Energy Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Battling Utility Costs. Presents an interview with the utilities manager of Eastern Illinois University outlining key components of the school's energy-saving strategy, including its performance contracting. 09/30/2002
Below the Surface Ball State University's geothermal heating and cooling system will save $2M per year and produce a host of environmental benefits. 03/31/2012
Big Costs, Little Cash for Energy Efficiency. Discusses Utica College's quest to save energy, along with their inability to fund the improvements needed to make it happen. Highlights of an energy audit and potential performance contract are... 02/05/2009
Biomass Heating--Should You Consider It for Your Campus Reviews compelling reasons for considering and challenges to be addressed for using biomass (typically wood chips) as an alternative fuel source for heating campuses. 04/30/2012
Building a Business Case for Going Green. Considers the explosive growth in community colleges and the need for expanded facilities. The author buildes a case for high performance buildings: identify mission-critical factors, quantify... 04/30/2011
Building Smarts. Reviews technologies that campuses are employing to save energy. These include software that reconciles HVAC system automation with class rosters to determine room occupancies, utility billing error... 06/30/2007
Call to Action. Reviews ten steps of a campus energy master plan, taking the user through auditing and benchmarking of existing conditions, retro-commisioning, determining upgrades and renovations, evaluation and... 03/31/2008
Campus Buildings that Teach Lessons. Describes how Brown University has begun looking at building design and performance as a shadow curriculum that supports or argues with the principles being taught in a building's classroom.... 02/28/2002
Campus Energy Hogs Turn Green Plans Black and Blue While everyone likes to boast about new lean, green LEED-certified classroom buildings, the real energy hogs on campus are the existing buildings, the laboratories and the athletics department.... 10/31/2011
Campus Sustainability Report. Summarizes the efforts of the Indiana University Task Force on Campus Sustainability to develop a comprehensive program in sustainability for the IU Bloomington campus. The report addresses energy... 01/06/2008
Carbon Emissions Trading and Combined Heat and Power Strategies: Unintended Consequences. Discusses the potential economic consequences of cap-and-trade programs in a combined heat and power (CHP) environment. The University of New Mexico facilities operations program serves as an example... 02/28/2009
Carbon-Neutral Campus Architecture Webinar: Climate-Specific Design and Innovation. This webcast focused on three projects designed to create high-performance environments that are also exemplars of pedagogical and aesthetic excellence. Examples of carbon neutral buildings from... 11/18/2009
Case Study: New Cogeneration Facility Taps Unused Landfill Gas for a Community College. Describes a cogeneration facility at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York. The system utilizes methane gas from a closed landfill and generates enough electricity to supply all the... 06/30/2004
Chilled Water System for University Campus. Details the financial, energy, and engineering considerations behind a chilled water system at Missouri State University that replaced most of the individual systems serving campus buildings. The... 04/30/2006
Choosing the Best Insulation. Advises on selection of building insulation, taking into consideration whether it is new or a renovation, its design, other building systems, and geographic location. R-value, environmental... 11/30/2009
Clean and Green at UNT. Profiles the on-campus wind turbine system that will be used to power the University of North Texas's new stadium, as well as a number of other campus buildings. 04/30/2011
Climate Planning Guide for Campuses: A How To Guide. Advises higher education institutions on creating a coordinated plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It offers school officials guidance on how to begin a climate action plan, who should be... 12/31/2008
Colleges, Universities, and Renewable Energy: A Perfect Match. Discusses the benefits associated with the development of on-site, “green” energy systems—solar photovoltaic systems, wind power systems, and cogeneration facilities, including reduced energy costs,... 05/31/2011
Considerations When Upgrading Renovating Window Systems. Advises on window selection for campus buildings, emphasizing energy efficiency, building orientation, appropriate window style, and glass selection. Acoustics, daylighting, thermal comfort, and... 10/31/2010
Controlling Rising Energy Costs. Describes two colleges' experiences with energy audits, the energy performance contract that followed them, changes made to facilities, how the audits were funded, and how payback was realized.... 11/30/2007
Converge and Conquer. Discusses the current state of automated facilities control, citing a variety of software and hardware applications and illustrated with examples of strategies from five higher education institutions. 06/30/2008
Cool Campus: A How-To Guide for College and University Climate Action Planning. Advises higher education institutions on developing and implementing a climate action plan (CAP). The document details steps for creating an institutional structure for the CAP; prioritizing... 12/31/2008
Cornell U. Pursues a $60-Million Plan To Cool Its Campus with Cayuga's Water. Cornell University (New York) plans to use the icy waters of nearby Cayuga Lake to air-condition the campus, but recognizes they can do so only with the community's cooperation. Critics fear the... 07/23/1998
Design Firms Can Claim Federal Tax Incentives for Energy-Efficient Buildings. Advises on how architects and engineers may claim federal tax incentives under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. 12/31/2009
Discovering Unseen and Overlooked Energy Inefficiencies. Reviews the history of large increases in fuel prices and proposes energy management as a response. Energy management is defined, its importance explained, and the elements of an energy management... 10/31/2005