Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Metropolitan Cost Comparisons Presents a list of construction cost comparisons from 25 selected metropolitan markets across the United States. Costs are shown on a square foot basis and for the basic building itself during the... 07/31/1998
Middle Schools, High Schools, and Cultural Facilities Lead Education Spending. The value of education construction starts increased 17.7% during the first nine months of 2006 compared to the same period last year, according to Reed Construction Data. Rapidly growing project... 10/31/2006
More and Better Schools with Repeal of Prevailing Wage. The Research Council estimates that but for the prevailing wage law, for every eight schools that school districts now build, they could build a ninth at no extra cost. Results are based on a survey... 12/19/1999
More Sticker Shock. Reviews reasons for significant school construction cost due to dramatic increases in materials costs in the last four years. Competition for materials from fast-growing foreign economies and labor... 04/30/2007
National Review of Green Schools: Costs, Benefits, and Implications for Massachusetts. Documents the financial costs and benefits of green schools compared to conventional schools, with specific reference to Massachusetts. This review of 20 schools nationwide demonstrates that green... 10/31/2005
National Spending on Capital Outlay. Spending on Capital Outlay and Interest on School Debt: 1919 to 2000 (Local, State and Federal) This table illustrates the breakdown of total capital outlay spending for education facilities from 1919 to 2000. It includes figures on: 1) Capital Outlay; 2) Interest on School Debt; 3) Capital... 01/31/2004
Necessity of School Construction.[Rhode Island] Presents the Rhode Island Department of Education's guidelines for preparing the necessity of construction application, which is the process by which local districts request state reimbursement... 12/31/2005
Negotiating Win-Win A/E Professional Services Agreements. Describes research conducted with architecture and engineering firms to determine what service these professionals considered basic, and to be provided under a typical contract, and what they... 06/30/2006
New Modular Classrooms Expected to Cut Construction Costs 25 Percent Describes environmentally friendly kits, called PodSolves, that consist of steel framing that comes together to form flexible classroom units. The classroom pods are designed to serve as standalones... 11/29/2011
On Target. Describes benefits of engaging a project manager for school construction projects, citing the positive experience of a Brooklyn private school that completed a complicated renovation. 10/31/2005
Order Up. Discusses change orders originating from unforseen conditions, design-related changes, and changes in project scope. Tips for minimizing them through sophisticated site investigation, allocated risk... 10/31/2005
Outlook 2011. Forecasts issues for schools in 2011. Subjects addressed include funding, class size, bond issues, community colleges, security, construction, sustainability, maintenance and operations, technology... 12/31/2010
Outlook 2012 Education institutions must keep a tight rein on spending in 2012 as they search for signs that the national economy is back on its feet. A slow, uncertain economic recovery has improved finances in... 12/31/2011
Overcoming Obstacles. Discusses potential environmental, historical, and neighborhood obstacles to school construction, citing examples of how several school districts and universities have dealt with expected and... 04/30/2006
Partnerships between Public Schools and Private Developers. An Investigative Report This report presents findings from investigations of seven public/private partnerships between school districts and the private sector. The report reveals that in all seven cases, school districts... 11/30/1998
Paying for Green. Describes funding options for the initial costs for creating a sustainable school facility, with six principles of financing that focus on analyzing life cycle costs and assessing creating long-term... 06/30/2009
Piecing it Together. Discusses the use of insulated concrete forms and modular units in higher education construction. The advantages to energy efficiency, construction speed, and cost are cited, along with an example of... 06/30/2009
PK-12 Public School Facility Infrastructure Fact Sheet. Answers basic school facilities questions such as 1) How much PK-12 infrastructure is there? 2)What condition are our public schools in? 3)What difference does facility condition make? 4)How much... 01/31/2011
Planning Green. Discusses the slight construction cost increase for a LEED-certified building. These costs are typically quickly recovered in lower operation and maintenance costs. The roles of construction manager... 09/30/2010
Plotting a Path. Discusses how budget modeling and early cost estimating can help schools control spending on construction projects. Elements involved in estimating the costs of a project are listed, and the unique... 10/31/2000
Preparing Figures. Discusses how to develop confident budgets for school facilities construction at the master planning stage with limited information. 10/31/2002
Prepurchasing Materials and Equipment for Construction and Renovation: Is It Right for You? Advises on how to pre-purchase and bulk purchase capital equipment for multi-building school construction and renovation programs. Savings are realized due to increased purchasing power and... 10/31/2004
Prevailing Wage Law--An Understanding of The Davis-Bacon Act. This webinar provides information to understand the specific requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act, when it applies, and the process necessary to ensure compliance and avoid enforcement actions and... 12/31/2008
Prevailing Wage Laws and School Construction Costs. An Analysis of Public School Construction in Maryland and the Mid Atlantic States. This study compares school construction costs in states with prevailing wage laws to those in states without prevailing wage laws in the mid Atlantic region; compares school construction cots within... 12/31/1998
Prevailing Wage Rates in Minnesota: An Examination of Alternative Calculation Methods and Their Effects on Public Construction Wages. Reports that the state's method for calculating prevailing wage rates on public construction increased project costs between 7 and 10 percent. Currently, the state of Minnesota uses a modal... 01/31/2005