Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Keeping the Roof on Building Costs. School construction overruns and other disappointments usually stem from inadequate planning, mismanagement, and inexperienced individuals. This article shows how to compute ballpark estimates based... 05/31/1994
Kitchen Construction Costs Are Still Rising. Discusses how costs for constructing culinary school kitchens has risen dramatically, largely due to a 50 percent rise in steel costs in the last six years. Recent slackening of demand for building... 10/31/2008
Lab Building Costs Plummet with Economy. Outlines reasons for declining square foot construction costs for research laboratories, as well as the availability of federal stimulus funds for the same. A table illustrating 2008 and 2009 costs... 06/30/2009
Lab Construction Costs up 6% for 2005. Details rising costs for laboratories due to higher construction costs, biocontainment requirements, escalation of equipment demand, and expansion of equipment-based science. Costs in most U.S.... 08/31/2005
Lab Rehab Costs Rising to Approach Those of New Construction. Reviews rising laboratory renovation costs internationally, with tables illustrating 2006 and 2007 figures according to laboratory type, cost increases for 22 metropolitan areas worldwide, and New... 07/31/2007
Lab Rehab Costs Rivaling Those of New Construction. Discusses costs for laboratory renovation and for new laboratories in international markets. 2007 cost increases for laboratories in 15 disciplines are included. 07/31/2008
Lab Renovation Costs Dip with Economic Doldrums. Discusses the decline in laboratory renovation costs, due to the weak economy. A chart accompanied by text details costs per square foot for laboratory renovations from 2007-2010. 07/31/2010
Lesson Plans Are Being Reworked To Stretch Construction Dollars. This article looks at the current school construction situation in Ohio, Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, California, New York, and New Jersey. While school-related capital programs in many towns, cities... 05/12/2002
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Handbook. First Edition. The guidelines incorporated in this handbook have been developed to assist Alaskan school districts, their consultants, and communities in evaluating the life cycle cost of school construction... 12/31/1998
Life Cycle Cost Guidelines for Materials and Building Systems for Florida's Public Educational Facilities, 2010. Provides an evaluation of current and emerging materials, products, and systems for application to the construction of educational facilities in Florida, based on a wide range of cost and performance... 06/29/2010
Lifetime Costs of Real Capital Ownership. Advises serious consideration of life cycle costs when planning school construction and renovation, advocating tolerance of higher construction costs when life cycle cost savings justify it. Examples... 11/30/2006
Lois E. Borchardt Elementary School. Profiles this California school built on a hardship budget. Tilt-up construction yielded an economical solution that included generous windows to help daylight the interior. 04/30/2007
Look Before You Leap. Discusses the preconstruction planning process that can help reduce costs and minimize construction risks when building educational facilities. Factors for successful implementation of the planning... 12/31/1994
Looking Ahead This is an educated guess by the editor of American School & University magazine on what 2005 and beyond will hold for education construction: based on data, spending on education construction... 12/31/2004
Lowering the Overhead by Raising the Roof: and Other Rural Trust Strategies to Reduce the Costs of your Small School. This publication helps communities reduce the costs of maintaining, building, and renovating good, small schools. It includes specific strategies that rural communities have used to reduce the costs... 12/31/2001
Making Hay When It Rains: The Effect Prevailing Wage Regulations, Scale Economies, Seasonal, Cyclical and Local Business Patterns Have On School Construction Costs. Examines several alternative ways for school districts to reduce the construction costs of new facilities. Finds that spacing out the start of facility construction projects and building during... 03/31/2002
Making Sense of Hard and Soft Dollars: Some Basic Fundamentals for Project Budgeting. Offers advice for student union professionals facing preliminary budgeting for renovation or construction projects, including relevant industry terminology. 12/31/2002
Managing Excellence Delivering Success Awards. Shares effective management techniques in the planning, design, and construction of projects from inception to completion. The selected projects showcase methods and procedures used to control time,... 09/30/2004
Managing the Money. Explains how schools and universities that clearly define their construction projects will have greater success staying within budget. Examines some fundamentals of project definition and key cost-... 10/31/2001
Managing Your Environmental Responsibilities: A Planning Guide for Construction and Development. Provides guidance for federal environmental requirements in construction and development process, with advice on how to recognize the federal environmental requirements and factor in the associated... 03/31/2005
Many Schools Getting Less Bang for Bonds. Reports on construction cutbacks in 12 of the 19 Orange County, California, school districts that have passed bonds since 1990. Price increases, mismanagement, lack of oversight, overly ambitious... 06/17/2006
Material Efficiency. Presents an interview with architect Christopher Huckabee that highlights the virtues of total masonry construction, design and construction techniques that conform to standardized materials, and... 10/31/2005
Means Facilities Construction Cost Data 2005 Book, 20th Edition This book is devoted specifically to the needs of professionals responsible for the maintenance, construction and renovation of commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional properties. This... 12/31/2004
Measuring the Cost of Project Labor Agreements on School Construction in California. Demonstrates how school construction in California costs 13 percent to 15 percent more when project labor agreements are implemented. The study examined 551 construction projects in 180 California... 12/31/2009
Metal Building Systems -- Today's Educated Choice. Discusses the benefits and options of using metal building systems to help college and university facility personnel find a cost- effective solution for constructing many building projects. 04/30/2001