Title Abstract Publication Date
Campus Chapels Make a Comeback: Planning for the Adaptive Reuse of Campus Chapels. Examines the consideration of campus heritage, a growing interest in spirituality among multidenominational students, and the need for multiple use of student spaces that are fueling a closer look at... 02/28/2005
Campus Comforts. Discusses how colleges and universities are improving their housing, dining, and other services and developing programs that give students more consumer-like options so that students find their... 04/30/2001
Campus Design This book illustrates how to create a campus whose design is functional, attractive, safe, accessible and expressive of the institution's purpose. It covers important design topics such as... 12/31/1990
Campus Design for the 'Net Generation. Discusses the preferred environments for today s technology-enabled students. Outdoor spaces are preferred, and the typical gathering habits and best configurations for these spaces are detailed with... 05/31/2006
Campus Facilities Inventory. Presents the result of an annual survey of a space use on campuses, comprised of a common space data set, using standardized and familiar room use classifications from the Facilities Inventory... 12/31/2006
Campus Heritage in the 21st Century: Notable Precedents and Inspiring Antecedents. Cites several examples of notable campus structures saved by thoughtful administrations, public sentiment, clever repurposing, and sometimes demolition and reuse of the original materials. 03/31/2011
Campus Heritage Network Provides a forum and resources for preservation of historic campuses. It also offers reviews, analyses, and findings from reports to the Getty Foundation from campus-based teams, which implemented...
Campus Heritage Planning: Understanding the Economics and Managing the Financing. Discusses motivations for higher education institutions to maintain their campus heritage, emphasizing their unique position to do so as stewards of history and (usually) the same property over many... 03/31/2011
Campus Heritage. Offers ideas insights, and information about higher education campus architectural heritage. The contributions campus heritage can make to promote, strengthen, and support institutional goals and... 12/31/2004
Campus Ideals. Profiles the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, a campus founded in 2003, utilizing design strategies of notable American campuses. Scale, landscaping, green features, circulation... 10/31/2007
Campus Image and Identity. The eight chapters in this book reflect the author's categories of the elements of campus image and design. Within each chapter, each page displays two campus scenes, chosen for thought-... 12/31/2010
Campus in Transition. Gives an interpretation of demographic factors that will have a long-term influence on higher education, considers some basic ideas that affect academic trends, and then describes some pathfinding... 03/31/1975
Campus Landscape: Functions, Forms, Features. This guide provides information, instruction, and ideas on planning and designing every aspect of the campus landscape, from parking lots to playing fields. Using real-world examples of classic and... 12/31/1999
Campus Learning Spaces: Investing in How Students Learn. Discusses learning space design for contemporary students, addressing classroom space, libraries, and informal learning spaces. Special attention is given to reduced dropout rates and lower cost per... 04/11/2005
Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture. Profiles five campuses honored for their planning and landscape architecture, based on functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. Photographs... 10/31/2010
Campus Officials Seek Building Efficiencies, One Square Foot at a Time. Discusses higher education space management, focusing on college space planning professionals who concentrate their efforts in ensuring that all space is properly outfitted and used as much as... 04/16/2009
Campus Planning and Facility Development: A Comprehensive Bibliography. This bibliography contains citations on a wide range of campus planning and facility development issues. Designed to provide a resource for anyone involved in campus planning, this book contains... 12/31/2001
Campus Planning Design Awards. Presents the Boston Society of Architects Campus Planning Design Awards, which were bestowed upon six institutions in recognition of their plans' clarity of goals, vigorous analysis of the site... 12/31/2006
Campus Planning. The first section of this book defines campus planning, illustrates through examples the evolution of the campus as a design form, and describes the critical importance of campus planning. Section... 12/31/1962
Campus Profile: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Profiles this campus in the midst of a five-year renovation program that began in 2006. The mission of the school is outlined, followed by brief descriptions of planned buildings, issues raised by... 09/30/2007
Campus Recreation Center, University of Cincinnati. Profiles this high-profile facility that combines student athletic facilities, a food court, classrooms, and even student housing. 09/30/2006
Campus-Madrid: Urbanism and Architecture of the Universities of the Community of Madrid. Profiles the 15 universities and 25 campuses of the Universities of the City of Madrid. The book examines their history, urban dimension, and architecture, with case studies of buildings from the... 12/31/2006
Campus=Context. Discusses ways in which higher education institutions address contextual inclusion of new construction within their campuses. The issue of whether new structures will perpetuate the traditional... 09/30/2003
Campuses in Cities: Places between Engagement and Retreat. Discusses the particular issues of campus planning for an urban university setting. Competing desires for refuge and community engagement complicate the process. Historical and ill-conceived methods... 02/22/2007
Carbon Neutral Now. Profiles Yale University's Kroon Hall, an office and seminar room that aims at carbon neutrality. Southern exposure of the longest side of the building harvests substantial daylight. 09/30/2009