Design -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Building Blueprints: Connect with Courtyards. Reviews benefits of thoughtfully designed school courtyards, and typical uses such as dining, outdoor learning, and special events. Suggestions for design, security, technology integration, and... 11/30/2007
Building Blueprints: Entries and Common Spaces. Emphasizes the importance of a school's entrance and common areas to public perception and enjoyment. Architectural features that enhance entrance identity, welcoming, accessibility, and... 04/30/2007
Building Blueprints: Schools Elementary through Community College. Profiles art installations that engage students at the Beecher School and Columbus Family Academy in New Haven, Connecticut, as well as in the Norwalk Community College. 10/31/2007
Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule: Measuring The Community's Commitment to Adopting and Enforcing Building Codes. Describes how the Insurance Services Office (ISO) helps distinguish between communities in the United States with effective building code enforcement and those with weak enforcement through a... 12/31/2003
Building Codes Illustrated for Elementary and Secondary Schools. Analyzes and illustrates the intent and potential interpretations of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC) as it applies to educational facilities. The book discusses how the Code was developed... 12/31/2006
Building Codes Illustrated for Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Guide to Understanding the 2006 International Building Code for Elementary and Secondary Schools. This illustrative guide presents the complex code issues inherent to designing schools in a clear, easily understandable format. It highlights major changes between the new international code and... 03/31/2007
Building Energy- Efficient Schools in New Orleans This case study presents the lessons learned from incorporating energy efficiency in the rebuilding and renovating of New Orleans K-12 schools after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The experiences of... 11/30/2011
Building the Perfect School. Reviews current issues in school design, including flexible classroom design, designing a technology backbone, smaller school size, neighborhood schools, sustainability, community input, and use of... 09/30/2007
Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2nd Ed. Advises architects, planners, engineers, and their clients through all aspects of school facilities design. Chapters address predesign, circulation, design concerns and process, site planning, codes... 12/31/2009
Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools. This book provides the essential information architects need to fast-start a school design process and shares what leading architects have learned about elementary and secondary school design. It... 12/31/2000
Building Types Study: K-12 Schools In-depth analyses of fifteen K-12 school buildings, with photos, drawings, specifications, descriptions and design solutions. Includes Evelyn Grace Academy, Zaha Hadid Architects London, United... 12/31/2011
Buildings of Distinction. Explains the ingredients of a signature building and the things that school and university administrators must do in order to create one. Discusses the need to plan for signature buildings with a... 07/31/2001
Camino Nuevo High School Los Angeles, California. Profiles this school on a long and narrow urban site, bounded by four busy streets. The solution was to create the common area on the interior of the building, as an open courtyard between two two-... 06/30/2010
Can Good Design Boost the Case for School Consolidation? Discusses some benefits of consolidating under-utilized schools, and how thoughtful facility design can ease the trauma of consolidation, and even better serve the educational program. 08/27/2008
Can GSA's Design Excellence Program Be Used as a Model for Improving School Designs in the United States? A panel of architects discusses their experiences with the General Services Administration's Design Excellence Program, what made it work, and how the same principles might be brought to school... 01/31/2005
Center for Environment, Education and Design Studies at the University of Washington CEEDS is a multi-disciplinary academic research center housed at the University of Washington in Seattle. CEEDS works to enhance and improve learning by involving children as active participants in...
Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE) The OECD Programme on Educational Building (PEB) promotes the exchange and analysis of policy, research and experience in all matters related to educational building. PEB members consist of...
Changing the Architecture of Teachers' Minds. Presents a collection of case studies that point toward the vital importance of multi-use architecture in the not-as-yet-realized symbiosis between architects and educators. The article argues that... 12/31/1992
Charrettes Get Results. Reviews the American Architectural Foundation's National School Design Institute, and advises on the benefits, difficulties, procedures, and expectations related to having such a design... 12/31/2006
Charter School Facilities: A Resource Guide for Planning School Space and Understanding Building Codes. Assists with space and facility planning for charter schools, with particular attention to New Hampshire's charter school laws. The document outlines the work of the facility committee or team,... 12/31/2003
Children, Learning, & School Design. A First National Invitational Conference for Architects and Educators. Presents papers from a conference marking the 50th anniversary of Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois, held in November, 1990 to examine how collaboration between educators and architects could... 12/31/1991
Choices for the 21st Century. Examines issues that school districts face when considering materials for the school building envelope. The most frequently used wall system is still masonry on block, with occasional prefabricated... 04/30/2006
Choosing Metal. Documents the following benefits of using metal for school construction and renovation projects: sustainability, durability, long-term cost savings, aesthetics, design flexibility, facility retrofits... 05/31/2011
CHPS Best Practices Manual. Offers guidance on creating high performance schools in California. The manual consists of six volumes. Volume I describes why high performance schools are important, what components are involved in... 12/31/2005
Citizens Fit for the 21st Century? The Role of School Design in Facilitating Citizenship and Self-Governance in Young People This article explores the relevance of school design in providing an important social-spatial context for promoting citizenship in young people. Drawing on a small-scale study that investigated the... 02/29/2012