Title Abstract Publication Date
Daylighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools Can Afford. Discusses evidence regarding daylighting and student performance and development, and presents four case studies of schools that have implemented daylighting into their buildings in a cost-effective... 06/15/2000
Daylighting in Schools: Reanalysis Report. This study expands and validates previous research that found a statistical correlation between the amount of daylight in elementary school classrooms and the performance of students on standardized... 02/13/2002
Daylighting Initiative (PGE) Initiative sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company in San Francisco, California. The project has two goals: to raise awareness of effective daylighting practice within the design community and...
Daylighting Makes a Difference. Examined the role of daylight in student achievement in three schools and found a uniformly positive and statistically significant correlation between the presence of more daylight and better student... 12/31/2001
Daylighting Performance and Design This book features daylighting strategies, materials, and methods of construction. It covers significant advances in lighting and daylighting technology and includes examples, case studies, theory,... 02/28/1995
Daylighting Performance and Design. Explores the challenge of balancing the human preference for natural light with energy-efficient and sustainable design. The book includes case studies that illustrate the various benefits of... 12/31/2005
Daylighting Strategies Promote Healthy High Performance Buildings. Makes the case that daylighting benefits include increased productivity for students and staff, improved health, a better connection to the outdoors, energy savings, and better quality of light. The... 12/31/2009
Daylighting Update. A Brief Guide to the Process of Designing Energy Conserving Schools through the Use of Daylighting. This guide explores the dilemma of lighting standards in schools; natural lighting and energy consumption, the inclusion of daylighting in the design process, and the tools needed in the pre-design... 12/31/1989
Daylighting. Reviews the benefits of daylighting in classrooms and cites studies indicating improved attendance and academic performance in daylit classrooms. Includes 11 references. [Free registration is... 12/31/2004
Daylighting. [Whole Building Design Guide] This section from the Whole Building Design Guide discusses daylighting, including a description, design recommendations, materials and methods of construction, analysis and design tools, application... 10/31/2008
Daylighting: Many Designers are Still in the Dark. This article discusses effective daylighting design concepts. It refers to ongoing research on daylighting and productivity issues. A daylighting design strategy is explained. The cost effectiveness... 05/31/2002
Daylighting: Stategies that Maximize Benefits. Discusses daylighting strategies of site maximization, integrated design, roof monitors, light shelves, glazing, and north- and south-facing considerations. 03/31/2008
Design Guidelines: Skylighting Guidelines. Collection of documents intended to help architects and engineers use skylights to maximum advantage in commercial and industrial buildings. Includes an introduction to skylighting; how skylights... 12/31/2004
Designed To Maximize Learning and Minimize Costs. Describes how the Durant Road Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina sets a new standard in environmental school design. Daylighting, bringing daylight into the building for psychological, health,... 12/31/2001
Designing Quality Learning Spaces: Lighting. Advises on school lighting, addressing the connection between lighting and learning, natural and artificial classroom lighting, specialized teaching spaces, and extra considerations for special needs... 12/31/2006
Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Presents design features of the Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School (North Carolina) that incorporates daylighting in the majority of the classrooms, the gymnasium, dining room, and media... 12/31/2000
Effect of Indoor Environmental Quality on Occupant's Perception of Performance: a Comparative Study. Reports on a study to documents the difference between the occupant's perception of performance in a LEED-certified higher education building with a higher education building that is not LEED... 12/31/2004
Electric Lighting and Daylighting in Schools. This report examines both electric lighting and daylighting, listing criteria to determine the correct equipment for a school renovation or building project. The report examines the use of prismatic... 11/30/1995
Energy Guidelines For K-12 Public Schools. Advises on a variety of building features that impact energy consumption. The publication opens with a discussion of life cycle costing, building modeling, and performance verification. Subsequent... 02/28/2009
Energy Performance of Daylit Schools in North Carolina. This study analyzes the energy performance and cost of daylit schools designed by Innovative Design in Johnston County, North Carolina. The analysis compares the first-year energy performances of the... 12/31/1995
Evidence-Based Design: Natural Light, Student Performance and Health. Presents an interview with Lisa Heschong in which she discusses her research on the impact of daylighting on student performance along with other aspects of windows and ventilation in schools. 08/31/2004
Field Commissioning of a Daylight-Dimming Lighting System. A Florida elementary school cafeteria, retrofitted with a fluorescent lighting system that dims in response to available daylight, was evaluated through real time measurement of lighting and air... 06/18/1995
Getting Brighter At Dena Boer Elemertary School: Daylighting an Entire School Within a Standard Construction Budget Features a Salida, California, school built in 1997, operating on a year-round schedule that uses daylighting throughout the entire school. Shows how the design is often capable of providing 100... 12/31/1998
Green Classroom: Daylighting-conscious Design for Kuwait Autism Center. Consideration to the natural elements, such as daylighting, at the earliest in the architectural design process is suggested by many as necessary for sustainable buildings. The implementation of a... 12/31/2006
Green Schools Create Learning Tools. Illustrates design for passive seasonal heating, cooling, and daylighting that students can monitor as part of the learning program. 12/31/2004