Energy Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
How Cool Is Your Roof? Explains a concept called cool roof that is used to reduce electricity costs for air conditioning, and also reduce the price of air conditioning units. Discusses the light reflecting capabilities of... 11/30/2001
How to Achieve a Tight Building Envelope A tight building envelope provides energy efficiency and other benefits. Shows how to achieve a tight building envelope, along with what's trending in the industry. 05/31/2012
How to Clip Soaring Energy Costs. Describes energy energy savings realized by two colleges through an energy audit and a new cogeneration plant. 09/30/2005
How To Curb the Appetite for Energy in University Laboratories. Discusses ways to cut rising energy costs within university laboratories by using heat recovery systems and variable-volume exhaust hood systems. Explores the implementation of broad-based,... 06/30/2001
How to Cut Energy Use and Get Paid for It. Suggests demand-response systems in which educational institutions can participate to lower energy costs. In these programs, the institution receives rebates or discounts for curtailing energy use... 01/31/2009
If You Can't Stand the Heat. Food service facilities are demanding energy users. This describes how appliances and HVAC in kitchens and dining halls can be energy efficient, with attention to systems and performance. Includes a... 11/30/2011
Innovative Strategies are Critical in University Settings. Discusses district energy and cogeneration programs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program at Boston's Emerson College is detailed as an example. 02/28/2009
Intelligent Illumination. [Project Profile: Parking Structure Retrofits.] Profiles an extensive energy-saving project at the University of California-Davis. The project concentrated on upgrading parking and roadway lighting to bi-level induction and LED fixtures. 08/31/2010
It's Not Easy Being Green. Describes ways to recommission existing higher education buildings for energy and water savings. 03/31/2008
Keeping Cool. Explores roofing options that can help control energy costs through use of highly reflective roofing materials. Additionally discussed is the Urban Heat Island phenomenon created when several super-... 06/30/2000
Largest California State University Campus Saves Millions with Energy Management. Describes significant energy savings realized through a real-time data collection system that interfaced with the existing building automation system and a new distributed electric metering scheme.... 12/31/2004
LED's: DOE Programs Add Credibility to a Developing Technology. Explores light-emitting diode (LED) technology, maintainability, and its potential for durability and efficiency. Early opinions have been mixed, as some LED products do not perform as promised. Also... 02/28/2009
LEDs, easy as ABC. Outlines steps for replacement of campus lighting with LED fixtures. Beginning with identifying locations where improved lighting is needed, the steps include surveying and then selecting products,... 08/31/2009
LEED Energy Performance Modeling and Evaluation of the S.T. Dana Building Renovations. Evaluates energy use and the energy efficiency performance of the renovations to the The University of Michigan's 100-year-old S. T. Dana Building for the purposes of obtaining LEED... 11/30/2003
Long-Term Education Planning Sustainable master planning can produce long-range benefits for education institutions. Discusses tools and strategies such as benchmarking, energy audit, commissioning, and post-commisioning.... 10/31/2011
Maine's First State Facility Receives LEED Certification. Describes this academic building at the University of Southern Maine that achieved LEED certification through the use of low-VOC materials, locally harvested and sustainably grown lumber, wind energy... 09/30/2005
Making the Business Case for Sustainability: It's Not Just about Getting Points! Advocates a greater input from the facility manager in choosing sustainable design, reviews the LEED system, cites energy management as the key component of sustainability, and suggests ways to... 06/30/2005
Master Planning for Sustainability. Discusses inclusion of sustainability issues in higher education master planning, along with the physical plant and academic programming. The growing concern among students for campus environmental... 09/28/2009
Motivations for Energy Management. Identifies campus motives for implementing energy management programs, describes an energy program to support them, and offers suggestions for improved project implementation. 12/31/2002
NASEO and Educational Associations Working with Members To Improve Energy Efficiency. Describes efforts by the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA), and the National Association of College and University... 12/31/2002
Naturally Cool Enclosure. Profiles Loyola University Chicago's glass-clad digital library, which preserved expansive views of adjacent lake Michigan with a relatively transparent structure. The challenge of heating and... 05/31/2008
New Energy for Campuses: Energy-Saving Policies for Colleges and Universities. Outlines six basic reforms that higher education institutions should enact in order to save energy. These are: 1) Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and building systems. 2) Build high... 12/31/2005
New Technologies for Energy Improvements: Two Case Studies. Describes a large photovoltaic array at Albuquerque Academy and central plant replacement at Pima Community College. The project descriptions are accompanied by energy-saving statistics, lessons... 02/28/2011
New Utilities Replace Nagging Futilities. Decribes the features of an attractive new higher education central utilities plant and system that replaced an aged, inadequate, and unreliable one at an historic higher education campus. 10/31/2005
Opening Up New Possibilities. Discusses technology's impact on educational facilities and operations. Examines technology's influence on a school's ability to streamline its business operations and manage its... 01/31/2001