Title Abstract Publication Date
Graduate House, University of Toronto, Ontario. Illustrates how the University of Toronto combined the modernist architectural typologies of perimeter block and the skip-stop plan to create a dormitory that served as a gateway to its campus.... 12/31/2001
Great Expectations Discusses how some universities are proactively looking to improve, enhance, and increase on-campus student housing through new and renovated residence halls that meet and exceed the expectations of... 02/29/2000
Great Expectations for a New Dormitory. Profiles a new dormitory complex at the University of Oregon designed to bring students and faculty together by including three classrooms, conference rooms, and food service facilities. 02/22/2007
High Life. Presents data from American School & University's 17th Annual Residence Hall Construction Report, illustrating building size and cost data, decreased space per student, increased costs per... 05/31/2006
Hillside Dormitory II. Describes this private boys middle school housing, which accommodates students as well as providing some faculty apartments. Unanticipated site conditions raised costs and necessitated design... 08/31/2006
Hillside School Dormitory. Describes this private boys middle school housing, which accommodates fourteen students, as well as providing some faculty apartments. Building statistics, a listing of the design and construction... 02/28/2006
Home Away from Home. Explores ways that college and university administrators can attract students by expanding the sense of community that students feel. Discusses several trends in student housing and offers ideas on... 10/31/2000
Home Away from Home. Reports on techniques that colleges and universities are implementing in an effort to make their residence halls more like a home, less like an institution. Techniques discussed include careful... 08/31/1999
Home Grown. Discusses findings of the 9th Annual Residence Hall Construction Report, which assesses average college and university residence hall construction costs, discusses types of amenities offered, and... 06/30/1998
Home, Sweet Home. Describes various higher education institutions' faculty housing assistance programs, including the partnering with developers in the construction of affordable housing, and creating shared... 07/31/2006
Housing for New Types of Students. Examines the impact on student housing of the changing demographic pattern of college students which now includes more of the following constituencies: 1) women students and single women with... 06/30/1977
Housing Move-In Builds a Foundation for Community. Tells how Michigan's Grand Valley State University personnel, despite major construction and administrative challenges, worked together to successfully move 4,400 students into the school's... 10/31/2001
Housing Strategies for the 21st Century: Revitalizing Residential Life on Campus. A survey of recently completed residence hall projects illustrates the innovative ways that institutions are fitting new residence halls and residence programs into their long-term learning and... 02/29/2004
How to Build a Residence Hall in 16 Weeks. Describes the use of design-build and lean construction techniques to facilitate the construction of a 30,000 square foot college residence hall in only 16 weeks. 11/30/2003
How to Choose Student Safes. Outlines criteria for selecting safes for student rooms, emphasizing accommodation of large items like laptops and the prevention of accidental lockouts. 10/31/2003
How To Reduce the Risk of Residence Hall Fires. Explores reasons for the decline in the number of fires in college and university residence halls and describes a four-pronged program called PODS (Prevention, Occupant awareness, Detection, and... 05/31/2002
If You Build It, They Will Come This discusses six trends to build by, from campus innovators in higher education housing, including privatization, the residential learning community movement, safety and security, green... 04/30/2003
If You Build It, They Will Track It. Describes a website that allowed tracking of an occupied residence hall renovation project by the students. Humor and interactivity were used to involve students in the construction and relocation... 07/31/2005
Impact of Sprinklers on the Fire Hazard in Dormitories: Day Room Fire Experiments. Reports on a series of experiments where fires were initiated in days rooms with and without fire sprinklers, and open to the corridor of an abandoned dormitory. Descriptions of the building... 05/31/2004
Improve Student Life by Designing for the Community. Offers design strategies for university housing corridors, community spaces, and campus location that will help strengthen college students' sense of community. 10/31/2002
Improving the Laundry Experience for Students while Controlling Costs. Describes user-friendly laundry facilities, equipped with energy-efficient machines that create a safe, pleasant, and cost-effective amenity and social space for dormitory residents. 10/31/2003
Improving the Physical Plant and Residence-Life Department Relationship. Discusses the communication difficulties between educational facility housing managers and plant management and ways to improve it so maintenance problems can be resolved. Examples of successful... 08/31/1999
In My Room. Shares tips for making the right purchases of furniture for college residence halls, including issues of durability, aesthetics, flexibility and floor space, and delivery. 02/28/2002
In the House: Kitchens and Laundries Move In. Discusses integration of laundry and kitchen facilities in dormitories. Advantages and disadvantages of these amenities in common spaces or in rooms are discussed, as are maintenance and related... 11/30/2007
In the Line of Fire. Highlights the importance of using sprinkler systems in school residence halls to prevent fire fatalities. Understanding the risks involved, retrofitting schools to meet these risks, and realizing... 09/30/2001