Title Abstract Publication Date
Living and Learning: the Campus Redefined. Discusses attributes of good campus design, with particular attention to how campuses relate to their neighborhoods and expand. Planned, completed, and in progress expansions at Columbia, University... 04/27/2006
Make Way for Millennials! How Today's Students are Shaping Higher Education Space. Explores Millennials, or those born between 1982 and 2001, in their historical context, identifies ways they are making their presence felt, and suggests how they are beginning to reshape higher... 12/31/2008
Make Way for Millennials: How Students Are Shaping Learning in Higher Education! Brings together 13 peer-reviewed articles and 3 book reviews which have been collected from two themed issues of Planning for Higher Education, published in October 2008 and January 2009. The... 12/31/2008
Making the Connection. Profiles the joining up of existing and new science buildings at McGill University. A variety of complex site, design, and historical context challenges were met by a collaborative team of occupants... 08/31/2009
Making the Most of Tomorrow: The Campus of the Future. Advises on how to envision scenarios concerning the future of higher education, and how to incorporate them into strategic facility planning. 10/31/2006
Marcel Breuer at Saint John's. Discusses the signature St. John's Abbey and University buildings by architect Marcel Breuer. The history of how they were commissioned, their bold and inspirational use of concrete, and the... 03/06/2008
Maryland Community College Facilities Manual. This manual was jointly prepared by Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Maryland Department of Budget and Management, the Maryland Department of General Services, and the Facilities Planners... 06/05/2005
Master Plan 2009: Northern Kentucky University. Presents this rapidly-growing institution's master plan for the years 2010-2020. The land use section details goals for a physical transportation of the campus, achieving of sustainability,... 12/31/2008
Master Planning Campuses for Today's Students. Discusses ten steps of campus planning, beginning with the confirmation of the institution's mission and proceeding through program, building, and needs assessment and prioritization, ending up... 12/31/2005
Master Planning for Sustainability. Discusses inclusion of sustainability issues in higher education master planning, along with the physical plant and academic programming. The growing concern among students for campus environmental... 09/28/2009
Master Planning in Developing Communities. Discusses higher education master planning in countries desiring a better quality of life and a competitive stance in the global economy. Advice on connecting a campus to its culture, making it... 12/31/2010
McGill University Building Design Standards. Presents this institution's guidelines for building design, including location and adjacencies, entrances, support spaces, ceiling height, orientation, acoustics, surfaces, finishes, fixtures,... 08/31/2009
Media Production Center, Columbia College Chicago. Profiles this urban communication arts facility, built rapidly with pre-cast walls and carefully designed to mitigate noise from nearby train and car traffic. A green roof reduces the noise of rain... 10/31/2010
Meeting the Future on Campus. Discusses current trends on higher education campuses, including a slow-down in construction, new uses of library space, growth in community colleges, more online instruction, mergers that eliminate... 12/31/2009
Meeting the State's Future Needs through a Competitive Higher Education Facility and Technology Infrastructure. Focuses on facilities and technology aspects of where Ohio stands in providing higher education services. Five questions form the core of report. These are: 1) Are Ohio's higher education... 02/28/2009
Mission and Place: Strengthening Learning and Community through Campus Design. Describes how institutions of higher education can provide leadership in addressing important strategic issues through campus design and planning, and how at the same time they can create an enduring... 12/31/2005
MIT's Suit Against Frank Gehry Astonishes Campus Architects. Reviews this lawsuit against the architect and contractor for defects in The Massachusetts Institution of Technology's Stata Center, an intentionally eccentric and widely noted new facility. 11/15/2007
Moving Beyond the Classroom: Accommodating the Changing Pedagogy of Higher Education. Questions the future of the physical classroom as a paradigm for teaching and learning settings within the university setting. In turn, it proposes the notion of learning spaces as layered... 12/31/2004
Moving In. Profiles the new Dickinson School of Law building at Pennsylvania State University, its striking design, and the use of steel to create its ramps and cantilevered spaces. 08/31/2008
Mystery Building Intrigues Spartans. Profiles a new parking structure at Michigan State University, meticulously designed to pass as a brick-clad academic building and to blend in with the surrounding architecture. 09/30/2007
Naming Names: Ten Rules. Discusses ten standard naming rules for buildings on university and college campuses: 1. Only name buildings for dead people; 2. Only use the names of admirable people; 3. Recognize substantial... 07/13/2008
Navigating the White Waters of Collaborative Work in Shaping Learning Environments. Focuses on the present learning space planning process at most campuses and proposes a new vision for how planning can work more effectively and collaboratively. 12/31/2001
Necessary Infrastructure--Or Mission Inflation? Several US colleges, in their relentless pursuit of prestige, become obsessed with attracting students with increasingly extravagant student unions, dormitories, and other facilities. J. Douglas Toma... 12/31/2005
New Learning Environments: A Study of How Architecture Can Respond to Interdisciplinary and Mobile Learning. By evaluating designs based on the evolution of the American school as a building typology and predicting the future of higher learning based on the progressing pedagogical shift, this thesis... 04/30/2010
No Stirrings of Pride. Profiles The University of California's Evans Hall, an imposing concrete structure that most people on the campus would like to see demolished. The 10-story mathematics facility provides a great... 07/05/2007