Design -- History

Title Abstract Publication Date
15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs. Profiles 15 mostly avant-garde designs of high school and university buildings from around the world. Photographs accompany each description. 03/31/2009
A College in the City: An Alternative. Presents a new way of looking at the urban university. It describes the planning effort for a nonconventional college in the poor urban community of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section. This... 02/28/1969
A Dying Heritage: One-Room Schools of Gallatin County, Montana. To the western frontier settlements, the rural school was a potent message carrier of progress. It symbolized proof of a commitment to a better way of life for the families that ventured west. 12/31/1981
A Half-Century of Change on College Hill: Institutional Growth, Historic Preservation, and the College Hill Study. Narrates the growth of Providence's Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Both institutions occupy urban sites surrounded by historic architecture. The 1967 College Hill Study... 03/31/2011
A History of School Design and its Indoor Environmental Standards, 1900 to Today. Looks back at the designs of school buildings of the recent past, identifying trends in energy consumption, ventilation, heating, air quality, lighting, and acoustics. Sections include: Safety,... 12/31/2011
A Man of Vision, Integrity, and Passion. Profiles Paul Abramson, selected as the 2008 Planner of the Year by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International. A brief review of his background and accomplishments is included. 09/30/2008
A Preliminary Look at the Schoolhouse: The Philadelphia Story, 1870-1920 Examines old schools and new, inside and outside, in the historic city center and its developing suburban rings, for the respectable classes and the struggling masses, as a municipal investment and... 12/31/1973
A Review of the Development of Daylighting in Schools This paper reviews the progress of daylighting in school buildings. It examines the publications that discuss daylighting design for school buildings in early 1874. It also traces the developments of... 05/31/2003
A Rubric for Campus Heritage Planning. Addresses the variety of architecture found on American campuses, and the implications of youth and learning that they present. The importance of preservation of a campus's identity is supported... 03/31/2011
A Short History of School Facility Issues and Use. Short description of early educational facilities, the modern school facility, and facilities-based design challenges. 09/30/2004
A Study of the Architecture and Curriculum of Virginia High Schools. Provides a written and pictorial history of the architectural and curricular features of Virginia high schools. 284 high school buildings which best represented an architectural period, beginning... 03/31/1995
A Tale of Three Campuses: Planning and Design in Response to Cultural Heritage at Mills College, the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University. Reviews the development history of these three campuses. The establishment of an aesthetic core, followed by various divergent schemes by successions of planners are detailed. Notable restorations as... 03/31/2011
A Time to Look Back. Reviews school facilities topics that were of particular interest in 2005: a continuing debate on what constitutes a small school, technology integration, and community use of schools. 11/30/2005
A Woman's Place Is in the School: Rhetorics of Gendered Space in Nineteenth-Century America. Nineteenth-century American leaders in education came to advocate a redesign of the schoolroom that resulted in its being seen as more the province of female teachers than of male teachers. This... 12/31/2007
Air Age Gothic. Profiles the mid-century modern architecture of the United States Air Force Academy, varying sentiments toward the designs, attempts to preserve and restore its more iconic structures, and... 04/30/2008
Air Structures for School Sports. Discusses the use of air structures for housing athletic facilities. Successful and unsuccessful projects are presented. A checklist of ten dos and don’ts are provided: 1) provide positive anchorage... 04/30/1964
American School Architecture 1800-2000 : the Schoolhouse--Inside and Outside--Reflects Underlying Social Philosophy. 12/31/1993
American School Architecture: An Architectural Type and a Plan for High School Buildings with Special Reference to the Southwest. 12/31/1928
American School Buildings. This yearbook of the American Association of School Administrators offers nineteen essays on school construction, covering the topics of the school board's responsibility, organizational and... 12/31/1948
An Analysis of State School-Building Codes. 11/24/1931
An Honor and and Ornament: Public School Buildings in Michigan. Presents a summary of a state study that explored the history and architecture of the Michigan public school building built 1835 to the present. Illustrated chapters cover the design influences,... 08/31/2003
An Unrivaled Collection of Wright Buildings Proves to Be a Joy and a Challenge. Discusses the situation that Florida Southern College faces with its modest endowment and a significant collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings that are in need of major repair. Some of the... 06/14/2007
Architectural Constraints on Educational Aims and Organisations: With Particular Reference to Middle Schools. Uses five field studies and an examination of historical trends to look at the way school spaces constitute resources for achieving declared curricular aims and the way the organization of pupils is... 06/30/1980
Architecture and Academe: College Buildings in New England before 1860. Discusses historic New England origins and development of college building design and campus planning principles, finding profound similarities in collegiate architecture in the region, along with... 12/31/2010
Architecture on Campus: A Guide to the University of Melbourne and Its Colleges. Catalogs the buildings, public artworks, and grounds of this institution from its founding in 1853 to the present. The 100 buildings are organized by the era in which they were built, and most are... 12/31/2002