Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Educational Specifications (EDSPECS)For Middle/Intermediate Schools. [Hawaii] Includes general background, information on planning, guidelines for spaces, sustainable design criteria, acoustic design, mechanical design, electrical design, multi-media, safety and security,... 12/31/2007
Educational Specifications for Renovations and New Construction for the Madison Public Schools [Connecticut]. This educational specification is intended to allow those who advise designers and planners of schools to thoroughly describe the school district's educational activities and their implications... 05/31/1997
Educational Specifications for the Proposed Pre-K-Grade 2 Elementary School [Connecticut]. This document describes one Connecticut school district's project to build a facility that is designed for small children and supports an educational program focusing on early learning success... 05/23/1999
Educational Specifications: Linking Design of School Facilities to Educational Program [California]. This guide by the California Department of Education formalizes regulations governing standards for new school design and construction. It is intended to help school districts develop specifications... 12/31/1996
Effects of State Policies on Facilities Planning and Construction in Rural Districts. ERIC Digest State policies greatly affect the decisions rural districts make about building or renovating school facilities. State, federal, and local mechanisms for funding school facilities are briefly... 12/31/2000
Efficient and Adequate Standards for Building Specifications for the Construction of Schools. [Illinois] This is the maintenance code for school facilities constructed in Illinois between July 1, 1965 and March 24, 1995. Chapters cover General Requirements; Use of Model Codes and Standards; Construction... 12/31/1994
Elementary Education Specifications Format, Montgomery County Public Schools. The Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system has created a procedure for guiding the architectural design and construction of elementary school buildings that includes a document staff... 11/30/1993
Elementary Educational Specifications: Facilities Planning Standards [Colorado] Provides comprehensive guidance to planners, designers, and various consultants on the planning and design of new schools, additions, and renovations for Jefferson County School District in Colorado... 12/31/1997
Elementary School Buildings. Outlines the state's standard per student square footage for elementary school buildings, organized according to program area. 12/31/2005
Elementary School Educational Specifications: Facilities Planning Standards. Offers guidelines to be used in planning and designing new, as well are remodeling and renovating existing Wyoming elementary schools. It describes the facility requirements to accommodate the... 01/31/2008
Facilities Guide for Career and Technical Education. The material in this guide is designed to aid school administrators, teachers, boards of education, advisory committees, and architects who share responsibility in the planning and equipping of a... 12/31/2007
Facilities Guidelines for Fine Arts Programs. [Maryland] This manual of facility guidelines examines the planning process and design features and considerations for public school fine arts programs in Maryland. Planning concepts and trends are highlighted... 05/31/2001
Facilities Guidelines for Library Media Programs. [Maryland] These guidelines are designated to help Maryland school system personnel and architects develop educational specifications and designs for new building construction or major renovation projects that... 04/30/1998
Facilities Guidelines: What's the Point? Discusses state school facility guidelines, using the history of the first six states that implemented them. The origins, typical contents, and goals of these guidelines are described. 06/30/2006
Facilities Planning Guide for Successful Secondary Schools. [Maryland] Guidelines designed to help Maryland facilities planners, educators, and community members make informed choices about the types of facilities they will provide for secondary education services are... 12/31/1990
Facilities Requirements for Charter Schools in Florida. States facilities requirements in legislative language. Provides guidelines to meet the legislative direction, presented in a question-and-answer format. 12/31/1996
Facility Guidelines for General Classroom Design. Advises on classroom design, covering current educational theories, and then presenting two chapters that cover educational and architectural components for all classrooms, K-12. Individual chapters... 12/31/2004
Facility Programming and Construction Criteria. This facility construction planning guide presents the minimum instructional space standards for Kentucky's public school system. It provides definitions of terms found in the regulations;... 03/01/1995
Facility Standards for Technology in New Jersey Schools This document provides guidelines to assist local districts and county coordinating councils in developing their distance learning plans. The first section addresses the educational specifications in... 04/30/1997
Family and Consumer Sciences: A Facility Planning and Design Guide for School Systems. Presents design concepts and considerations for planning and developing middle and high school family and consumer sciences education facilities. Includes discussions on family and consumer sciences... 12/31/2000
Florida Educational Facilities. 1997. This document contains information, photographs, and floor plans of many of Florida's new elementary through high school facilities occupied in 1997. Each entry lists the facility's type,... 12/31/1996
Florida Inventory of School Houses 2000. This document presents Florida's educational facility inventory process and guidelines school districts can use for reporting their facilities information. It includes access information to the... 12/31/1999
Frugal Construction Standards. [Florida] This booklet provides best practice recommendations for building functional and frugal schools in Florida. Seventeen best practice construction recommendations are addressed, including... 01/24/2000
General Criteria for Public Facility Construction. [Georgia] Summarizes design and construction standards for all new school buildings including codes, air conditioning, spacing of buildings, and location on site. 01/30/2008
General Criteria for Public School Construction. [Georgia] Summarizes design and construction standards for all new school buildings including codes, air conditioning, spacing of buildings, and location on site. 10/31/2003