Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Science Facilities Design Guidelines. These guidelines, presented in five chapters, propose a framework to support the planning, designing, constructing, and renovating of school science facilities. Some program issues to be considered... 12/31/1993
Science Facilities Standards K-12 (Texas Version) This provides Texas educators with state guidelines for the planning, construction, and maintenance of indoor science facilities and outdoor learning areas for Texas schools. It includes examples of... 12/31/2001
Science Safety Standards: A Guide to Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Safety Procedures for Classroom, Laboratory, and Field Investigations. This guide provides kindergarten through grade 12 science educators with rules, regulations, and safety procedures for classroom, laboratory, and field investigations. The manual is a reference for... 12/31/1999
Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina. Focuses mainly on financial concerns covering areas such as bids, sources of state funds, selling or buying school property, bonds, capital outlay funds, and general loan information. Other statutes... 06/30/2010
Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina. Schools in North Carolina are governed by numerous laws pertaining to construction and repair. Financial concerns constitute the bulk of these statutes, covering areas such as bids (financial outlay... 01/31/1997
Site Selection and Acquisition: The Process and the Pitfalls [California]. This manual covers most of the common steps and considerations in site selection and acquisition in California as well as some of the measures to be taken to avoid potential problems. It considers... 12/31/1991
Site Selection Criteria and Evaluation Handbook. [Alaska] This handbook establishes a set of basic site selection elements and offers suggested evaluation criteria for rating each element's desirability and cost effectiveness. The selection elements... 12/31/1996
Space Planning for Institutions of Higher Education. Provides a general framework for planning of higher education facilities, with statewide to individual department perspectives. The document begins with overviews of facilities master planning and... 12/31/2005
Square Footage Requirements for Use in Developing the Local Facilities Plans and State Capital Outlay Applications for Funding. [Georgia] This document presents the space requirements for Georgia's elementary, middle, and high schools. All square footage requirements are computed by using inside dimensions of a room; the square... 12/07/2003
State Education Department Implementation of the RESCUE Program. Examines the New York State Education Department's administration of their RESCUE program, which requires school districts to develop maintenance plans for their school buildings and prepare an... 09/18/2003
State Guidelines for Educational Specifications and School Facility Adequacy. This study's purpose was to determine if the required use of state-adopted education specifications guidelines when constructing or modernizing urban high school facilities had resulted in more... 11/30/1991
State of Delaware School Construction Technical Assistance Manual. Provides a reference guide for those involved in school planning, maintenance, repair and construction funded through the Capital Improvement Program for Delaware Public Schools. Included in the... 05/31/2003
State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines. Assists with creating high performance structures for Minnesota, as required by the state legislature. The guidelines are organized into the following categories: performance management, site and... 06/30/2007
State of New Mexico Public School Facilities Authority Educational Specifications Process Checklist: Resource Document. Outlines steps and provides worksheets for creating educational specifications. These include the formation of the educational specifications committee, suggested agendas for work sessions, program... 02/02/2009
State Policies and School Facilities: How States Can Support or Undermine Neighborhood Schools and Community Preservation. This report reaffirms the contribution made by historic neighborhood schools to their communities. It offers guidance to officials and local preservationists for creating state policies that help... 04/30/2003
State Requirements for Educational Facilities, 1999. [Florida] This updated, two-volume document provides guidance for those involved in the educational facilities procurement process, and includes recent legislative changes affecting the state of Florida's... 06/30/1999
State Requirements for Educational Facilities. Provides guidance for those involved in Florida's educational facilities procurement process, and includes recent legislative changes affecting the state of Florida's building code.... 12/10/2007
State Requirements for Educational Facilities. Vol II - Building Code. [Florida] Indicates that Florida public educational facilities shall comply with the state minimum building code and life safety code, then details additional requirements found in standards concerning public... 06/30/1999
State Requirements Survey for School Construction K-12. Presents the results of a survey of state requirements for school construction. The document offers state-by-state information on funding, planning requirements, site and building sizes, pupil/... 12/31/1986
States Starting to Require Architects and Contractors to Design and Construct Public Buildings to Achieve LEED Silver Certification. Discusses how eighteen states have adopted laws and regulations mandating that the construction of public buildings achieve LEED Silver Certification. Although the majority of States do not yet... 10/31/2009
Submittal Requirements for Review of Planning, Bidding and Construction Documents for Georgia Public Schools. This document presents the Georgia Department of Education's submittal requirements for documents addressing the planning and construction of educational facilities. Requirements cover such... 04/30/2002
Sustainability in Public Facilities: Analysis of Guidance Documents. Presents a critical analysis of nine guidance documents intended to educate facility decision makers on sustainability. The analysis revealed that these documents, with some exceptions, do not... 01/31/2003
Technology Planning Guide for Minnesota School Districts, Schools and Public Libraries. This guide assists Minnesota school districts and libraries in technology planning by providing information for meeting the requirements for federal assistance through the Universal Service Fund E-... 08/31/2000
Ten Year Facilities Plan. [Idaho] Presents documents suggesting what a ten-year facility plan should include, as well as examples of the various facility plan sections and spreadsheets that can be used to calculate demographic,... 12/31/2006
Texas Safety Standards for K-12. A Guide to Rules, Regulations, and Safety Procedures for Classroom, Laboratory, and Field Investigations. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for developing a safety program both at the campus and district levels. Chapters include: 1) Laws, Rules, Regulations; 2) Laboratory... 12/31/1999