Design -- Indigenous Cultures

Title Abstract Publication Date
$59.4 Million In Recovery Act Funding Available For Elementary And Secondary School Construction Projects At Federal Impact Aid Communities. The Department of Education announced the availability of $59.4 million in grants under the Impact Aid Discretionary Construction Program funding for public elementary and secondary school facilities... 09/08/2009
1,000 Schools in Afghanistan: How Education Can Reshape a Country. Describes efforts to stabilize Afghanistan through rebuilding schools with federal grants and improving the status of women's education. Architecture professor Stanley Hallett discusses the... 03/31/2005
2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom. Presents over 300 school designs from teams made up of architects, students, and teachers, along with detail on the award winnders. The economical designs are intended developing and under-funded... 12/31/2008
A New Library and Technology Center for the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Describes planning concepts used in the creation of this high-tech, environmentally sensitive facility higher education facility. Views to surrounding topography, consideration of the natural terrain... 12/31/2004
Alaskan Engineering. Description of the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program Building, by RIM Architects, on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage. The architectural team sought values shared by the... 03/06/2007
Alternative Education Space in Mexico. Explores the architecture of Mexico's Red de Innovacion y Aprendizaje (RIA). This network of 42 (as of the end of 2010) education centers serves underprivileged communities. The buildings... 10/31/2010
America's Schools Use Wind Energy to Further Their Goals. Summarizes the work of seven school districts in seven states, as well as efforts in three native American community colleges, to harness wind energy. 07/31/2004
American Indian Education Foundation. Hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs on S. 1290 To Amend Title 36 of the United States Code To Establish the American Indian Education Foundation. A Senate committee hearing received testimony on the creation of an American Indian Education Foundation. The foundation will be a charitable, nonprofit corporation authorized to accept and... 06/30/1999
American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2000 Awards: Main Winners. Presents photographs and basic information on architectural design, costs, and principle designers of the three main winners of the American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2000... 10/31/2000
Architectural Quality in Planning and Design of Schools: Current Issues with Focus on Developing Countries. This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th Architecture & Behavior Colloquium, bringing. It brought together researchers, designers, consultants and decision makers on educational... 12/31/2009
Australia's Oak Valley Aboriginal School. Describes the planning and design of a new school for an Aboriginal community in Australia which replaced their previously transient school services. 01/31/2003
Baca Dlo' Ay Azhi Consolidated Replacement School. Describes this New Mexico school oriented to face one of four mountains sacred to the Navajo Dine people, and also possessing four wings that address the culture's four sacred directions. 12/31/2003
Baca/Dlo'ay azhi Community School [Prewitt, NM] The Baca Dlo'ay azhi Community School, located on the Navajo Nation reservation in Prewitt, New Mexico, serves students in kindergarten through grade six. The building incorporates Native... 08/31/2005
Basic Education (Girls) Project (BEGP) in Laos People's Democratic Republic. Profiles this project by which 504 schools and 52 district education offices have been built in remote areas of Laos considered to be below the poverty line. The overall objective is general primary... 12/31/2009
BIA and DOD Schools: Student Achievement and Other Characteristics Often Differ from Public Schools. Report to Congressional Requesters. The federal government has direct responsibility for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) school systems. This report provides information on student academic... 08/31/2001
BIA School Construction. Hearing Before the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, 105th Congress, Second Session on The Current Condition of BIA Schools. The Committee on Indian Affairs of the United States Senate sought testimony regarding the current condition of Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) schools; reviewed the BIA selection process for building... 06/09/1998
Bill Allows Construction Bonds for Indian Schools A bill that would authorize Indian tribes to issue school construction bonds has a good chance of passing in 2004. [Free subscriber registration is required.] 09/28/2004
Blending Cultural Sensitivity in Native American Educational Design: Opening your Soul and Spirit to a Learning Space. Presents case studies of two schools for the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community where Native American design elements were incorporated into environmentally sensitive buildings. 12/31/2002
Building a School in India. The new Druk White Lotus School in the Indian State of Ladakh, at the foot of the Himalayas, is being built to help maintain the rich cultural traditions based on Tibetan Buddhism, while equipping... 07/23/2002
Building Blocks: Humanitarian Design and Schools. Profiles simple schools constructed in developing, disaster-stricken, or otherwise challenged areas. These include a prototype two-room school facility built in many Haitian locations where the 2010... 12/31/2010
Building Culture, Druk White Lotus School: A Sustainable Model for Education and Design. Profiles this school in the remote Himalayan village of Shey, the product of an international consortium of planners and designers. Careful consideration was given to sustainability and accommodation... 12/31/2005
Building Indigenous Learning Communities. This paper proposes the building of Indigenous learning communities as an avenue to address the limited engagement of Indigenous Australians with education. It explores educational policy and program... 12/31/2000
Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools: Expenditures in Selected Schools Are Comparable to Similar Public Schools, but Data Are Insufficient to Judge Adequacy of Funding and Formulas. Reports that the Dept. of Interior, which administers Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Schools, does not collect and therefore has little data on which to base its school budgets. The researchers... 08/31/2003
Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools: New Facilities Management Information System Promising, but Improved Data Accuracy Needed. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for providing over 48,000 children with a safe place to learn. In response to concerns that data in its old information system did not accurately... 06/30/2003
Bureau of Indian Education The Bureau of Indian Education is devoted to providing quality education opportunities for American Indian people. Established in the latter part of the nineteenth century to carry out the federal...