Design -- United Kingdom

Title Abstract Publication Date
21st Century Learning Environments. Presents innovative designs for schools and analyzes needs for schools of the future, drawing on material presented at the OECD Programme on Educational Building's 2004 conference in London. The... 12/31/2005
21st Century Schools: Learning Environments of the Future. This report explores the relationship between the physical school environment and the teaching that it contains. It illustrates four scenarios for learning environments in 2024. It concludes with an... 12/31/2003
360 Degrees: Issue 15. Considers how young people can learn about sustainability from their built environment, and profiles the Dalton School, an eco-school in The Netherlands. 03/31/2008
360 Degrees: Issue 16. Report on Britain's first-ever green day, an initiative to encourage learning about buildings, spaces and climate change, and features a school in London that specializes in design and the built... 06/30/2008
360 Degrees: Issue 4. Profiles British programs and resources that support sustainable school design and promote environmental awareness through the built environment. 03/31/2004
A 21st Century School for Every Pupil -Building Schools for the Future [Press Release] UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and School Standards Minister David Miliband unveiled the Government’s Building Schools for the Future programme to rebuild or refurbish every secondary school in England... 02/11/2004
A Guide for School Governors: Developing School Buildings. This two-part guide presents information for United Kingdom school governors [school board members] to help them in the management and development of their educational facilities. The guide explains... 12/31/1999
A School's Great Expectations. The new Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney, east London, boasts pristine buildings and embodies a government's hopes that Britain's inner cities can offer high quality, well-resourced... 09/13/2004
A Sound Foundation? What We Know about the Impact of Environments on Learning and the Implications for Building Schools for the Future This paper reports on a literature review conducted in the UK for the Design Council and CfBT (Higgins et al., 2005) which looked at the evidence of the impact of environments on learning in schools... 01/31/2007
A-Z Sketchbook for School Build and Design. Presents a visual guide to the key areas which must be considered when renovating or building a school. The publication is in an hand illustrated cartoon format, with each drawing isolating an issue... 12/31/2005
Academy of Environmental Excellence. Profiles Liverpool's St. Francis of Assisi Academy, a high-performance school featuring extended hours, solar panels, rainwater collection that supplies the toilets, grass roofs, and an... 05/31/2007
Accommodating, Information, Communication, Education. A Symposium Held at the Royal Institute of British Architects (May 6, 1999). This report presents participant presentations and case studies from the 1999 symposium, Accommodating, Information, Communication, Education. Presentations are as follows: Taking the Open University... 05/05/1999
Accommodation for the 16-19 age group: Four Colleges in 1980. Design Note 23. Four English sixth form or tertiary colleges were visited in 1980 to determine the accommodation requirements of 16-19 year olds who are continuing their education at either of these types of... 12/31/1979
Accommodation for the 16-19 Age Group: NAFE: Designing for Change. Design Note 22. Many 16-year olds in England seek alternatives to traditional formal higher education thus requiring alternative means of attracting this group to continue their education in an educational... 12/31/1979
An Emerging Framework for School Design Based on Children's Voices This paper explores the views and expectations of children regarding their school environments and has constructed a framework for the school design process based on children's information and... 03/31/2012
An Introduction to Building Schools for the Future. Offers guidance for the United Kingdom's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) program. The document offers an introduction to the BSF program, and advice on funding, design, technology... 12/31/2007
Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments. This guide focuses on the architecture of primary and pre- school sector in the United Kingdom and broadly considers the subtle spatial and psychological requirements of growing children up to, and... 12/31/1999
Assessing Secondary School Design Quality. Presents the results of an audit by the United Kingdom's Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) of 124 secondary schools completed between January 2000 and September 2005.... 07/02/2006
Asset Management Plans. [United Kingdom] The aim of these documents is to assist Local Authorities in Britain with asset management planning (AMPs) for schools. AMPs set out the information needed, and the criteria used, to make decisions... 12/31/2003
Being Involved in School Design: A Guide for School Communities, Local Authorities, Funders and Design and Construction Teams. This is a guide for school communities, local authorities, funders, and design and construction teams. The booklet includes ten case studies, useful information, and a glossary. The first five case... 08/31/2004
Best of British Schools. British Council for School Environments 2011 Awards. Descriptions and photographs of outstanding work of schools, local authorities, sponsors, design teams, contractors and suppliers in developing excellent learning environments for young people and... 05/31/2011
Better Buildings Better Design Better Education. Presents a survey of all 150 English local educational authorities, revealing the results of capital investment over the last 10 years. The booklet shows that schools are off to a positive start, and... 12/31/2006
British Council for School Environments BCSE is made up of local authorities, schools, construction companies, architects and others involved in, and concerned about, the design and build process in the British education sector. It acts as...
Building Bulletin 77: Designing for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Schools, Revised and updated 2005. Provides building design guidance for accommodation of special needs pupils in British schools. The individual parts of the document describe the key issues which designers need to understand when... 12/31/2004
Building Bulletin 82: Area Guidelines for Schools. This bulletin provides non-statutory guidance on the provision of teaching and non-teaching accommodation for nursery, primary, and secondary pupils, as well as school grounds. It is directed at the... 09/05/1996