Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Checklists and Step by Step Instructions: Funding, Building and Maintaining Schools in New Mexico. Provides step-by-step guidance, checklists, and forms to New Mexico school districts in taking advantage of state resources for school construction. The contents accommodate the planning, funding,... 12/31/2007
Chicago Public Schools Five Year Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2000 - 2004 This document outlines the current assessment and needs of the Chicago Public School's district's buildings as well as proposed plans to meet those needs. Includes an executive summary,... 05/31/1999
Chicago Public Schools: State of the Buildings. The Capital Improvement Program. This describes the recent accomplishments that have been made by Chicago Public Schools's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This reviews CIP funding history, discusses overcrowding, the e-rate... 03/31/2002
CHPS Verified Program User Guide. Describes the benefits, requirements, deadlines, and procedures for school projects to receive third-party verification of compliance with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)... 12/31/2006
Colorado Criteria for High Performance Schools. Presents the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) guidelines for Colorado. Sections of the document address leadership, education, innovation, sustainable sites, water use, energy use,... 12/31/2008
Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities 61.CC. Chapter 61. School Districts Subchapter CC. Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities. (Texas) Presents the Texas rules for school facilities, covering details of educational specifications, school construction, long-range planning, space requirements, specialized classrooms, environmental... 08/31/2008
Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities: 61.1033. Instructional Facilities Allotment. [Texas] This section of the Texas Administrative Code defines instructional facilities and codifies the funding, debt, and bond repayment processes for individual districts. Standards for school facilities... 05/31/2003
Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities: 61.1033. School Facilities Standards for Construction before January 1, 2004. [Texas] Enumerates the state of Texas' rules for certification of design and construction, space minimum square foot requirements, educational adequacy, construction quality, educational specifications... 05/31/2003
Communities Need More Flexibility in School Design. Sets forth 36 recommendation of an Ohio working group, emphasizing empowering local districts with flexibility in school planning, funding, and design. Beginning with the assessment process, the... 10/31/2007
Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment. A Guide for Planning, Design, Construction, and Maintenance on New & Existing School Sites. [Maryland] Natural environments on school sites provide considerable multi-disciplinary educational opportunities, many of which are hands-on experiences that stimulate learning. This document presents... 12/31/1998
Construction Document Guidelines for School Districts and Design Professionals. Provides an overview of the steps to be taken by design professionals and local education agencies to successfully and expeditiously move through Connecticut's plan development approval process... 10/19/2006
Construction Management Guidelines for Capital Outlay Program Projects. [Georgia] The Georgia State Department of Education recognizes two separate methods for utilizing construction management services by local school systems when state capital outlay funds are involved. This... 12/31/1997
Construction Procurement Handbook for Texas School Districts and Institutions of Higher Education. Texas legislation allows public school districts to use a variety of contracting methods to obtain the best value for their construction projects. This resource document provides some of the basic... 12/31/1996
D.C. Public School 1997 Repair Program and Facilities Master Plan. Hearing before the Subcommittee on the District of Columbia of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. House of Representatives. A Congressional hearing dealt with issues related to the repair program and facilities master plan of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). The transcribed comments and prepared statements... 01/22/1998
Design and Construction Procedures. Identifies a number of procedures, regulations, and agencies associated with the construction of school facilities in North Carolina, and provides information that can expedite logical and efficient... 09/30/2007
Designing and Constructing Public Facilities; Legal Requirements, Recommended Practices, Sources of Assistance. [Massachusetts] Manual describing the requirements and procedures governing municipal construction projects in Massachusetts, including school building construction. 12/31/1999
District of Columbia Goals 2000: Rebuilding Public School Facilities to 21st Century Standards. Interim Report Goals 2000 Panel. Revised May 7, 1997. The Goals 2000 is a national effort to improve education in American schools so students can compete with other students throughout the world. This report is the District of Columbia's... 05/06/1997
Draft Regulations for the Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program. Amendment to Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. [New York] The New York State Department of Education provides the amendments to regulations of the Commissioner of Education concerning the Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program effective May 7,... 12/31/1997
Early Childhood Education Facilities Planner This report describes early childhood education programs and facilities and presents planning guidelines to assist design professionals to plan facilities that meet the evolving needs of public... 01/31/1998
Early Implementation of the Class Size Reduction Initiative. [California] A survey of school districts was conducted to determine the initial progress and problems associated with the 1997 Class Size Reduction (CSR) Initiative. Data reveal that most school districts had... 03/31/1997
Education and Expansion: Model School District Policies for Protection of Staff and Students During School Construction. This contains recommendations for school districts on maintenance of good indoor air quality and a safe learning environment during school construction. Lists elements to be included in a safety... 05/29/2005
Education Laws and Regulations, 603 CMR 38.00: School Construction. [Massachusetts] Presents Massachusetts' laws for school construction in situations where state building aid is sought. The laws cover general requirements for design, materials, and construction, along with... 12/31/2003
Educational Program Space Standards and Guidelines. This 2006 draft specifies the state's standards for square feet per student in elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as square footage for various program areas within the school.... 04/30/2006
Educational Specifications (EDSPECS) For Elementary Schools. [Hawaii] Includes general background, information on planning, guidelines for spaces, sustainable design criteria, acoustic design, mechanical design, electrical design, multi-media, safety and security,... 12/31/2007
Educational Specifications (EDSPECS)For High Schools. [Hawaii] Includes general background, information on planning, guidelines for spaces, sustainable design criteria, acoustic design, mechanical design, electrical design, multi-media, safety and security,... 12/31/2007