Design -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Educational Interiors: Designing Schools from the Inside Out. Discusses the key educational spaces of classrooms, labs, media centers, and public areas that are evolving and require flexibility to meet changing program requirements 11/30/2004
Educational Spaces. A Pictorial Review of Significant Spaces. Volume 1. A pictorial review presents educational facility designs from around the world as examples of contemporary and inspirational trends in school architecture. Photos showcase exterior and interior... 12/31/1997
Educational Spaces: A Pictorial Review, Volume 2. Presents recent international educational facility designs as examples of contemporary and inspirational trends in school architecture. Photos showcase exterior and interior design features from... 12/31/1999
Educational Spaces: A Pictorial Review, Volume 3. Presents recent international educational facility designs as examples of contemporary and inspirational trends in school architecture. Photos showcase exterior and interior design features from... 12/31/2002
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design: 2007. Examines 12 educational trends influencing the planning and design of school facilities. The trends were identified by reviewing the latest research on school facilities and student outcomes; current... 12/31/2006
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning, Design, Construction, Funding and Operation. Assists educators and facilities professionals to prepare for an increasingly diverse, conflicted, and constantly evolving world of education. Fifteen trends are presented that are redefining... 08/31/2010
Efficiency by Design. Profiles the cooperation of design and maintenance personnel in the Milwaukee Public Schools, resulting in buildings that are easier and less expensive to maintain. 09/30/2007
Eight Strategies for Middle School Design. Describes, in a middle school context, design for schools within schools, with suggestions for specific, exploratory, and inspirational spaces, outdoor access, and community involvement and use. 09/30/2005
Elementary School Plan Grows Up. Describes the planning process and changes needed for converting an elementary school prototype design into a prototype design for a middle school. Three key influences that affected design are... 10/31/1999
Elementary School. [Whole Building Design Guide] Elementary school buildings are the setting for the first four to eight years of a child's formal education. This section of the Whole Building Design Guide describes the types of spaces in... 12/31/2009
Entryways, Foyers, and Hallways. Discusses the symbolic statement made by schools' entrances and lobbies and explores design issues of these areas. 04/30/2002
Expecting the Most from School Design. This document discusses five principles thought essential to breaking with the past and establishing a new standard for school facilities design. These principles demand that schools be exemplary... 07/09/1997
Facility Planning: Principles, Technology, Guidelines. Emphasizes the relationships of classical planning principles to the layout of space and illustrates ways in which these principles apply to design programs of the past and present. CAD and CAFM... 12/31/2006
Fall 2007 School Design Institute. Reflects the comments and recommendations related to specific school facility projects presented by the school officials of four districts: Broward County Public Schools (Florida), Cleveland... 09/30/2007
Finding Your Way. Outlines elements of planning, signage and numbering schemes that enable easy wayfinding within educational facilities. 10/31/2003
First Design the Fundamentals, Then Design a School of the Future. Addresses the practicality of certain current design trends in schools. The potential flaws of ceiling height and exposed systems in great rooms, arrangement of windows and dimensions in multimedia... 05/17/2007
Flexible School Facilities. Planning flexible school facilities requires planners to embrace and facilitate inevitable change through careful planning and a willingness to speculate on the future of teaching and learning. This... 08/31/2003
Forming Playscapes: What Schools Can Learn from Playgrounds When designing classrooms, designers should look at spaces that welcome interaction with the environment and encourage the free reign of energy and imagination--the playground. Describes numerous... 03/06/2012
Forum Guide to Facilities Information Management: A Resource for State and Local Education Agencies This guide provides a framework for collecting, evaluating, and maintaining education facilities data. It is written to help officials design a school facility information system that supports policy... 02/29/2012
Four Fantastic Floor Plans for Elementary Schools. Examines four elementary school floor plans designed for efficient and flexible delivery of educational programs while limiting operational problems. Plans examined are the cluster approach, the... 03/31/1998
Four Questions Can Lead to Better Ceiling Selection. [Four Ways to Evaluate Ceiling Quality.] Discusses considerations of aesthetics, acoustics, durability, and sustainability in ceiling selection. 07/31/2009
From Our House to the Big House: Architectural Design as Visible Metaphor in the School Buildings of Philadelphia Philadelphia public schools have been products of the culture and values that made them. When education was embedded in the home, schools looked like houses; when education became civic, schools took... 12/31/2005
From the Reviewers: Rethinking School Design. Discusses the impact current educational reforms and new teaching styles are having on school design and the themes and trends that are emerging in designs for 2001. Design themes discussed are... 12/31/2000
Fundamental Concepts and Principles for Assuring Acceptable Performance of Schools and the Education System. Presents the principles of satisfactory school building design, through the use of qualified engineers, an adequate building codes, independent review and hazard investigations, and satisfactory... 12/31/2003
Fusing Technology Into the School Design Process For Today and Tomorrow Discusses the many ways that students are bringing technologies into the classroom and the design implications for school design. 05/31/2012