Title Abstract Publication Date
Extreme Makover at Pomona. Profiles the $9.7 renovation of a Pomona College campus center that was only eight years old. In spite of thoughtful design that involved the entire community, the building was largely ignored by the... 03/06/2008
Facilities Services Design Guide. Presents detailed design and construction requirements for the University of Washington, organized by CSI Masterformat and accompanied by numerous detail drawings. An additional section outlines... 12/31/2006
Facility Focus: Academic Buildings/Lecture Halls Profiles the new Health and Sciences Center at the College of DuPage and Ford Hall at Willamette University. Programming, HVAC, and instructionals spaces are described. 12/31/2010
Facility Focus: Academic Buildings/Lecture Halls. Profiles four new higher education academic buildings, highlighting their large common areas, daylighting, and sophisticated classrooms. 12/31/2009
Facility Focus: Adminsitrative Offices. Profiles new administrative buildings at SUNY Albany, the University of Delaware, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The buildings are noted for their signature architecture, reuse of historic... 06/30/2007
Facility Focus: Central Plant Facilities. Profiles new central plants at the University of Cincinnati and North Carolina State University, whose thoughtful designs enhance their respective campuses. 12/31/2007
Facility Focus: Community Colleges. Profiles four new community college campuses, describing their notable structures and site planning. 11/30/2007
Facility Focus: Community Colleges. Briefly profiles new community college campuses in Newton, Georgia; Wildwood, Missouri; and Corpus Christi, Texas. These campuses incorporate environmental sensitivity and provide much-needed... 06/30/2008
Facility Focus: Historical Renovations. Profiles the renovation of four iconic higher education structures, restoring masonry and roofs to their original appearance, and creating modern but visually appropriate interiors that serve their... 12/31/2006
Facility Focus: Outdoor Areas. Describes biomimicry landscaping at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's new Stata Center, conversion of a road and open area into a pedestrian mall at Pennsylvania State University, and... 05/31/2006
Finding a Place to Grow: Expansion Today. Discusses issues that colleges address when expanding, including building within the campus to avoid encroachment on neighborhoods, maintaining campus identity even when the educational program... 05/31/2006
First Step to a New Campus. Profiles the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Outpatient Building, the first facility in a planned campus. The patient-centered building features easy wayfinding, access to public... 04/30/2008
Fluid Transition. Profiles a new student services and classroom building at the University of Houston. The classroom building is a conventional block that complements an adjacent similar building, but the adjoining... 12/31/2006
Forecasting the Future of Higher Education. Presents seven professionals' observations on current trends in the areas of construction, sustainability, campus planning, housing, interior design, safety, and cleaning. 12/31/2003
Four More Trends in Higher-Education Facilities Examines trends in college buildings focusing on new classroom designs, flexible space, collaboration areas, and the evolving role of the university library. 04/30/2012
From Concept to Commissioning: Planning, Design, and Construction of Campus Facilities. To address the growing interest in campus planning, design, and construction projects, this anthology compiles articles previously published in Facilities Manager. The first chapters focus on campus... 12/31/2001
From Living Buildings to Living Campuses. Details four higher education case studies undertaking building projects with an emphasis on sustainability. New student centers at Wentworth Institute and Clarkson College, as well as science... 09/30/2009
Furman Hall, Furman University Describes the renovation of this 1960's South Carolina academic building, reorganizing educational departments into suites and upgrading the interior and exterior detailing to conform to the... 10/31/2006
Fusion Buildings: New Trend with Some Old Roots. Examines how many traditional stand-alone student services have been combined into facilities that co-house dormitories, dining facilities, unions, and recreational facilities. The article examines... 12/31/2008
Future Forces. Presents the opinions of six professionals on trends shaping higher education campuses. Accommodation of transient students, care of facilities and grounds, energy efficiency, larger and more private... 06/30/2006
General Studies Building, University of Puerto Rico. Profiles this modern addition to a 1960's era academic quadrangle. Photographs, plans, and a list of project participants accompany the text. 10/31/2010
Giants 300 Report: University Report. Briefly discusses current and projected higher education construction spending, and lists the top 20 university design firms and the top 20 university contractors, based on 2007 billings. 06/30/2008
GIS as a Sketch-Plan Tool to Replace Traditional Transit Route Planning Practice for College and University Communities. Discusses the use of global information systems (GIS) in planning higher education campus transportation and parking. The use of land-use, transit, and rider data is addressed as are transit rout... 09/30/2010
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Brick. Discusses higher education students' expectations of convenience on campus, along with the facility managers need to direct traffic and maintain aesthetics. The University of Florida's use... 04/30/2009
Good Neighbor. Profiles the Experimental Sciences Building at Texas Tech University. The state-of -the art facility lies within the historic core of the campus and adhered carefully to the traditional architecture... 12/31/2007