Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
L.A.'s Learning Curve. Profiles the Los Angeles Unified School District's multi-billion dollar capital improvement program, highlighting early failures, the hiring of large number of architects, the innovative and... 03/31/2008
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Handbook. First Edition. The guidelines incorporated in this handbook have been developed to assist Alaskan school districts, their consultants, and communities in evaluating the life cycle cost of school construction... 12/31/1998
Life Cycle Cost Guidelines for Materials and Building Systems for Florida's Public Educational Facilities, 2010. Provides an evaluation of current and emerging materials, products, and systems for application to the construction of educational facilities in Florida, based on a wide range of cost and performance... 06/29/2010
Long-Range Facilities Master Plan 1999-2013 for San Diego City Schools. This document describes the steps taken by the San Diego City Schools District to determine existing and future needs, to establish guidelines and standards for the future, and to develop an... 12/31/1998
Maine High Performance Schools Program. Presents an overview of energy-efficient technologies that may be eligible for financial assistance from the Maine High Performance Schools Program. Artificial lighting, daylighting, mechanical... 12/31/2003
Major Capital School Construction Project Workbook. Provides guidance for the school construction projects, covering architect selection and approval, new construction versus renovation, site selection and approval, educational specifications, space... 12/31/2004
Manual for Planning and Construction of School Buildings. Guides New Hampshire school districts in the development and completion of school construction projects. The manual covers the role of design professionals, site selection, design and construction... 12/31/2005
Manual for Public School Facilities Fire Prevention and Fire Inspections. [New York] This manual instructs school administrators and inspectors on how to complete the fire inspection report for educational facilities in New York State. The manual examines fire safety regulations,... 12/31/2000
Manual of Planning Standards for School Buildings [New York]. These planning standards help school districts, architects, and engineers resolve their school building problems while considering educational and planning efficiency, conservation of natural... 12/31/1997
Maryland Community College Facilities Manual. This manual was jointly prepared by Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Maryland Department of Budget and Management, the Maryland Department of General Services, and the Facilities Planners... 06/05/2005
Maryland Public School Standards for Telecommunications Distribution Systems: Infrastructure Design for Voice, Video, and Data Communications. Examines the quality assurance codes and standards for telecommunications systems installed in Maryland's public schools; address specific issues concerning the design of school buildings... 01/31/2002
Massachusetts High Performance Green Schools Guidelines: Criteria. Provides a benchmark for green school buildings in the state. The document is divided into six sections: site, water, energy, materials, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and policy and operations... 10/15/2006
Master Educational Facilities Plan Guidelines. Provides guidance to Kentucky local school planning committees in the evaluation of information and the development of a master educational facility plan (MEFP) and a district facility plan (DFP).... 05/31/2004
Mississippi School Design Guidelines. These guidelines cover school facility issues from planning new facilities to maintaining existing ones. They were developed to help link educational goals and facilities design, to facilitate... 12/31/2005
Needs Survey Report. [Massachusetts] Presents the result of more than eight months of work commissioned by the Massachusetts School Building Authority to gather statewide baseline data about the general conditions of locally-owned... 03/31/2006
New Design Features in Virginia's Public Schools. A study of new design features for public schools was conducted in Virginia in 1999 to determine what specific design features were being implemented in Virginia's schools. This report... 12/31/1998
New Guidelines. Reviews New York City s Green Schools Guide (, citing its requirements and narrating the history of its development. 03/31/2007
New Hampshire Public Schools Facilities Adequacy and Condition Study Report. This report presents New Hampshire survey data, methodology, and the survey instrument used to measure a school's physical quality and educational effectiveness. The survey instrument collects... 08/22/2000
New Jersey State Department of Education, Administrative Code, Chapter 26: Educational Facilities. Lists the states rules for educational facilities. Seventeen subchapters detail requirements for long-range facilities plans, capital project review, management of capital projects, educational... 12/31/2000
New Schools for New York: Plans and Precedents for Small Schools. This study illustrates with specific designs how the city might meet two critical educational objectives in its first program of new school construction in many years. The study designs show how New... 12/31/1991
No Place to Learn: California's School Facility Crisis. Describes the state's difficulty building schools, due to bureaucratic delays and regulations that drive up construction costs. A plan for reform is proposed that includes exemptions from the... 12/31/2003
North Carolina Public Schools Facilities Guidelines. Provides school systems and designers with design information that can be used as a basis for new schools, additions, and renovations when building public schools in North Carolina. Further, it... 07/31/2010
North Dakota's School Construction Approval Process and School Construction Loan Approval Process Reference Guide. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction has published a guide that includes all documents related to the subjects of school construction approval for schools under, and over, $150,000;... 02/28/1999
Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools Protocol. Details performance standards and best practices for energy efficient, sustainable school building design and construction. The Protocol is intended for use by individual state education departments... 12/31/2006
NY-CHPS Version 1.0 High Performance Schools Guidelines. Presents the Collaborative for High Performance Schools' (CHPS) High Performance Schools Guidelines tailored to New York code requirements and the priorities of the New York State Education... 02/28/2006