Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Case Study: Retro-Commissioning--Silver Falls School District Gets What It Paid for. Describes a commissioning project for an underperforming new HVAC system. The process identified 72 discrepancies in the installation and operation of the system, made necessary repairs and... 12/31/2003
CEED Becomes First Public School to Use Passivhaus Technology in the U.S. The Center of Energy Efficient Design in Rocky Mount, Va., is the first public school to use the energy-efficient Passivhaus technology, which has enabled it to use 68 percent less energy than... 04/17/2012
Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies. With a range of printed, electronic and online material, CADDET provides an international information network to help managers, engineers, architects and researchers find out about the energy-saving...
Chiller Technology That Saves Electric chillers represent the single largest electrical load in most buildings, accounting for 35-50 percent of a building's annual electricity use. For this reason, maintenance and... 10/31/2005
Classroom HVAC: Improving Ventilation and Saving Energy. The primary goals of this research effort are to develop, evaluate, and demonstrate a very practical HVAC system for classrooms that consistently provides quantity of ventilation in current minimum... 10/13/2004
Classroom Lighting Knowhow. This guide provides some advice on how to use photocell dimming in schools to save lighting energy without creating distraction to students. It also provides guidance on what types of luminaries to... 12/31/2001
Closing the Seal on Buildings. Discusses typical sources of air leaks in buildings, problems that can be caused by the moisture it carries into exterior components, particular problems caused by leaking roofs, and design and... 07/31/2008
CO2 Monitoring Advances Air Quality and Energy Efficiency. Discusses the benefits of carbon dioxide monitoring to indoor air quality, assessing occupancy for demand control ventilation, and earning LEED credits. Advice on installation, calibration, and... 07/31/2009
Collaborative for High Performance Schools Operations Report Card. Provides a tool to benchmark the current performance of existing schools, provide a report card of results and make suggestions for improvement. Assessments take place in five categories: energy... 12/31/2009
Commissioning Resource Center (Portland Energy Conservation Inc) Portland Energy Conservation Inc.(PECI) has compiled documents, case studies, and organizations related to building commissioning. This site also includes operation and maintenance best practices to...
Confronting Deregulation. Discusses how schools can capitalize on new opportunities for cost savings and improved service in a deregulated electric industry. It discusses strategies for preparing to buy electrical power on... 04/30/1997
Conserving Watts by Watching. Reviews energy-saving practices in Oregon's Salem-Keizer School District that involve the students and teachers through awareness of electricity production and consumption. The program also... 02/28/2007
Contracting for Carbon Reductions. [Clinton Climate Initiative.] Discusses new documentation from Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) that will help standardize energy performance contracting. An example of an energy performance contract... 07/31/2009
Cookbook for Energy Conservation Measures. Provides general energy efficiency techniques and procedures that can be reasonably implemented in schools and have an immediate effect on energy savings and costs, as well as design and construction... 04/30/2008
Cool & Dry: Dual-Path Approach for a Florida School. Describes how the Brevard County School District in Florida teamed with companies EPRI and Florida Power and Light to implement a dual-path, low temperature air-distribution system used in... 04/30/2003
Cooling with Less Air. Discusses underfloor air distribution and chilled beam systems for cooling that uses less energy and delivers superior occupant comfort. The function, design, and combination of these systems are... 11/30/2009
Core Performance Guide. Advises on how to deliver best-in-class energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality in high-performance buildings. The book brings together over 30 criteria defining high performance in... 12/31/2006
Cost-benefit analysis of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Roofing System for a School Located in Blacksburg, Virginia. Analyzes how solar radiation, temperature, solar altitude, and solar azimuth affect the power produced by a new thin film photovoltaic panel. Through the application of multiple linear regression,... 05/08/2006
Cut Next Winters Heating Bill Today. Presents specific steps that help make schools energy efficient and cut costs. Four basic strategies are suggested that include creating a database of energy usage that can also catch the occasional... 03/31/1999
Cutting Costs from the Inside Out. Highlights cost-effective solutions to school building energy use and maintenance problems, including roofing, flooring, carpeting, solar power, artificial turf, doors, and occupancy sensors. 05/31/2008
Cutting Energy Costs. Describes school-district energy-conservation efforts including teaching students to save energy, retrofitting schools, hiring energy consulting companies, and activating the sleep function on... 05/31/2003
Dark Campus Programs Reduce Vandalism and Save Money. Article cites successful examples from Oregon, California, and Texas, of reductions in vandalism and increased energy savings when schools keep outdoor lights out at night after hours. So called... 11/30/1997
Dashboard Displays QA Graphics installed its Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard at Chemawa Indian School, the oldest continuously operating boarding school in the United States. Displayed on a 19-inch monitor... 01/27/2010
Dashboards Help Turn Energy Data into Money-Saving Action. Discusses the features and advantages of real-time energy metering that communicates usage to the user and the utility companies. Available software features and advice on selecting a system are... 11/30/2010
Data Center Energy Stars. Discusses reducing energy use in data centers. Even though the collection of statistics on energy use is relatively recent, several cases are cited where institutions implemented facility upgrades... 10/31/2010