Design -- Indigenous Cultures

Title Abstract Publication Date
Making the Grade: Can BIA Schools Educate Today's Kids in Yesterday's Classrooms? Ninety percent of the 185 Bureau of Indian Affairs' schools have at least one serious environmental problem. Two-thirds of schools lack infrastructure to connect to the Internet. Tribes and... 10/31/1998
Managing a Nationwide School District. Explains how the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs manages operations and maintenance of its 7,465 buildings nationwide with a client-server system. Future alignment of the system with other... 01/31/2006
Mariano Lake Community School. Describes renovations to this Navajo Nation school, designed by a Native American-owned firm, and including a new library and gymnasium. 12/31/2003
Master Plan. Describes the successes of school planner William DeJong and his Schools for Children of the World program in bringing decent school buildings to remote Honduran villages. The project evolved from a... 09/06/2005
Much-Needed High School Built on Navajo Reservation in Eight Months. Reviews the creation of this Arizona reservation school, featuring culturally significant design elements derived from trips through the surrounding landscape, and then incorporated into a cost-... 03/31/2007
National Association of Federally Impacted Schools NAFIS is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation of school districts from throughout the US, organized primarily to educate Congress on the importance of impact aid. Founded in 1973, the association...
National Tribal School Bonding Bill Position Paper. As of August 1995, there exists a backlog of $800 million in needed facility improvements, repairs, and construction in schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The cost and number of... 08/01/1995
Native American Education Improvement Act. A U.S. Senate committee hearing received testimony on proposed amendments to the Education Amendments of 1978 and the Tribally Controlled Schools Act of 1988. The amendments deal with accreditation... 03/13/2001
Navajo Architect Collaborates on Modular School Honoring Native American Culture. Briefly describes Arizona's Shonto Preparatory School, a small modular high school that serves Navajo students in the north central part of the state. The design process included guidance from a... 12/31/2006
Navajo Educational Values and Facility Design. This document addresses the issue of designing educational facilities that contribute positively to a bicultural educational curriculum of the contemporary Navajo. The study examined traditional... 12/31/1988
New School Buildings Coming to Pine Ridge. Description of two new school buildings on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota: Procupine Day School and Red Shirt School. The Porcupine Day School brings together a culturally historic... 10/03/2006
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. Describes this Canadian cold-climate green building that was designed in consultation with Native elders. Wood is used extensively, recalling aboriginal architecture. 04/30/2004
North Dakota High School Champions Education, Environment Over Aesthetics. Profiles Turtle Mountain Community High School, a Chippewa Indian reservation facility that maintains a very low profile, blank design into which the occupants intend to incorporate the tribe's... 10/31/2007
Oak Valley Aboriginal School: A Journey. Describes this extremely remote Australian K-10 school, whose design and construction addressed the extreme heat, winds, lack of water, and abundant sun. The classroom design addressed hearing... 12/31/2004
Olifantsvlei. Profiles this South African early learning facility that consists of 2 classrooms, a kitchen, sanitary facilities, and an outdoor playground. The school is embedded in a colorful landscape, in which... 06/30/2010
Options for a Federal Role in Infrastructure Development at Tribal Colleges & Universities. Due to rapidly increasing enrollments and inadequate existing facilities, the federal government must play a stronger role in supporting infrastructure development at tribal colleges. The federal... 01/31/2000
Patterns of Physical Activity among American Indian Children: An Assessment of Barriers and Support. Evaluated barriers to participation in physical activity by American Indian elementary school students. Data from interviews, observations, and surveys indicated that barriers at school included lack... 11/30/2001
Predock Brings Accessibility to Milwaukee School. Highlights accessibility features of the Milwaukee Indian Community School, designed by renowned architect Antoine Predock. 08/14/2008
Preparation of Low Cost Solutions for the School Construction Programme in Mozambique. Describes Mozambique's Plan for Education and Culture (PEEC), undertaken in 2006. One of the objectives of PEEC is to promote access to primary education through expansion of the school network... 12/31/2009
Preserving the Rich History of the Blackfeet Nation. Profiles Montana's new Browning High School. The facility integrates Blackfeet Indian native culture into every aspect of the design, including the orientation of the main entrance facing the... 09/07/2009
Primary School Physical Environment and Health. Identifies key objectives for achieving healthier school environments, particularly in developing countries. Successive chapters describe the current situation, review the main correlations between... 12/31/1996
Project Data: Lac Courte Orielles Ojibwa Community College, Hayward, Wisconsin. Traditional Ojibwa imagery and sacred symbols adorn the new library at the Lac Courte Orielles Ojibwa Community College campus in Hayward, Wisconsin. In addition to traditional library functions, the... 12/31/2007
Public School Survey of Construction Aid Needs Related to the Education of Reservation Indian Children. Research and Evaluation Report Series No. 31. Resulting from a House Appropriation Subcommittee's interest in the need for adequate school facilities for reservation American Indian children in public school districts, a survey of the... 12/31/1972
Replacement and Repair of Indian Schools. The objective of this program is to provide safe, functional, code-compliant, economical, and energy-efficient education facilities for American Indian students attending Bureau of Indian Affairs... 12/31/2010
School Buildings in Developing Countries. Details British recommendations for schools in developing countries, particularly in rural settings. Space requirements, siting, costs, community participation, lighting, services and infrastructure... 12/31/2003