Design -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
What Can $3.6 Billion Buy? Los Angeles School Construction Has a Choice. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is pioneering a more efficient method for managing a $3.6 billion construction program so that decisions are made faster and vendors are paid in a timely... 01/31/2004
What I've Learned After 15 Years of Designing Schools Architect Steve Southerland picks nine favorite lessons to help lift school projects from merely functional to inspirational: know your client; classroom shape; rooms as backdrop; harden the finishes... 08/24/2011
What If...Re-Imagining Learning Spaces. Presents the outcome of a workshop bringing together individuals from a range of design, teaching, mentoring, policy and research backgrounds. The workshop aimed to re-imagine learning spaces, and... 12/31/2005
What Schools Can Learn From Google, IDEO, and Pixar. The process of planning and designing a new school requires both looking outward (to the future, to the community, to innovative corporate powerhouses) as well as inward (to the playfulness and... 08/25/2011
What Went Wrong. Detours in the History of School Construction. Discusses design and construction problems of schools built in the 50s and 60s including open classrooms, bigger schools, underground schools, and schools without windows. 05/31/2003
What Will School Look Like in 2050? Analyzes twelve trends and counter-trends that may affect educational delivery, and educational facilities, over the upcoming decades. These trends cover demographics, school choice, outreach and... 12/31/2007
What's in a Name? The Decline in The Civic Mission of School Names. Reports on the decrease in schools named after presidents or people in general, and increase of schools named after natural features. This shift from naming schools after people worthy of emulation... 06/30/2007
When a Zero on the Report Card Is Good. Discusses the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in school construction. The modular insulation panels create super-insulated and extremely airtight building envelopes, enabling the... 03/31/2011
Whole Building Design Objectives. Discusses the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Design Guidance Model to address safety and security design needs in the open spaces surrounding educational buildings. Sections of the article cover... 06/30/2010
Winter 2007 School Design Institute: A Report of Findings. Presents the comments and recommendations of specific projects presented by the superintendents of six school districts, working with a team of five experts specializing in the field of K 12 design... 01/31/2007
Winter 2008 School Design Institute. Reflects the comments and recommendations related to specific facility projects presented by two school districts: Seminole County Public Schools (Florida), and Wichita Unified School District 259 (... 01/31/2008
Wood Makes a Statement. Profiles the all-wood Gunter Primary School in Aubrey, Texas. Wood construction was less expensive and more timely. Fire codes were met with engineered woods, parts of the school were pre-assembled,... 05/31/2007