Title Abstract Publication Date
A Percent for the Arts On college campuses, renewed interest in visual arts is changing how facilities are designed and renovated. Works of art play a central role in how designers create memorable places and spaces. 04/30/2012
A Report from the Facilities Core Data Survey. Presents data for U.S. higher education facilities including density of campus buildout, square footage of buildings and grounds maintained, number of students per acre, and condition of buildings... 06/30/2007
A Rubric for Campus Heritage Planning. Addresses the variety of architecture found on American campuses, and the implications of youth and learning that they present. The importance of preservation of a campus's identity is supported... 03/31/2011
A Sympathetic Addition at a Bargain Price. Profiles an addition to the Benedicta Arts Center in St. Joseph, Minnesota, featuring large windows that illuminate the rehearsal room, dance studios, and below-grade classrooms and offices. 02/22/2007
A Tale of Three Campuses: Planning and Design in Response to Cultural Heritage at Mills College, the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University. Reviews the development history of these three campuses. The establishment of an aesthetic core, followed by various divergent schemes by successions of planners are detailed. Notable restorations as... 03/31/2011
A Tribute to Achievement and Excellence. Presents the 20 winners of the Society for College and University Planning's award programs, including those to individual achievers and to various institutions for excellence in campus planning... 09/30/2009
A University in Detroit Pins New Hopes on Old Buildings. Profiles urban revitalization underway in the area around Wayne State University. The university is reusing abandoned factories, and many crumbling mansions are being restored by faculty and staff. 05/07/2009
A View of the Changing Campus: How Learning Environments Can Support Changes in Higher Education. Discusses competition, student preferences, and multiple learning styles as agents for change in higher education design, as well as making those change agents visible through design. Includes 19... 12/31/2003
A Vision for Growth. Advises on planning higher education campus expansion that will affect the surrounding community. Engaging the community at the outset, selecting the right architect, flexibility of the plan, and the... 07/31/2008
A Wonder of Modern Design Closes Deals in the Heartland. Profiles Kenyon College's athletic center, a large and heavily-used facility that includes and indoor pool and tennis courts, an auditorium, meeting rooms, a running track, basketball court,... 02/22/2007
A&M's Vanguard. Profiles Texas A&M's new Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, a state-of-the-art research facility designed to attract federal and private research funding. The modern building borrows... 12/31/2007
Achieving a Well-Designed Sense of Place. Discusses the value of “placemaking” on higher education campuses, noting that it must be intentional, managed, provide a balance of interiors and exteriors, reflect institutional priorities,... 09/30/2007
Air Age Gothic. Profiles the mid-century modern architecture of the United States Air Force Academy, varying sentiments toward the designs, attempts to preserve and restore its more iconic structures, and... 04/30/2008
All Part of the Plan. Discusses the role of higher education in helping renew their host cities, citing the example of Wilkes College and King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The institutions and the city... 01/31/2006
American Places: In Search of the Twenty-First Century Campus. Presents a call for campuses to be designed, not only to heighten the quality of the learning experience, but also as working demonstrations of ways in which places everywhere can be transformed into... 12/31/2005
An Assessment of South Carolina Higher Education Facilities Conditions & Measuring Deferred Maintenance. Special Report. For the current study, institutions evaluated education and general (E&G) buildings on their campuses using an assessment format established in the original deferred maintenance study conducted... 09/30/2007
An Engineering Lab that Can Entertain. Profiles the University of Pennsylvania's new School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a highly modernistic structure that connects two older buildings whose floor heights differ by six feet... 02/22/2007
An Unrivaled Collection of Wright Buildings Proves to Be a Joy and a Challenge. Discusses the situation that Florida Southern College faces with its modest endowment and a significant collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings that are in need of major repair. Some of the... 06/14/2007
Annenberg Public Policy Center, The University of Pennsylvania. Profiles this new academic building that hosts the entire department under one roof. The glass façade is warmed by layering the panels with wood accents. Photographs, plans, and a list of project... 10/31/2010
APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators, conducts...
Architectural Design Trends in Higher Education Wireless technology and distance learning continues to evolutionize higher-education classroom design and it is critical to bring in the AV consultants early in the process, including the master... 01/16/2007
Architecture and Academe: College Buildings in New England before 1860. Discusses historic New England origins and development of college building design and campus planning principles, finding profound similarities in collegiate architecture in the region, along with... 12/31/2010
Architecture on Campus: A Guide to the University of Melbourne and Its Colleges. Catalogs the buildings, public artworks, and grounds of this institution from its founding in 1853 to the present. The 100 buildings are organized by the era in which they were built, and most are... 12/31/2002
Art and College History, Written in Stone. Reviews the role and history of art museums on higher education campuses, citing notable established facilities, recent additions, and renovations. The evolving relationship of the university museum... 04/27/2006
Artistic Achievement. Profiles Western Michgan University's Richmond Center for the Visual Arts, highlighting its budget-conscious use of architectural steel, aesthetic intent, and adherence to American Association... 08/31/2008