Energy Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Thermal Comparison between Ceiling Diffusers and Fabric Ductwork Diffusers for Green Buildings. Compares the performance of conventional ductwork with recent advancements in fabric-based ductwork. The article focuses on the transient behavior of an on/off control system, as well as the steady... 07/11/2011
Thermal Storage. A Successful Winning Option. Johnson County Community College (Overland Park, Kansas) developed a team to analyze options and develop alternatives to its growing power needs and reducing operational costs. This paper illustrates... 10/06/1996
Thinking Green Mindset Changes That Make a Difference Shares ideas that have resulted in changes in the way campuses think about food, water, energy consumption, and solar energy. Sections include: 1) water woes: eliminating wasteful habits; 2) dining... 05/31/2012
Triple (Power) Play: Smart Grid, Metering, and Facilities. Discusses options for effective energy management via sophisticated metering that enables facilities to increase or shed load according to demand on the electrical grid. Storage options and locally... 05/31/2011
U Maryland Cuts Energy Usage with Mass Lighting Replacement. Describes the University of Maryland in College Park recently overhauled lighting that's expected to save 1.4 million kilowatt hours per year. The institution replaced 12,000 light bulbs with 6,... 03/27/2011
Understanding the U.S. Power Grid: Steps toward a Stronger Electrical Power. Network. Explains the makeup of the North American power network, how electricity is generated and transmitted, and how decreasing investment and increasing demand puts the system at risk. New technologies... 12/31/2003
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Completes First Phase of Efficiency Upgrades. Describes the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee building upgrades that will save the school an estimated $620,000 in energy costs per year. The work is the first part of a $21.7 million energy... 04/19/2011
Upholding Tradition. Describes Saint Joseph University's (Philadelphia) construction and renovation project that created state-of-the-art facilities while preserving the historical appearance. It focuses on the... 08/31/1998
Utilities Metering and Measurement. Discusses the steps educational facilities can use to bring energy costs under control through submetering. Tips are provided for establishing a submetering process, and the importance it has for... 02/28/1999
Utility Management in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities. Provides an overview of the factors that must be examined and the issues needing to be addressed when assessing an institution's utility systems. It describes the management, planning, financing... 02/28/1999
Why You May Not Get the Savings You Expect from Your Electricity Saving Project. Advises on how to accurately calculate potential energy savings when replacing building systems. Formulas for calculating in times of rising electrical rates, or for rates that vary are included. 04/30/2008
Wireless Energy Savings Harvesting ambient power can save energy on campus. Discusses an energy-farvesting system that includes HVAC control, lighting, and plug load. 03/31/2012
Working With the Wind Colleges and universities are discovering the many benefits of wind turbines. 05/31/2012
You're Wasting Electricity! Provides a list of websites that promote office/desktop energy savings opportunities, and offers viewpoints on the cost of fluorescent lighting, i.e., whether it is more effective to leave a... 12/31/2000