Title Abstract Publication Date
Greener Pastures. Briefly reviews energy saving and generating strategies,including daylighting, water conservation and recycling strategies, geothermal HVAC sytesm, and wind and solar energy. 08/31/2007
Greenwich Academy. Describes this largely daylit Connecticut upper school addition to a private girls' school that utilizes its steeply sloped site by positioning the main entrance on top of its green roof. 05/31/2004
Guide for Daylighting Schools. Drawing upon practical experiences in designing and constructing over 40 daylit schools throughout the country, this guide addresses the key design considerations typically confronted when designing... 12/31/2003
Harnessing Daylight for Energy Savings. Explains how badly designed daylighting can actually raise energy costs and offers extensive advice on proper daylighting, including building orientation, window design, light and heat transmittance... 03/31/2006
Health and Behavior of Children in Classrooms With and Without Windows The aims of the study were to assess the effects of light on the production of stress hormones, classroom performance, body growth, and sick leave, of school children. About 90 children were... 11/30/1992
Healthy High Performance Schools. Examines the success of EPA's Healthy High Performance Schools standards and guidelines at Westwood Elementary School, Elk River (Minnesota) School District. This LEED-certified school's... 06/30/2008
High-Performance Glass for High-Performance Schools. Through energy modeling, shows that daylighting strategies can have a significant impact on energy consumption in educational facilities, particularly those that incorporate advanced solar control,... 08/31/2011
Illuminating the Classroom Environment. Discusses proper classroom illumination by direct and indirect natural, artificial, and reflected light. Suggestions for daylighting, glare reduction, flexibility, attractive installation,... 01/31/2005
Impact of Sustainable Buildings on Educational Achievements in K-12 Schools. Defines sustainable schools and its accompanying qualities of good site planning, lighting, indoor air quality, healthy building materials, acoustics, and use of renewable energy. Benefits to student... 11/24/2003
Improving Performance. Describes how using skylights and other daylighting methods can improve the efficiency of a school facility, enhancing the learning environment and simplifying maintenance. 09/30/2002
Integrating Daylighting and Electrical Lighting for Premium Efficiency and Performance. Presents an approach to lighting design that integrates daylighting and artificial lighting, thereby facilitating efficiency and performance. Properly designed systems allow high performance... 12/31/2001
Investigating the Behaviors of the Elementary School Students in Reference to Factors Associated with Daylight. There is no simple guide to human behavior which architects can use but recommendations rather an understanding of the principles of behavior and of man's interactions with buildings. To... 02/28/2011
Lack of Short-Wavelength Light During the School Day Delays Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) in Middle School Students. Reports the results of a study investigating whether removal of short-wavelength light during the morning hours delayed the onset of melatonin in young adults. Dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) was... 12/31/2009
Learning, Lighting, and Color. Reviews learning patterns and its connection to visual stimuli. Proper lighting for school entryways and science laboratories is covered, and seven myths about lighting and color in educational... 12/31/2005
Let the Sun Shine In. Discusses two window coverings that admit daylight, but not glare and heat. These are mesh fabric shades and smart glass that changes tinting or opacity via electronic control. 05/31/2007
Let the Sun Shine in: New Thinking about the Oldest Lighting Strategy. Promotes the use of controlled daylighting, cautioning against direct sunlight, which produces glare. Basic concepts for bringing daylight into the center of a building are presented, and the... 11/30/2010
Letting the Sun Shine In. Profiles Iowa City's North Central Junior High School, whose extensive daylighting permitted a reduction in mechanical systems and considerable savings in square foot construction costs. A list... 12/31/2007
Light and Color Goes to School. Discusses the results of recent research indicating that natural light and views through windows have a positive effect on learning and describing the manner in which glare and direct sunlight should... 05/31/2004
Light and Cool. Advises on window selection and placement to keep classrooms properly illuminated without unnecessary heat gain. Design of roof monitors and light shelves are highlighted. 05/31/2010
Light Moves. Advises on how to use building orientation, materials, and design to appropriately daylight schools. 01/31/2010
Lighten the Load. Reviews the increasing desirability for daylighting of classrooms. Old notions that windows contributed to HVAC load, lower security, and distraction of students have been replaced with those of... 09/30/2008
Lighting Demands. Notes the increased environmental awareness of current students, and advises on sustainable lighting systems to accommodate their awareness. Daylighting, solar power, and energy-efficient bulbs are... 04/30/2011
Lighting for Schools. This publication highlights some of the benefits of proper daylighting design in educational facilities, discusses energy efficient electric lighting choices schools can make that are long lasting... 11/30/2001
Lighting Research Center LRC is part of the School of Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It was formed in 1988 with the goal of changing architecture through lighting that is energy efficient and responsive to...
Lighting Retrofits: Putting Technology to Work. Discusses the use of photosensors to control artificial lighting in daylit rooms. Light-level response, signal types, photopic correction, and application trends are addressed. 01/31/2010