Energy Management--Renewable Energy

Title Abstract Publication Date
Heating with Biomass: A Feasibility Study of Wisconsin Schools Heated with Wood. Based on data collection from four schools in Wisconsin that currently heat with biomass, and recent fuel use and pricing, this study found that 200-300 schools in Wisconsin now heating with natural... 01/31/2008
How to Guide: Maximize Energy Savings in School Buildings. This guide focuses on implementing cost-effective energy saving measures in school buildings and emphasizes the key role of collaboration at the State and local levels. Describes for students,... 12/31/2000
Innovation & Risk Management Result in Energy and Life-Cycle Savings Examines a Pennsylvania school's successful planning, design, and bidding process for acquiring a geothermal heat pump(GHP)system whose subsequent efficiency became award-winning for... 07/31/1999
Into the Light. Discusses the advantage of solar power for schools, where it will yield an educational benefit as well as lower energy costs. Types of solar panels and challenges to installing solar are also... 02/29/2008
Knowing How to Measure a Green Building Can Help Sell Renewable Energy. Discusses rating systems that help verify energy savings and promote renewable energy. The LEED and ASHRAE systems are discussed, with respective attention to the versions of LEED for new and... 12/31/2009
LBJ NetZero Middle School On November, 11-12, educational facilities planners from CEFPI had the opportunity to visit and participate in a NetZero Symposium at the Lady Bird Johnson Middle School, located in Irving, Texas. In... 10/31/2011
Lean, Mean and Green: An Affordable Net Zero School. Discusses the design of Richardsville Elementary in Kentucky, to be an affordable net zero facility. By reducing energy use to 19.31 kBtus annually, the net zero goal could be realized through the... 12/31/2009
Looking Up. Discusses school districts transforming their open spaces by looking up — to their roofs - transforming what can be a functional afterthought into a new asset in order to advance strategic goals.... 10/31/2011
Making Photovoltaics Pay Their Way. Reviews the current favorable climate for photovoltaic systems, as installation costs have declined, energy costs and federal tax credits have risen, and many states, municipalities, and utility... 10/31/2006
MATCH School Photovoltaic System With funding from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Green Buildings Program and the design expertise of HMFH Architects Inc., the Media and Technology Charter High School has incorporated... 12/31/2003
Michigan Renewable Schools Program The Michigan Renewable Schools Program is a coordinated set of programs for Michigan public and private K-12 schools designed to demonstrate energy technologies, raise public awareness, and educate...
National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools. This guide was developed specifically for architects and engineers who are responsible for designing or retrofitting schools, and for the project managers who work with the design teams. The design... 06/30/2002
National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Electricity, Resources, and Building Systems Integration Center. The Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems conducts research in heat transfer, thermal dynamics and system engineering. This research accelerates industry adoption of advanced energy efficiency and...
Net-zero Energy Building Schools In the Netherlands with respect to sustainable educational building the main focus has been on energy saving. Recently some schools were built as rather environmental friendly schools with more... 02/22/2012
No More What Ifs. Explores many elements that contribute to a net zero school that uses no more energy than it produces. Geothermal systems, water harvesting, wind energy, and use of the school as a teaching tool are... 03/31/2011
NZEB in Progress. Case study of the Evie Garrett Dennis Campus in Denver, a multi-school K-12 campus that takes first steps toward achieving net zero energy. 03/31/2012
On the Use of Windcatchers in Schools: Climate Change, Occupancy Patterns, and Adaptation Strategies. Focuses on use of a windcatcher system in typical classrooms which are usually characterized by high and intermittent internal heat gains. The aims of this paper are 3-fold. First, to describe a... 05/31/2010
Operational Versus Designed Performance of Low Carbon Schools in England: Bridging a Credibility Gap In the UK, schools alone are responsible for 15% of the energy consumption in public and commercial buildings. The recent studies showed that newly built schools are failing to meet even basic... 02/28/2012
Passive Solar Schools International Expertise in Support of the First Sustainable Elementary School of The Netherlands. Presents the results of an international workshop convened to create a sustainable elementary school in the Netherlands. Complete presentations are included that detail existing passive solar school... 12/31/1999
Passive Solar Schools: A Design Guide. Solar energy is gaining increasing interest in the United Kingdom due to it being a renewable, non-polluting source for heating and lighting schools. This book describes the principles and practice... 12/31/1993
Performance Contracting: A Promising Means to Finance Solar Schools. Paying for the addition of a solar energy system on a new or existing school is a challenge. When considered in isolation, the full, up-front costs of a photovoltaic system and even a solar thermal... 12/31/1998
Photo Finish. Discusses the possibilities for photovoltaic systems on schools. Options for procuring a system, design on new and existing buildings, and choosing the right system is addressed. 02/28/2010
Plugging into the Earth. Discusses the widening use of geothermal HVAC systems in schools, addressing the savings realized by several schools that use them and the lack of widespread engineering knowledge for these systems. 09/30/2010
Powering Up with Power Purchasing Agreements. Discusses the use of power purchasing agreements for energy enhancements at schools. Under these agreements, and outside provider installs a source for alternative energy (wind or solar) on the... 06/30/2008
Renewable Energy Perspective. Discusses the current mix of electricity generated from traditional versus renewable sources, the growing potential and percentage of renewable energy in the mix, and what is needed in the way of... 01/31/2010