Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Best Practices Checklist for Energy Conservation. Checklist poses energy conservation-related questions about lighting, policy, maintenance, energy controls, and staff. 12/31/2010
Best Practices Manual and Assessment Tool: Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools, 2009 edition. Advises school designers and builders on how to adjust their high-performance strategies to account for the differences found in a typical relocatable classroom. Issues involved with site preparation... 12/31/2008
Best Practices Report: A Sampling of Best Practices and Resources of School Facility Construction. Reviews useful documents from the California Office of Public School Construction and several feature projects that illustrate recent school facility planning ideas and design solutions approved by... 02/28/2003
Betterbricks. Betterbricks, an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is dedicated to raising awareness and demand for energy efficiency in buildings by sharing information and resources with the...
Boiler Retrofits Help Increase Efficiency, Lower Energy Bills. Reviews the school boiler retrofitting process, including locating the inefficiency in the entire system, consideration of boiler control replacement, incorporation of heat recovery, environmentally... 07/31/2008
Boilers: The Quest for Efficiency. Discusses energy-efficient condensing boilers. While these boilers can deliver considerably higher efficiency over conventional boilers, care must be taken to monitor return-water temperature and... 09/30/2010
Boost Efficiency and Reliability via Cogeneration. Discusses combined heat and power (CHP) production as a way to recover and reuse energy that is a by-product of each process. Configurations of the cycle are described, as are a variety of engines... 05/31/2009
Boosting Budgets by Building Green. Describes goethermal heat pumps, photovoltaics, daylighting, and green roofs as energy-saving design features for school buildings. Estimates of what these systems can save are offered. Includes 15... 12/31/2004
Breaking Ground. Explains how using geothermal systems can reduce energy costs and improve heating and cooling in multipurpose schools. What geothermal systems are and their potential benefits in simplifying the... 05/31/1998
Bridging the Gap Between Predicted and Actual Energy Performance in Schools. There is currently a significant gap between design stage estimates and actual energy performance of buildings, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the factors affecting energy use. The current... 08/31/2010
Bright Schools Program: Energy-Efficient Schools for a Brighter Future. Describes the California Energy Commission program to help California's schools become more energy efficient. This program provides such services as identifying cost-effective energy-efficient... 12/31/2000
Building and Refurbishing for Energy Savings. Details the four points of Milikin University's energy-saving plan, which has reduced energy consumption by 30%. The plan includes ensuring that existing buildings are working properly, making... 05/31/2006
Building Energy Software Tools. Described here are 151 energy-related software tools for buildings, with an emphasis on using renewable energy and achieving energy efficiency and sustainablility in buildings. This Web site is...
Building Energy- Efficient Schools in New Orleans This case study presents the lessons learned from incorporating energy efficiency in the rebuilding and renovating of New Orleans K-12 schools after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The experiences of... 11/30/2011
Building Envelope: Focus on Energy. Discusses use of infrared technology and visual inspection to identify air leaks, wet insulation, and thermal bridging, along with suggested elements of a maintenance checklist and current products... 07/31/2009
Building EUI's. Examines the numerator and denominator of the energy use intensity (EUI) formula, used to model building energy use. Defining gross area, location of where energy use is measured, and existing versus... 06/30/2010
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) BEES is a free, federally sponsored software package that measures the environmental and economic performance of building products by using the environmental life-cycle assessment approach specified...
Call to Action. Reviews ten steps of a campus energy master plan, taking the user through auditing and benchmarking of existing conditions, retro-commisioning, determining upgrades and renovations, evaluation and... 03/31/2008
Capital Need: Innovative Financing for New Green School Projects. Describes how projected energy savings associated with new green schools can be guaranteed by an energy service company. The guarantee can be used to trigger commercial financing to cover the... 12/31/2005
Capturing Energy Loss. Reviews infrared thermal imaging to detect problems in electrical distribution and HVAC systems, mechanical equipment, and the building envelope. 12/31/2007
Case Study in Sustainable Design: Shivers Junior/Senior High School. Aberdeen School District in Mississippi. Design information, floor plan, photos, and energy use data are presented for a combined 45,000 square foot junior/senior high school in Mississippi's Aberdeen School District, built in 1956 and... 12/31/1999
Case Study: An Elementary School that Saves Energy and is Visually Comfortable Discusses lighting solutions at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School in Rochester, New York. The design aimed to give the school an intimate scale. The lighting designers used energy-efficient... 07/31/1998
Case Study: Commissioning--Commissioning Skeptic Now Believes. Relates a situation where the Hillsboro School District (Oregon) spent considerable effort to rectify problems with uncommissioned school buildings. Then, when later using renovation grant money that... 10/31/2005
Case Study: North Santiam School District. Oregon's North Santiam School District stretched $350,000 into $1.2 million to upgrade antiquated school buildings by implementing energy-saving lighting, heating, and control projects, thereby... 01/31/2003
Case Study: Resource Conservation Management--Crook County Schools Debunk Energy Myth. Describes how a small school district reduced its energy costs by 15% in one year without spending any extra money. This was achieved by auditing energy use and discovering HVAC programming errors... 02/29/2004