Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Texas Safety Standards: Kindergarten through Grade 12. This guide provides kindergarten through grade 12 Texas science educators with rules, regulations, and safety procedures for classroom, laboratory, and field investigations. The manual is a reference... 12/31/2001
Texas Sustainable School Design Guideline. This guide offers a detailed listing of the key practices and technologies that can help create a sustainable school. The document includes hundreds of cost-effective recommendations that can improve... 12/31/1998
The 2000 Florida Statutes. Chapter 235 Educational Facilities. Detailed Florida legislation covering such areas as: prototype designs, use of buildings and grounds, construction of facilities, standards for relocatables, annual capital outlay budget, site... 12/31/1999
The ABC's of Building a School. This booklet is designed for administrators who are being encouraged to build a new, or remodel an old, school facility. It describes the planning process from perceived need to the hiring of an... 12/31/1998
The Case for State-Wide School Facilities Guidelines. Advocates for statewide school facility guidelines that are comprehensive and flexible. Statewide guidelines facilitate the sharing of knowledge, enlarge the pool of capable designers, and accelerate... 12/31/2002
The Collaborative for High Performance Schools. Describes the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), its 6-volume CHPS Manual, and the Manual's adaptation and adoption by eight states. 12/31/2007
The Field Act and Public School Construction: A 2007 Perspective. Post-earthquake studies conducted by engineers and researchers over the past 20 years have conclusively proven that public schools constructed under the Field Act, when subjected to destructive... 01/31/2007
The Form of Reform: School Facility Design Implications for California Educational Reform. The California Department of Education convened a task force to determine how the learning environment can be shaped to support statewide educational reforms designed to make California schools... 12/31/1996
The Future of School Siting, Design and Construction in Delaware. Presents the recommendations of a March, 2003, summit. These were: 1)Coordination between Delaware Department of Transportation and Department of Education concerning siting of new schools, 2)... 06/30/2003
The Kentucky School Facilities Planning Manual. Guides Kentucky school districts in the development and adoption of written plans describing their construction needs and use of school facilities. The facility planning process is described step by... 05/31/2008
The Kentucky School Facilities Planning Manual. 702 KAR 1:001. Revised. This manual guides school districts in the development and adoption of written plans describing their construction needs and use of school facilities. The guide examines the selection, operation, and... 11/30/1994
The Newark Public Schools Five-Year Facilities Management Plan. Summary Report. This report summarizes the Newark Public Schools Facilities Management Plan that describes the process by which the district assesses projected enrollments and program space needs to support the Core... 12/14/1999
The Ohio School Facilities Commission 2005 Annual Report. Describes the funding, management oversight, and technical assistance provided by the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) to meet Ohio school district construction and renovation needs for... 12/31/2005
The Road to Equity. Describes the lengthy litigation that preceeded Arizona's Students FIRST (Fair and Immediate Resources for Students Today) legislation. To ensure proper funding of school facilities in tax-poor... 12/31/2002
Time to Address State Laws, Codes, Regulations. Reviews instances where state codes prohibited desirable innovations in new school buildings, and encourages activism to change outdated practices. 07/31/2007
Title 126 Legislative Rule, Board of Education, Series 172, Handbook on Planning School Facilities (6200) [West Virginia] Presents West Viginia's requirements for the development of a 10-year comprehensive educational facilities plan, which are required of each of the states counties, along with annual updates and... 10/12/2005
Title 7. Education Chapter 6. School Facilities Board Rules. [Arizona] Presents rules and policies governing and detailing facility design, construction, and funding for Arizona public schools. The document's six articles cover definitions, regulations on minimum... 01/31/2002
Update on Lead in School Drinking Water. This memo explains changes in state and federal drinking water regulations for lead and copper, summarizes the data that has been collected by the state's Department of Environmental Protection... 12/31/1996
Vermont School Construction Planning Guide. This guide for Vermont administrators beginning a school construction project is to be used in conjunction with Vermont State Board of Education Rules for Capital Construction. Its intent is to... 09/28/2005
Vermont School Construction Planning Guide: A Publication Providing Technical Assistance to School Boards and Administrators. Provides general guidance in planning for schoolconstruction projects and in Vermont, and securing necessary state approvals. The contents are relevant to the construction of a new school, school... 12/31/2007
Virginia CHPS Criteria for New Construction, Major Modernizations: Assessment Tool. Offers a Virginia-specific benchmark system for the design and construction of high performance school buildings in Virginia. The guide contains prerequisites and credits that reflect the changing... 12/31/2010
Wake County Public School System Design Guidelines [North Carolina]. The Wake County Public School System has published its guidelines for planning and design of functional, cost effective, and durable educational facilities that are attractive and enhance the... 02/28/1999
Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol: Criteria for High Performance Schools. Addresses multiple facets of high performance school buildings by providing credits in the environmental categories of energy efficiency, water efficiency, site planning, materials and indoor... 12/31/2005
Washington's High Performance Schools: Raising the Bar. [Video] This 15-minute video includes information for Washington state school districts on building requirements for high performance schools and features some of Washington's pioneer high performance... 12/31/2006
Washington's High-Performance School Buildings: Report to the Governor and Legislature. Provides a status report on the implementation of Chapter 39.35D RCW High-Performance Public Buildings for Washington state K-12 schools. The law requires that all state assisted K-12 new... 12/29/2008