Energy Management--Renewable Energy

Title Abstract Publication Date
Renewable Resources. Describes economic incentives and federal benefits of implementing the use of renewable energy sources. Examples of programs at six universities are briefly described. Also described are strategies... 10/31/2010
Renewable-Energy Systems: Practical Considerations. Advises institutions considering installation of renewable energy sources on how to work with local utilities and maintain systems. 04/30/2011
Riverbend Elementary School-a Model for Energy Self-Reliance. Details the design and installation this school's rooftop photovoltaic system that generates more than 45 percent of the campus' annual energy needs, along with daylighting and water... 08/31/2009
Roofing Hot-Button: Photovoltaic Systems. Discusses advantages of conversion to alternative, renewable energy sources. These include financial savings, environmental advantages, reliability, hedge against rate hikes, peak energy savings,... 07/31/2010
Roofing: A Passing Grade. Describes how bad publicity concerning Scottsdale Schools' failing roofs led to positive steps taken to rectify the situation. Steps included preventive maintenance, finding funding for repair... 07/31/2011
Rooftop Revolution. How Solar Panels on Public School Rooftops Can Jumpstart the Local Green Collar Economy and Dramatically Expand Renewable Energy in New York City Describes how New York City's public school system, the nation's largest, could be a launching pad for the expansion of solar energy in the city, using structured Power Purchase Agreements... 12/31/2011
Rutgers University Relies on the Sun. Profiles a solar energy facility at Rutgers University's Livingston Campus. The $10-million investment is expected to net a profit of $6.6 million in 15 years, through sale of surplus... 03/31/2009
School Buildings in Greece: The Bioclimatic Challenge and a Photovoltaic Pilot Project. Briefly reviews projects to provide photovoltaic power, carbon dioxide controls, green roofs, solar heat, and occupancy sensing in various Greek schools. A more detailed report on the photovoltaic... 09/30/2007
School Financing Options for Energy Projects. Outlines the big picture for school district renewable energy project financing, describing how to pay for a project and the financing tools available, the parties involved in a school district... 03/25/2010
Schools Going Solar [Interstate Renewable Energy Council] The purpose of this project and website is to build a network of people who can share experiences with solar energy in schools, including teachers, students, community officials, and the general...
Schools Going Solar. A Guide to Schools Enjoying the Power of Solar Energy. Volume 2. This companion document updates an April 1998 volume on designing schools to use solar energy as a power source. Volume 2 presents numerous case studies of solar installations in new and existing... 09/30/1999
Sedona School District Goes Solar. Profiles several photovoltaic panel installations in this Arizona district, ranging from small rooftop arrays to a large 806 kilowatt array installed on the high school grounds. Energy savings,... 03/31/2011
Seeing the Light. Profiles the unique lighting of the University of California San Diego Sustainable Research Center. Photovoltaic panels on the roof supply the DC-DC lighting system, augmented by daylight and... 10/31/2010
Seizing Sustainability. Profiles the installation of a photovoltaic system on a Providence College roof. The specifications and aesthetics of the system are discussed, as is the building addition on which it was installed. 01/31/2010
Selling the Light of Day. Describes types of current and anticipated photovoltaic technologies, their availabilities and costs, building-integrated photovoltaic design and products, and competition between the photovoltaic... 08/31/2006
Senate Bill 1149 Energy Surcharge: Unrealized Savings on Energy and School Utility Costs Passed by the Oregon Legislature in 1999, Senate Bill 1149 created a 3% surcharge on electricity bills to fund energy conservation programs, renewable energy resources, low- income weatherization,... 04/30/2012
Sensitivity Analysis: Comparing the Impact of Design, Operation, and Tenant Behavior on Building Energy Performance This study compares the magnitude of energy impact that various design features, operations and tenant behaviors have on total building energy use. Study finds that although the market generally... 06/30/2011
Solar Electric Power Association This is a nonprofit organization with 270 utility, electric service provider, manufacturer, installer, government, and research members. SEPA's mission is to facilitate solutions for the use and...
Solar For Schools: A Case Study in Identifying and Implementing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Projects in Three California School Districts. The Solar Schools Assessment and Implementation Project(SSAIP) in the San Francisco Bay Area was selected for a 2009 DOE Solar America Showcase award. SSAIP was formed through the efforts of the... 03/31/2011
Solar Growth Documented on Higher-Education Campuses Describes the Campus Solar Photovoltaic Installations database compiled by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education(AASHE). Solar power capacity on higher-education... 10/06/2011
Solar Heads to School For many schools, a solar power installation or solar energy system can provide long-term budget relief. Ample land, unobstructed expanses of roof space, parking lots and/or lunch quads can make... 12/27/2011
Solar Heating Considerations for Green Schools Understanding the process of installing solar thermal systems can help schools determine whether it will meet needs now and into the future. Includes a solar checklist of Issues to consider when... 03/31/2012
Solar Power Excelling at U.S. Schools. As schools battle with budget deficits and look to educate students about renewable energy, there has been a wave of new solar projects at schools across the country. This rapidly growing market has... 09/18/2011
Solar Roofs in San Diego. Describes an ongoing project to install photovoltaic systems on roofs of school and administrative buildings in the San Diego Unified School District. The roofs' design, construction, financing... 12/31/2006
Solar School-Escondido Elementary. Profiles this Palo Alto school that hosts a photovoltaic system providing 16 percent of the school's electricity needs. The funding partnership that paid for the system is also described. 04/30/2006