average construction cost. 04/30/2005
Green Schools on Ordinary Budgets. Describes how two green Wisconsin schools were built at costs below that of the regional average. The author then describes a variety of techniques that enabled the schools to beat the notion that... 07/31/2010
Greening America's Schools: Costs and Benefits. Based on a study of 30 green schools, this reports reveals that building green would save an average school $100,000 each year - enough to hire two new additional full-time teachers. The report... 09/30/2006
Greening Our Built World: Costs, Benefits, and Strategies. Reports the results of a large-scale study based on extensive financial and technical analyses of more than 150 green buildings in the United States and ten other countries. Using modeling techniques... 12/31/2008
Growth Spurt: American School and University 30th Annual Education Construction Report 2004. Presents findings from an annual report on education construction, showing that the amount of education construction put in place in 2003 reached an all-time high, even as staffing and program... 04/30/2004
Hard Lessons: Causes and Consequences of Michigan's School Construction Boom. This provides a detailed review of how school construction decisions — whether to renovate existing buildings or build new, greenfield facilities — are made in Michigan and their effect on... 12/31/2003
Healthy Progress: American School and University 25th Annual Official Education Construction Report 1999. Presents the American School and University magazine comparative national data on 1998 new school and college construction and renovation costs, the amount of construction activity planned, and new... 04/30/1999
Hidden Costs of School Construction Costs that may increase the original school construction estimates include school design inefficiency, architect fees, and costs for land, site development, technology, demolition, consultants, and... 06/30/1999
Hidden Risks in the Current Construction Environment. Details prevalent risks to the owner of a construction project, including subcontractor default, contractor default, schedule delays, material security, materials substitution, and increased claims. 06/30/2008
Higher Education Market Holding Steady Lists top 25 architecture, engineering, and construction companies in the higher education sector, according to 2011 revenues. Discusses trends in higher education construction. 06/30/2012
How Inflation Erodes School Construction. Illustrates how the record $20.7 billion spent on school construction in 2007 is actually less, in real dollars, than in 1974, due to inflation. 02/29/2008
How Much Will the Perfect Disaster Cost? Estimates the cost of rebuilding Lousiana and Mississippi schools after Hurricane Katrina at 2.3 billion. The shortage of labor, equipment, and supplies contributes to higher than average costs, but... 10/31/2005
Imperfect Contract Documents: Who Pays for the Errors? Discusses coverage of mistakes in construction documents, considering when the architect should pay costs associated with errors related to their mistakes, and when they should not be held liable for... 02/29/2008
Improving Construction Management at UCI through Effective Data Warehousing. Describes how improvements in construction management made at the University of California at Irvine streamlined the design-build program and enabled simultaneous construction projects to be... 10/31/2003
Inflation Batters Building Costs. 2004 began with an explosion in steel prices that reverberated throughout construction. That was followed by aftershocks in lumber, plywood, gypsum wallboard, copper, stainless steel, insulation and... 09/26/2004
Initial Costs vs. Operational Costs. A Study of Building Improvement Projects in Fourteen Schools in the School District of Greenville County, South Carolina. To determine whether initial facility improvement costs were paid back by the reduced operational costs resulting from the improvement projects, this study examined the relationship between initial... 12/31/1979
Interdisciplinary Coordination Reviews: A Process to Reduce Construction Costs. Interdisciplinary Coordination design review is instrumental in detecting coordination errors and omissions in construction documents. Cleansing construction documents of interdisciplinary... 02/28/1998
Interdisciplinary Plan Reviews: An Indispensable Tool for Containing School Construction Costs. Advocates the use of an Interdisciplinary Plan Review (IPR) to contain district school construction costs for owners and reduce errors and ommissions liability for the design team. An IPR involves... 03/31/2002
Involving Principals in School Renovations: Benefit or Burden? Examines the nature and extent of principal involvement in school renovation, assesses costs and benefits thereof, and reviews principal training in school renovation. 09/30/2001
Is a Monolithic Dome in Your District's Future Monolithic domes are less costly to build than traditional structures and can cost as much as 50 percent less to heat and cool. Districts across the country that have opted for monolithic-dome school... 11/30/2000
Is College Construction Keeping Up With Enrollment Increases? Assesses whether college administrators are planning and building adequately to meet the the educational demand for space over the next 20 years. Trends in construction dollars expenditures over the... 09/30/2000
Is Precast Concrete Right for Your Next Project? Reviews desirable features of precast concrete with particular attention to its application in educational facilities. Aesthetic and exterior versatility, design flexibility, durability, fast... 03/31/2007
K-12 Schools Report. Briefly reviews K-12 school construction trends, then ranks the top 20 K-12 school design firms and top 20 K-12 school building contractors according to their 2006 revenue. 06/30/2007
K-12 Schools Report. Briefly reviews K-12 school construction trends, then ranks the top 20 K-12 school design firms and top 20 K-12 school building contractors according to billings. 06/30/2009
K-12 Schools Report: A Lot of Pent-up Need, With Optimism for 2013 Lists the top 25 architecture, engineering, and construction firms in the K-12 school sector, according to their 2011 revenues. 06/30/2012