Title Abstract Publication Date
'Community' College. Reviews the master plan of a new San Antonio area community college, consisting of buildings clustered around plazas and a planned combination of intentionally formal and informal spaces. Photographs... 12/31/2006
10 Akron Street. Profiles this new Harvard University dormitory whose modern architecture compliments the adjacent three 22-story residential towers. Photographs, plans, and a list of project participants accompany... 10/31/2010
15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs. Profiles 15 mostly avant-garde designs of high school and university buildings from around the world. Photographs accompany each description. 03/31/2009
2006 Architectural Portfolio: Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture Prifiles three higher education master planning and landscape architecture projects selected for outstanding innovation, image, function, flexibility, maintainability, sustainability, security,... 10/31/2006
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture. Profiles four outstanding campus master plans and two outstanding campus landscapes. These were selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. Project... 10/31/2007
2007 Renovation and Construction Showcase. Presents 14 distinctive new or renovated higher education student union buildings from 2006. Each example includes photographs, a description, building statistics, and a list of project participants. 12/31/2006
2009 ASLA Awards. These landscape architecture awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects cite projects at Arizona State University, The University of Virginia, and Mills College. 07/31/2009
2009 Renovation and Construction Showcase. Profiles ten new and renovated higher education student centers. Building statistics and photographs accompany brief descriptions of the facilities. 12/31/2008
35 Smart Building Ideas. Details suggestions on how higher education institutions can maintain effective building programs in a slow economy, use space effectively, and finance creatively. 10/31/2009
5 Facility Design Tips for Universities Case study of University of Connecticut's new green Classroom Building comprised of 17 high-tech classroom spaces and two lecture halls. Discusses five areas that all universities should... 01/16/2012
A Beauty with Brains. Profiles the new Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas. The state-of-the-art research facility features a nanoelectrics materials laboratory and... 12/31/2007
A Campus of Neighborhoods and Paths. Publishes North Carolina State University Physical Master Plan of 2007. The report covers the underlying philosophy guiding the study, the capital improvement plan with space needs analysis, the 10-... 09/30/2007
A Clear Translation. Profiles the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translation Medicine at Yeshiva University. The center works closely with five hospital centers in the New York area in order to bring medical... 06/30/2008
A College Health Center. Case Studies of Educational Facilities #6. Considers problems and solutions related to the design and establishment of college health facilities. Specific considerations include: 1) internal expansion and flexibility; 2) study and... 12/31/1964
A College in the City: An Alternative. Presents a new way of looking at the urban university. It describes the planning effort for a nonconventional college in the poor urban community of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section. This... 02/28/1969
A Common Good. Profiles a new University of Virginia central plant that places air handling units on top of thoughtfully designed administrative and mechanical spaces, all hidden from public view by its siting... 12/31/2008
A Design of Their Own. Argues for a new kind of built environment for community colleges, leaving behind the mundane strip mall or institutional look, and reflecting instead their importance as educators of almost half of... 10/27/2005
A Fifty State Assessment of Capital Needs for Public Higher Education: Policy Objectives. Assesses and compares states and their efforts to fund public higher education capital needs, ranking them by operating appropriations per student and capital appropriations per student. Data shows... 06/30/2001
A Globalized Studio Environment: Configuring Reflexive Spatial Agendas. Proposes that though the forces of globalization have radically changed our conception and use of space, its material manifestation is as important now more then ever to those training to be... 02/28/2009
A Guide to Planning for Change. Highlights recent thinking on higher education campus planning and summarizes the new and emerging challenges facing leaders of colleges and universities. Chapter 7 includes information on... 12/31/2007
A Half-Century of Change on College Hill: Institutional Growth, Historic Preservation, and the College Hill Study. Narrates the growth of Providence's Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Both institutions occupy urban sites surrounded by historic architecture. The 1967 College Hill Study... 03/31/2011
A Hybrid Campus for the New Millennium The role of technology, architecture, and people in restoring socialization to the campus experience for college and university students is discussed. The campus of the future should be based on a... 12/31/2000
A Master Plan for Facilities. Describes how the University of Southern Maine's Lewiston-Auburn College coordinated their facilities master plan upon receiving new property that was adjacent to the existing campus. The... 04/30/2009
A Neotraditional Building Boom on Campus Across the U.S., dozens of colleges and universities are planning or building major campus expansions. However, unlike the 1990s which saw gleaming bioscience research facilities appear on campuses,... 03/08/2007
A New Approach to Community College Master Planning. Discusses the usefulness of a well-defined master plan to community colleges and explores trends in master planning that place more emphasis on issues that attract and retain students; these include... 05/31/2002