Title Abstract Publication Date
Changing Campus Housing Landscape. Discusses trends in student preferences regarding on-campus housing, and the financing and delivery methods that campuses are using to provide for these wishes. 12/31/2001
City of Leeds College of Music: From the 19th to the 21st Century in One Go. Discusses one college's efforts to determine its future accommodation and utilization needs and the strategies to meet those needs. A new multilevel building scheme is described that provides... 10/31/1995
Clearing the High-Rise Challenge. Describes the University of Hawaii's new 12-story dormitory, with sub-metered air conditioning that can be charged back to the students. Specifications of the HVAC system are included. 08/31/2009
Close to Home. This 14th annual residence hall construction report provides data indicating that colleges and universities are investing in new housing construction in a bid to keep students on campus. 05/31/2003
Close to Home. This 14th annual residence hall construction report provides data indicating that colleges and universities are investing in new housing construction in a bid to keep students on campus. 05/31/2003
College Housing 2004. Presents the results of a survey of higher education housing officers that quantified the differences in housing between public and private colleges, trends in capacity and construction, and a... 04/30/2004
College Housing 2005 Special Report. This third annual special report on college housing describes the shortage of residential space at a majority of colleges; a desire for better space, with more emphasis on suites, apartments,... 05/31/2005
College Housing 2006: Special Report. This fourth annual special report on college housing focuses on the considerable rise in the cost per square foot and per bed of new construction, typical residence hall size, cost to students,... 04/30/2006
College Housing 2007: Special Report Report on college housing construction in 2006, illustrating the rise in the cost per square foot and per bed of new construction, but decreasing size of project and spaces per bed. Tables illustrate... 05/31/2007
College Housing: Special Report. Responses of chief housing officers of 118 4-year colleges and universities to a survey focusing on costs, security, policies, and preferences provide a picture of college housing. More than 67% of... 05/31/2003
College Residence Dorm. Profiles this renovation of a 1929 apartment building into a dormitory for Bloomfield College. Bringing the building up to current codes, removal of lead paint and asbestos, and renovation of... 06/30/2010
College Students Live Here. A Study of College Housing. Provides a broad overview of problems and practices in the design of college housing facilities. Major topics include: 1) characteristics of student populations, 2) types of housing solutions; 3)... 12/31/1960
Colleges Turn to Private Companies To Build and Run Student Housing. Discusses a trend finding colleges and universities privatizing housing -- attracted to lessened financial outlay and management involvement that privatization may offer. The article recounts critics... 06/10/1999
Colleges Undercover Battle against Bedbugs. Describes the use of trained dogs to detect bedbugs, a rising nuisance in college dormitories. The use of room heaters to kill bedbugs without chemicals, mattress design that discourages their... 07/31/2008
Commuters Get Their Own Place at Mansfield U. Profiles this university's Commuter Connection, a section of dormitory rooms reserved for commuter students who occasionally need to stay overnight. The facility is equipped with bedrooms, a... 10/18/2007
Constructing Community. Reveals how today's college planners and architects are rethinking residence hall design to enhance a sense of community. Offers design ideas for creating living spaces that are more conducive... 10/31/2001
Contemporary Issues in Student Housing Finance This chapter presents contemporary financial issues in student housing programs framed through the topical areas of occupancy management, facilities, new construction, residential life programs,... 09/04/2003
Conveniences of Home: Campus Kitchens and Laundry Rooms. Reviews trends in dormitory laundry room placement, with these facilities migrating for convenience to each floor from the traditional central facility. Lightly equipped kitchens in dormitories are... 07/31/2009
Cool Jazz. Describes the distinctive architectural style of a new dormitory at New Orleans' Tulane University, where architects had to deal with a difficult site, a tightly defined program, a venerable... 08/31/2001
Coping Strategies for Living in Student Residential Facilities in Nigeria. Examines coping strategies used by students in high-density living dormitory living. The stress perceived by the students in the crowded situations was largely met by decorating to define territory... 02/28/2005
Coping with the Crunch. Examines housing strategies that several college facilities managers have used to cope with the problem of overcrowded residence halls. Includes a discussion about how facilities managers can... 02/29/2000
Creating Communities. Examines how designs for college residence halls can foster collegiality, communication, interaction, and a unique sense of place. Describes various planning and design principles that can play an... 07/31/2000
Creekside Village Community Center. Describes this LEED-certified student housing, whose design recalls the area's prevailing Arts and Crafts style. A variety of creative landscaping, lighting, and design features contribute to... 02/29/2004
Designing Beds for More Sophisticated Heads. Describes the University of North Carolina's program to provide housing for all students, through the construction of various housing configurations that will appeal to various student tastes... 12/31/2006
Designing Homes Away from Home. Advises on room configurations, common areas, furnishing, technology integration, and lighting in dormitories. 12/31/2006