Title Abstract Publication Date
Lighting the Learning Environment. Explores the benefits and pitfalls of daylighting, indirect light, and full-spectrum lamps for general illumination and accent lighting in classrooms. Discussions include lighting considerations in... 06/30/2000
Lighting the School of the Future. Discusses the Austin Independent School District's (Texas) school redesign efforts to allow more daylight in its schools, increase the students' comfort and productivity, and lower utility... 11/30/1999
Lighting the Way. Reviews the return of daylighting to schools, as well as recent advances in precision daylighting that avoids glare and has automated supplementation for overcast conditions. 02/28/2007
Low - Energy School Design for Sustainability This video, produced by Douglas County School District along with top Colorado architecture firms that specialize in designs specific to Daylight and Learning, shows a unique prototype of school... 07/28/2010
Modular Skylight Wells: Design Guidelines for Skylights With Suspended Ceilings. These guidelines provide a step-by-step process for designing modular skylight wells, along with a glossary of technical terms and list of acronyms. This design assistance can serve as an essential... 09/30/2003
National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools. This guide was developed specifically for architects and engineers who are responsible for designing or retrofitting schools, and for the project managers who work with the design teams. The design... 06/30/2002
Natural Light, Energy Efficiency. Discusses the balancing of daylighting and building exterior performance. Siting of the building, quality of windows and doors, and maintenance are emphasized. 11/30/2009
No Blinding Light Integrated internal blinds help control classroom daylighting while reducing maintenance. 11/30/2011
Openluchtscholen in Nederland: Architectuur, Onderwijs en Gezondheidszorg 1905- 2005. (Open-Air Schools in the Netherlands: Architecture, Education, and Healthcare 1905- 2005) Profiles 100 years of outdoor, open-air, and abundantly daylit Dutch schools. Principles of the necessity of fresh air to health and sanitation are discussed, accompanied by a chronologically... 12/31/2004
P.S. 69, Brooklyn, N.Y. Describes the title school building by Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/suppliers, and... 02/28/2003
Patterns to Daylight Schools for People and Sustainability. Daylighting design guide that balances the photobiological benefits of daylighting with well-known daylight design techniques that can be applied in schools. The book is the culmination of a research... 12/31/2009
Placing Students First: Promoting Innovation in Sustainable Design. Describes the innovative features of the Truckee Middle School in Truckee, California. The school utilizes daylighting, environmentally sensitive building materials, water management and geothermal... 08/31/2003
Predicting Daylighting. Discusses strategies for achieving balanced and effective daylighting in schools. Computerized modeling, neighboring structures, the ability of occupants to control lighting, and reflectivity of... 09/30/2009
Principles and Impacts of Daylighting. Outlines the duties of the team members who create a building's daylighting plan, the core principles to be achieved, linkage of daylighting to other sustainable strategies, and concepts for... 08/31/2009
Productivity and Satisfaction: Daylight Makes the Difference. A building full of daylight is a natural element that can result in an amazing transformation—a more beautiful building, a more energy-efficient building, and a building that provides occupants with... 12/31/2001
Rooms with a View. Discusses the virtues of atriums for daylighting and energy savings, with advice on how to model energy consumption scenarios for atrium-equipped buildings. 10/31/2006
School Lights Discusses school lighting strategies that can cut energy use and save money, including daylighting, weighing your options, prioritizing efficiency, comparing modern lighting calculations, going by... 01/31/2012
Schools Use Daylighting to Improve Visual Environment, Save Electricity Four schools in the Kyrene School District are expected to reduce the district's annual electric consumption by 440,000 kilowatt-hours through a recently completed lighting retrofit program. 03/31/1995
See Change. Discusses state-of-the-art glass applications for athletic facilities. Transparency of the building exterior and interior, shatter resistance, safety, CPTED, and costs are covered. 03/31/2007
See It, Believe It, Build It--With Confidence. Modeling Assures Better Daylighting Results. When architects were asked to design a new multipurpose building at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera, California, they evaluated possible design options by building a daylighting model.... 12/31/1998
Seeing the Light. Reviews daylighting research and a dormitory renovation that converted 150 rooms into daylit common areas by removing walls and adding expansive window treatments. 01/31/2005
Seeing the Light. Profiles the unique lighting of the University of California San Diego Sustainable Research Center. Photovoltaic panels on the roof supply the DC-DC lighting system, augmented by daylight and... 10/31/2010
Sensor Placement and Optimization Tool (SPOT) This free, downloadable software assist designers in quantifying the existing or intended electric lighting and annual daylighting characteristics of a given space and to help establish the optimal... 12/31/2007
Shining Through. Advises on the benefits of daylighting classrooms, strategies to avoid daylighting glare, and how to integrate it with artificial lighting. 12/31/2010
Skylighting Guidelines. Northwest Region. Addresses daylighting issues that concern designers and building owners in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Reviews the climate of the region, state energy code requirements, and common... 10/19/1999