Title Abstract Publication Date
Designing Laundry Rooms Students Will Love. Asserts that proper planning is a prerequisite for creating satisfactory laundry rooms in school residences. Identifies and explores the features that make a laundry room successful, and discusses... 07/31/2001
Designing the Healthy Residence Hall. Discusses the importance of natural light, ventilation, ability to control one's environment, and a residential feel to successful dormitory design. 09/30/2009
Developing a Comprehensive Housing Strategy: A Case Study. Shares successes in developing a long range comprehensive housing strategy for Simmons College, an institution with two noncontiguous campuses in a dense urban, cultural center. Some of the successes... 12/31/2006
Developing Housing, Alumni Involvement and Long-Term Legacy Strategies for Today's Entrepreneurial Campus and Community. Describes thoughtful campus renewal to relieve a shortage of housing and parking at the University of Cincinnati. Rather than impose its expansion on the neighbors, the school involved them, creating... 12/31/2002
Digital Living on Campus. Advises planners of college housing on the technological expectations of occupants, planning for evolving technology, the hardware that students typically own, and off-campus housing amenities that... 01/31/2008
Doing Your Homework on Indoor Air Quality Issues. Explains how administrators at the Georgia Institute of Technology were able to build a new residence hall that included a cost-effective ventilation system providing high quality indoor air. Project... 12/31/1999
Dorm Renovations: To Increase Enrollment or Maintain Status Quo? Explores South Carolina's Erskine College's planning and decision making process to renovate all seven of its dormitories over three summers. Discusses how the organization built a strong... 10/31/2001
Dorm Therapy. Presents an interview with behavioral psychologist Susan Painter that discusses the good and bad dormitory design, with particular attention to room amenities that make students comfortable, but not... 03/06/2008
Dorm Updates for the 21st Century. Discusses trends influencing the preparation of college residence halls for new students. Identifies the fact that students represent an important group and that they desire freedom to control their... 05/31/2001
Dormitories Bring Nothing but Trouble. Advocates of campus housing at community colleges suggest that dorms are an effective means of replicating a full college experience at a lower price. In the author's opinion, community colleges... 02/28/2009
Dormitory Architecture Influences: Patterns of Student Social Relations over Time. Reports the findings of a two-part study on the influence of dormitory architecture on patterns of social relations among college undergraduates. The first part investigates how dormitory... 12/31/1980
Dormitory Fires. [Topical Fire Research Series] Each year in the U.S. there are an estimated 1,300 fires in high school, private and prep school, and university dormitories. These fires are responsible for less than 5 deaths, and approximately 50... 02/28/2001
Dorms of Distinction. Presents the projects selected from 76 nominations for this magazines Dorms of Distinction competition. The article provides profiles vignettes of many of the selected winners as well as a summary of... 07/31/2008
Driving Residence-Hall Design. Explores ways to identify and meet housing goals set by colleges and universities. The article stresses use of a participatory approach based on open communication between stakeholders to resolve... 04/30/1998
Eastern Mennonite U Dashboard Educates Residents on Energy Use. Describes how Eastern Mennonite University, a small liberal arts Christian college in Virginia, is making an energy usage dashboard available to the campus residents and visitors for its newest... 03/29/2011
Eco-Dorm Builds Community. Profiles this dormitory at Pitzer College that successfully uses natural ventilation to cool rooms even when the outdoor temperatures are around 100. A simple and efficient HVAC compensates for... 08/31/2008
Elegant Digs for the Preservationist Brothers of Sigma Phi. Relates the history and care of Berkeley's Thorsen House, a signature Arts and Crafts residence currently serving as a fraternity house. 04/27/2006
Eliminating Humidity and Condensation Problems in University Dormitories: Case Study. Presents the investigation and follow-up efforts that identified reasons and corrective measures for high humidity levels in the living areas of two Texas A&M dormitories. The paper describes how... 12/31/2002
Emergency Lighting Technology Evolves To Save Lives. Explores the benefits of including high-brightness light-emitting diode lighting systems (LEDs) for emergency use. Examines the use of LED lighting systems in residence halls. Also highlights LED... 03/31/2001
Energy Commitments for Green Schools. A Study for Carbon Neutrality: the Impact of Decisions, Design and Energy. Transforming decisionmaking processes regarding energy efficiency can affect the design of an education building. Discusses factors affecting the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of a building, and... 09/30/2011
Evolving Design. Reviews trends in dormitory design and construction that are intended to save money, offer better amenities, create healthier environments, and attract students. 01/31/2005
Exotic Village. Describes the Miner Village student housing at the University of Texas at El Paso. The architecture is derived from Himalayan Bhutanese Dzongs, and helps perpetuate a close relationship between the... 12/31/2003
Facilities Funding Thaws. Discusses the trend toward public-private partnerships in higher education construction. Privatized housing is highlighted, as are benefits of federal stimulus funds and the tight bond market.... 12/31/2009
Facility Focus: Campus Housing. Profiles new campus housing at Olin College, Emory University, the University of Rhode Island, and Drexel University. The room configuration, sustainability features, common areas, and design... 09/30/2007
Facility Focus: Campus Housing. Profiles recent dormitories built at Babson College, South Georgia College, and Lander University. The projects share features of LEED certification and traditional architecture that compliments the... 01/31/2008