Design -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
10 Current School Facility Features that are Obsolete Looks at school facility features that are obsolete today and yet are still in wide use: departmental organizations; learning in prescribed spaces; school corridors; traditional school libraries;... 06/19/2012
10 Ways to Create Schools Where Students Thrive Describes 10 innovative strategies for creating 21st century schools: engage all stakeholders in the design process; seek education partnerships and joint use; maximize sites well connected to the... 09/30/2011
15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs. Profiles 15 mostly avant-garde designs of high school and university buildings from around the world. Photographs accompany each description. 03/31/2009
21st Century Learning Environments. Presents innovative designs for schools and analyzes needs for schools of the future, drawing on material presented at the OECD Programme on Educational Building's 2004 conference in London. The... 12/31/2005
21st Century Schools Design Manual. Establishes a uniform and detailed approach to school facilities design for the New Jersey School Construction Corporation. The guide sets forth 24 required criteria that inform the design process... 09/29/2004
21st-Century Learning Q&A Twenty-five architects comment on the latest innovations in designing for future learning, as well as how design can support these trends. Questions answered include: What are the latest ideas/... 10/31/2011
30% Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings. Assists design teams in constructing energy-smart schools using off-the-shelf technology that can cut energy use 30 percent or more annually. It provides recommendations for various climate zones and... 12/31/2007
A Beautiful School Is a Caring School. Beautiful school buildings are often associated with higher cost, extravagance, or both. This article reviews several studies on school building aesthetics and concludes that, in addition to... 05/31/2004
A Case for Underground Schools. The underground school offers several advantages. Preliminary studies in Oklahoma have shown that these schools perform exceptionally well as learning environments. The lack of noise and distractions... 12/31/1978
A Chance to Change Codes. Laments the negative effect of some state codes on innovative school design, and proposes participation in an upcoming conference to help resolve the problem. 01/31/2008
A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Selected Elementary School Building Characteristics to Teachers, Principals, and Architects. Examines the perceptions of teachers, principals, and architects relative to a set of building characteristics for a new elementary school. The data suggests that each group perceives school design... 12/31/1990
A Concrete Solution. Cites the virtues of precast concrete for school construction. These include lower construction costs, shorter construction time, high seismic and blast resistance, a wide variety of design options,... 05/31/2008
A Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools. Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools (DASE) assists educators and architects in evaluating, planning, and designing developmentally appropriate learning environments for elementary schools... 04/30/1999
A Different Approach to Design. Describes an approach to new school design that looks at architectural issues from a different angle: channeling a wide range of information into a targeted collection of ideas on which the architect... 02/29/1996
A Few Common School Issues. Describes four problems that all school systems seem to face at some point: how to plan and design middle schools, how to accommodate updated science instruction, how to include special education... 09/30/2004
A History of School Design and its Indoor Environmental Standards, 1900 to Today. Looks back at the designs of school buildings of the recent past, identifying trends in energy consumption, ventilation, heating, air quality, lighting, and acoustics. Sections include: Safety,... 12/31/2011
A Model Performance. Discusses the use of building information modeling (BIM) to create 3-D simulation of educational facilities designs so that all project participants can accurately design and construct their systems... 04/30/2008
A Model School Facility for Energy Building energy modeling predicts a facility's energy use and it can be a powerful tool for managing energy-reduction concepts for an institution. This describes energy modeling that can be... 08/31/2011
A Plan for Action or How To Change Old Schools into Open Space Schools Without Any Money! Presents notes from a workshop where three teams of architects and educators from across the country met to study three older school buildings and suggest economical ways for changing them into open...
A School Building Designed to Teach. Profiles the Roanoke Academy for Mathematics and Science, a K-5 magnet school whose use of brick, mortars, beams, trusses, and purlins can be used for math and science teaching. Floor tiles, window... 06/30/2006
A Sense of Entry: Designing the Welcoming School. Profiles the schools of a single architectural firm, whose designs emphasize entrances and circulation. Project descriptions are accompanied by elevations, sectional views, plans, and abundant... 12/31/2006
A Study of the Architecture and Curriculum of Virginia High Schools. Provides a written and pictorial history of the architectural and curricular features of Virginia high schools. 284 high school buildings which best represented an architectural period, beginning... 03/31/1995
A Tale of Two Schools: The Role of the Elementary Principal in School Design. Examines the roles of the building principals assigned to the schools, their perceptions of the building design and construction process, and how their respective roles in the process are manifested... 04/30/1996
A Thoughtful Blend. Discusses three keys to the successful partnership of school curriculum and construction. These are: concepts that cross grade and subject boundaries, hands-on experiences, and relevant core values.... 07/31/2008
A Time to Look Back. Reviews school facilities topics that were of particular interest in 2005: a continuing debate on what constitutes a small school, technology integration, and community use of schools. 11/30/2005