Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
VAV vs. Low-flow: What Saves More? Briefly narrates the history of energy conservation for laboratory fume hoods, and then compares the energy savings of variable air volume (VAV) and the newer low-flow hoods. Both types save energy,... 09/30/2006
Ventilation Heat Recovery for Laboratories. Discusses energy recovery from laboratory air, which typically requires 100 percent outdoor air at high ventilation rates. Energy recovery can substantially reduce the cost of conditioning this air,... 02/28/2006
VFD: Basic Tool for Energy Savings. [VFDs in HVAC Systems.] Describes the features and virtues of variable frequency drives (VFDs) in HVAC systems. These energy-saving drives have evolved to the point that they can be installed on most existing HVAC systems,... 10/31/2009
Waste Not, Want Not A conservation program is credited with saving schools $9 million in Portland, Oregon, over the last eight years. Effective retrofits include a computerized energy-management system, new lighting,... 12/31/1998
Weather Winter's Cold by Going Green. Reviews LEED certification strategies that save energy and improve the school environment, details benefits of LEED certification for schools, and describes Energy Star and Green Globes as... 11/30/2007
Web Exclusive: Laboratory Goes Through-the-Roof Green. Profiles a new facility at Maine's Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, focusing on the design and insulation of more than eight inches of polyisocyanurate insulation in the roofing system... 08/31/2009
Web-Enabled Lighting Control: Energy Savings, Convenience for Schools and Hospitals. Reviews some state and national incentives for improving institutional lighting control, and describes a variety of automated lighting control options, including integration of lighting and other... 06/30/2007
What Energy Deregulation Means for Your District. Provides advice on how school districts might reduce energy costs in an era of electric industry deregulation. The competitive environment is described along with suggestions about joining purchasing... 10/31/1999
What Makes Green Buildings Green? Discusses the six sustainability standards of the United States Green Building Council, under which there are 69 elements that can be implemented and translated into points. A building must comply... 03/31/2004
When a Zero on the Report Card Is Good. Discusses the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in school construction. The modular insulation panels create super-insulated and extremely airtight building envelopes, enabling the... 03/31/2011
Where is LEED Leading Us? Reviews misconceptions about requirements for LEED certification, affirms the values of LEED schools, and advocates designing around the educational program first, and then adjusting the school... 06/30/2004
Wind Power: An Emerging Choice for Schools. Discusses the potential for wind energy at schools, particularly in the Midwest, turbine types and selection, and addressing local resistance to windmill installation. 12/31/2009
Wind A Social Network for the Wind Energy Community This is a Wind Powering America supporting partner with the Department of Energy's wind energy program. The primary objective is to create a central point where the wind energy community can...
Window Film to the Rescue! Describes the benefits of window film that can limit solar heat gain, glare, and deterioration of furnishings from ultraviolet radiation. Minimal shattering protection is also obtained when these... 05/31/2005
Window Film: Reduces HVAC Cost, Enhances IAQ & Improves Appearance. Reviews benefits of window film, cautioning against very reflective products that block too much natural daylight and may actually drive up energy use through overuse of artificial lighting. 12/31/2006
Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools Program Assessment. These assessment forms are designed to help schools identify what types of healthy, safe, and environmentally sound activities are already in place and where the school can improve its efforts. The... 12/31/2007
Zero Energy Schools--Beyond Platinum. Examines the pursuit of net zero energy use in schools. Several definitions of net zero are offered, and typical terminology is defined. Net zero's relationship to LEED is discussed, as are... 12/31/2010