Title Abstract Publication Date
Connecting the Dots...the Essence of Planning: The Best of Planning for Higher Education 1997-2003. Provides a compilation of 25 select articles from these seven years of the journal, organized under six themes: 1) Creating Distinction in a Changing Environment, 2) Preserving the Campus as Place, 3... 12/31/2003
Constructing the Interdisciplinary Ivory Tower: The Planning of Interdisciplinary Spaces on University Campuses. Examines how universities plan and nurture interdisciplinary space on campus, based on a survey of strategic and campus master plans from 21 universities defined as very high research institutions by... 03/31/2008
Continuing Education. Discusses the advent of retirement housing on higher education campuses. Issues of location, relationship to the institution, and levels of care offered are addressed. 11/30/2008
Contra Costa Community College District Facilities Design and Construction Guidelines. Presents a summary of procedures and standards for the construction, remodeling or alteration of the College's facilities and infrastructure, intended to direct consultants, facilitate... 02/29/2004
Core Strength: At a New Stanford Building, Atria Double-Major in Sustainability and Community. Profiles the atria in Stanford University?s Y2E2 building, which allow daylight to reach all the way to the basement. 07/31/2010
Council of Independent Colleges Historic Campus Architecture Project National architecture and landscape database of independent college and university campuses. This project presents information about significant buildings, landscapes, campus plans, and heritage...
Crafting the Master Plan. Advises on creating a campus master plan to manage enrollment growth at community colleges. Varying planning approaches used at two institutions in California and Texas are examined, with... 03/31/2007
Cranbrook. Discusses the history and design of the buildings, gardens, and sculptures at Cranbrook, describing the work of administrators, designers, and artists who shaped the campus from its founding to the... 12/31/2000
Creating a Campus Identity in an Urban Environment. Describes the design of Coe College in Iowa, the University of Chicago, and the University of California's Washington, DC campus to illustrate the successful development of a physical identity... 05/31/2002
Creating a Culture of Sustainability: How Campuses Are Taking the Lead. Discusses higher education's leadership in sustainability through curriculum decisions, operations budgets, facility plans, and campus culture. Measurable, positive impact of these efforts is... 12/31/2004
Creating Aesthetic Unity on the College Campus. This article discusses how landscape architecture and master planning can makeover the most eclectic of campuses. The benefits of creating a unified campus, developing a landscape master plan, and... 08/31/2002
Creating Global-Ready Places: The Campus-Community Connection. Describes the historic cosmopolitan connection between cities and universities, discusses the global forces affecting that relationship today, and offers case illustrations of campus-oriented civic... 06/30/2009
Creating Sacred Space on Your Campus. Defines five types of higher education sacred spaces, with advice on how to create them, how to identify those that already exist, and how to maintain them. 08/31/2009
Cutting Edge EDU. @ USC. Discusses the principles and components of the University of Southern California's smart building: the Marshall School of Business. The building's design, learning environment, use of high... 08/31/2000
Declaring War on the Ivory Tower. Discusses how an historic military base, Ft. Ord in California, became future-oriented California State University- Monterey Bay. Campus planning and design are examined, including the preservation... 06/30/2001
Design and Construction Project Guidelines. Presents Dartmouth's design and construction requirements, organized by CSI Masterformat divisions, in frequently updated individual PDF's for each section within a division. 12/31/2005
Design and Construction Standards, Guidelines and Specifications. Presents the University of Alberta's guidelines for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities. Sections of the document address the process of design and... 10/31/2003
Design Features for Project-Based Learning. This publication is a condensed version of a doctoral research study conducted to determine the features of the physical learning environment for collaborative, project-based learning, primarily at... 01/31/2002
Design Features Of the Physical Learning Environment For Collaborative, Project-Based Learning at The Community College Level The purpose of the study was to (a) determine the design features of the physical learning environment that support collaborative, project-based learning, and (b) to gain an understanding of the... 04/30/2003
Design for a New Generation: Trends for Student Organization Suites. Discusses design considerations for student organization suites, including design that aligns with the ethos of the institution, flexibility to accommodate changing student cultures, creating a home... 10/31/2007
Design for Disassembly in the Built Environment: A Guide to Closed-Loop Design and Building. Discusses design of buildings with their ultimate demolition (or disassembly) in mind. Construction products and techniques are covered, and examples of buildings at Carnegie Mellon University, the... 12/31/2005
Design Guidelines and Review of Campus Projects, University of Pennsylvania. Provides design guidance to accompany the 2001 campus development plan, outlining the ways that new buildings and open space should serve the intended population while taking neighboring structures... 12/31/2001
Design Principles: Creating a More Effective Teaching Facility. Laments that university professors often must teach around the architecture, which impede the teaching and learning experience. The author proposes that the school facility must be conceived as a... 12/31/2004
Design with Distinction: The Value of Good Building Design in Higher Education. Reports on British research quantifying the effect of good architectural design on higher education staff and student recruitment and retention. Approximately 60 percent of students and staff... 02/28/2005
Designed to Share: Oregon Academic Facility Pioneers New Approach. Profiles a joint venture between Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College to build an academic facility in downtown Medford. Components of their shared vision and the challenges of... 02/28/2007