Energy Management--Renewable Energy

Title Abstract Publication Date
Geoexchange HVAC System Sets a New Standard for Energy Efficiency. Profiles a geothermal HVAC system at an Ottoville, Ohio, K-12 school. The energy saved paid for the elaborate system in less than the projected four years. 01/31/2007
Geothermal Energy: Tapping the Potential. Reviews the state-of-the-practice and the kinds of engineering and programmatic expertise that are required to properly scale geothermal applications up to the institutional level and provide... 10/31/2008
Geothermal for School. Details the planning and building of geothermal exchange system for HVAC at Whitmore Lake High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Details include building layout to accommodate zone sensors and unitary... 04/30/2010
Geothermal Grows Up. Reviews the past and future of the geothermal industry, with emphasis on how higher education institutions are benefitting from these systems. Unfortunate examples of early systems that were not... 02/28/2011
Geothermal Heat and Graywater Storage Systems Enable Bowdoin College to Build Residence Halls. Explains how Bowdoin College was able to add two new residence halls by using rainwater collection and geothermal heating and cooling. These innovations overcame two problems: 1) The town's... 03/31/2006
Geothermal Heat Pump Technology Saves Energy for America's Schools. Describes how geothermal systems work, how they are designed for various buildings, possible savings that can be realized, and how they are installed. Variables include building type, geology,... 11/30/2003
Geothermal Heat Pumps Score High Marks in Schools. Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) are showing their value in providing lower operating and maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and superior classroom comfort. This document describes what GHPs are and... 08/31/1998
Geothermal Heat Pumps: Environmental and Economic Benefits for Public Schools. Describes how the energy savings from geothermal heat pumps can typically pay for the system in ten years through reduced energy and maintenance costs. Indoor air quality benefits are also described... 12/31/2004
Geothermal Installation Wins Praise from SUNY Brockport. Profiles the individual geothermal HVAC units that serve a new townhouse-style residential facility at the State University of New York at Brockport. Highlights of the system's design, along... 10/31/2007
Geothermal Systems for School Describes an award winning school heating and cooling system in which two energy efficient technologies, variable flow pumping and geothermal heat pumps, were combined. The basic system schematic and... 04/30/1998
Geothermal: Engineer Says System Can Lower Costs. Presents and interview with Tom Perry, HVAC designer, that discusses the types of geothermal systems available, how much they can save schools on energy and maintenance costs, and some of the... 10/31/2007
Go for the Green. Funding School District Solar Projects. Discusses how solar projects can be financed by: (1) negotiating a lease-purchase; (2) entering into a power purchase agreement with a solar provider; and (3)long-term financing of a school... 09/30/2007
Going Bold, Going Green. Profiles sustainability efforts at Messiah College, which include extensive use of solar hot water and photovoltaics, a community garden, using environmentally sound paper, updating HVAC systems, and... 03/31/2011
Going Green: Environmentally Friendly Schools Pay Off. Describes California's Inderkum High School, its geothermal HVAC system, and the savings anticipated from the system. The rapid spread of high performance schools in California and the role of... 04/09/2008
Going Solar in Green Schools. Outlines the top considerations for education facilities looking to bring solar power to campus, including financing options and partnerships. 03/31/2011
Going Solar With Confidence Provides two examples that demonstrate the success of solar energy, one at an individual high school, and the other is within a district. 03/31/2012
Going Solar. Advises on using a power purchase agreement (PPA) to obtain photovoltaic electricity. Under these agreements, a PPA provider pays for the photovoltaic system, with the building owner agreeing to... 06/30/2010
Going Solar. Describes cost savings to a school by using solar power. The article also addresses financing options and available rebates. 04/30/2011
Going Solo Case study of California State Fullerton solar project that reaps profits and energy savings. 03/31/2012
Gorham Middle School: Evaluation of Geothermal and HVAC System. Evaluates a geothermal HVAC system at a Maine middle school. Details on the system's performance compared to other schools is provided, as are initial cost comparisons and a life cycle analysis... 11/20/2006
Green Design Powers New Elementary School. Profiles California's Monterey Ridge Elementary School, which receives 50-60% of its electricity from a photovoltaic array on an adjacent hillside. The facility also features automated lighting... 06/30/2007
Green Dot Animo Leadership Charter High School. Profiles this Lennox, California, facility. The small site near a freeway was addressed with an inner courtyard design, featuring 650 solar panels. A list of project participants, photographs, and... 06/30/2010
Green Goes Underground. Profiles the University of Ontario Institute of Technology's geothermal system, which is the largest in Canada and the second largest in North America. The extremely deep wells were bored by oil... 10/31/2006
Harnessing the Sun. Discusses the installation of photovoltaic systems on roofs of school buildings, considering the type, slope and orientation of the roofs; materials required, and citing an example from the... 12/31/2006
Heating and Cooling from the Ground Up. Explains why converting to geothermal heating and cooling is a good option when constructing or retrofitting schools. Reasons discussed include competitive installation costs, lower operating and... 10/31/1998