Title Abstract Publication Date
Designing a Unified Campus. Discusses elements that contribute to a unified campus, including architecture, landscaping, signage, paving, circulation systems, outdoor furnishings and accessories, fencing, and lighting.... 04/30/2007
Designing an Academic Building for 21st-Century Learning: A Dean's Guide. This article presents a comprehensive overview of how effective academic leadership, particularly that of the dean, functions in planning and advocating for the appropriate design for an academic... 04/30/2009
Designing and Building for the Class of 2020. Reviews trends in technology integration, study habits, and residential preferences that will effect higher education design over the next 15 years. Academic buildings will typically need to be... 08/31/2006
Designing for Designers. Examines the history of architectural education and building form; typologies of schools for architecture; and strengths to encourage in future designs, along with weaknesses to avoid. Some of the... 12/31/2006
Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011 Showcases over 60 exemplary recently built or refurbished schools and universities from 28 countries and includes examples of early childhood, primary, secondary, vocational and higher education... 08/31/2011
Designing for Stewardship: Aligning Project Decisions with the Total Cost of Ownership. Advocates a stewardship approach for building project managers, where consideration of the total cost of ownership that the building will have on the institution. This accountability should include... 10/31/2006
Designing More Effective On-Campus Teaching and Learning Spaces: A Role for Academic Developers Teaching and learning on campus takes place within specific physical settings that are integral to the process. The traditional, teacher-centred and didactic instruction of universities has been... 10/31/2003
Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A Guide to 21st Century Learning Space Design. Addresses the design of entrances, teaching spaces, vocational teaching spaces, learning centres, and social spaces in higher education facilities. Within each category, issues of flexibility, future... 12/31/2005
Designing Teaching Facilities: Pedagogy as the Driving Force. Pedagogy, the art and science of teaching, should be the driving force behind the design of any teaching facility. What is taught and how it is taught should determine the size, type, and... 06/30/2005
Designing the University of the Future. Analyzes societal trends that are affecting the mission of universities, and the impact of those trends on their institutional and spatial structures. Trends include financial challenges,... 12/31/2005
Developing International Campuses of Excellence in Spain. Descrubes the General of Universities (SGU) of the Spanish Ministry of Education Program to foster the modernization and internationalization of Spanish university campuses. This initiative focused... 02/28/2010
Dining Halls of Distinction. Profiles 12 notable higher education dining halls, selected for their uniqueness, comfort, safety, sustainability, customer engagement and service, utility as a recruitment tool, cost control, and... 09/30/2009
Does Place Really Matter to Students with Learning Disabilities? A Study of Three University Campuses. Examines the role of place as a component of academic success for those students with learning disabilities (LD). Methodology included both literature review and the development of a case study... 02/28/2009
Duke University. Discusses the history and design of the buildings and gardens at Duke University, describing the work of administrators and designers who have shaped the campus from its founding to the present.... 12/31/1999
Educating by Design: Creating Campus Learning Environments that Work. This book is organized into two parts. Part One, Type and Impacts of Campus Environments, offers an overview of models and concepts of human environments, focusing on their manifestations in the... 12/31/2000
Education Design Showcase 12. Outstanding Design + Architecture in Education. Research and best practices lead to innovative yet practical solutions in planning, design and construction. Round up of schools, colleges, and universities projects submitted to the Education Design... 05/31/2012
Educational Environments 4. Presents examples of innovative new educational facilities, organized by the architectural firms that designed them. The examples are largely higher education projects in the United States, with a... 12/31/2008
Educational Environments No. 2. Presents examples of innovative educational facilities, organized by the architectural firms that designed them. The examples are largely higher education projects in the United States, with a few... 12/31/2004
Educational Environments No. 3. Presents examples of innovative new educational facilities, organized by the architectural firms that designed them. The examples are largely higher education projects in the United States, with a... 12/31/2006
Educational Environments. This book presents examples of the United States' most innovative new educational facilities for decision makers developing educational facilities of the future. The projects in this book are... 12/31/2001
Educational Facilities and the Impact of Technology, Expectations, and Competition Including the Top Ten Critical Facilities Issues. Identifies and discusses ten critical facilities issues, as determined by a panel of higher education and industry leaders. These are: improving communications, sustainability, balancing and... 12/31/2006
Elements of a Successful Campus Plan for Public and Private Schools. Discusses sense of place, hierarchy of movement, and symbolic identity as three primary elements that influence the physical beauty of a campus and which should be addressed in campus planning. 05/31/2002
Emory College Classroom Design Guide. Presents the College's design guidelines for classroom interiors, equipment, and the building envelope. Also included are recommendations for room sizes, room definitions, furniture, equipment,... 08/29/2007
Expansion, without the Red Tape. Advises on winning community support for higher education campus expansion. Engaging the community before plans proceed is paramount, as is expanding in a way that improves the quality of community... 10/31/2008
Exploring Outdoor Education and Research in Architecture. Examines a few exemplary cases from an ongoing series of trials, started in 1999 by the Department of Architecture at the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, to assess the effective integration... 02/28/2009