CPTED for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Security Technologies Discusses how to take a sensible, balanced approach to creating a safe learning environment, drawing on behavioral and structural strategies as well as technological ones. 03/31/2012
School Security: Design Strategies for Common Problems. Discusses design strategies for improved school security, with particular attention to remedies for existing buildings. Access control, lighting, electronic and human surveillance, landscaping, and... 06/30/2011
Security Design for Sustainable Buildings and Campuses. Begins by discussing the importance of sustainability, and how security is often mistakenly omitted from green initiatives, followed by a discussion of the importance of making security a high... 12/31/2008
Security: A Blueprint for Reducing Risk. Discusses aspects of physical systems, operations, and education to address when assessing a building security program. Advice on understanding liability, everyday security breaches, security by... 01/31/2006
Site Design for Greater Security. Describes how to use the school site and landscape plan to create a safer outdoor environment for students. Facility design concepts used by one school district to address its campus security issues... 06/30/1999
Smile, Vandals--You're on Candid Camera. Describes the Huntsville, Alabama school district's use of surveillance cameras and other high-tech equipment to ward off arson, theft, and vandalism. How these efforts reduced repair and... 11/30/1997
Surrounded by Safety: A Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Handbook for Youth. This handbook introduces students to essential elements of preventing crime at school by making sure the design, use, and upkeep of the facility do not provide opportunities for criminal behavior--... 12/31/2000
The Appropriate and Effective Use of Security Technologies in U.S. Schools. A Guide for Schools and Law Enforcement Agencies This guide provides basic guidelines to help schools, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, analyze their vulnerability to violence, theft, and vandalism, and suggest possible technologies... 08/31/1999
The Complete School Safety and Security Manual. This publication is a comprehensive crime prevention manual and resource guide for school administrators and law enforcement officers. Chapter 11 covers the topic of Crime Prevention Through... 12/31/2000
Understanding Human Behavior Leads to Safer Environments The National Crime Prevention Institute explores the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment and offers nine environmental design strategies that can potentially deter crime. 01/31/2007
Welcoming and Secure. Discusses aspects of school building and site design that can reduce vandalism, control access, document activity, and facilitate emergency assistance. These aspects are more critical when there is... 08/31/2003