Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Daylight Again. Describes the benefits of energy savings and improved student performance when schools are daylit. Decreased student absenteeism also results from increased school aid if that aid is linked to... 10/31/2003
Daylight Savings. Discusses energy recovery and savings techniques involving lighting, HVAC, and site planning. 03/31/2004
Dealing With Deregulation. School administrators dealing with the economic effects of deregulation will have to grapple with a complex set of issues. This describes several points that officials should keep in mind. 06/30/1999
Demand Pumping Allows Optimum Control of Energy Use. Presents an interview that reviews the advantages of and obstacles to demand pumping and geothermal HVAC systems for schools, citing three Texas schools as examples. 12/31/2007
Demand Response. Presents an interview with two facility managers who advise on demand-response power programs, with emphasis on where a facility's power demand can be safely lightened, equipment that can draw... 09/30/2010
Demonstration of Cooling Savings of Light Colored Roof Surfacing in Florida Commercial Buildings: Our Savior's School. A 2-year Florida study attempted to quantify air conditioning cost savings when buildings have a white reflective roof. A 10,000 square foot elementary school with a gray modified bitumen roof over... 12/31/1995
Deregulation of the Electric Industry and Its Potential Benefits for School Districts. An overview of recent competition in the electric-power industry at both the federal and state levels and how this may affect school districts is offered in this article. The text identifies and... 06/30/1997
Design and Evaluation of Energy Efficient Modular Classroom Structures. This paper describes a study that would enable modular builders to improve the energy performance of their classrooms without increasing their first cost. The Modern Building Systems' classroom... 03/31/1996
Design Firms Can Claim Federal Tax Incentives for Energy-Efficient Buildings. Advises on how architects and engineers may claim federal tax incentives under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. 12/31/2009
Design Guide for Energy-Efficient Research Laboratories. Assists facility owners, architects, engineers, designers, facility managers, and utility demand-side management specialists in identifying and applying advanced energy-efficiency features in... 08/11/2003
Designed To Maximize Learning and Minimize Costs. Describes how the Durant Road Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina sets a new standard in environmental school design. Daylighting, bringing daylight into the building for psychological, health,... 12/31/2001
Designing Smarter Schools. [Videotape]. This videotape highlights the degree of school-building deterioration in America and the problems this causes for teaching and learning. It also describes the Energy Smart School campaign and details... 03/31/2000
Detailed Analysis of Electricity, Water, and Gas Consumption Quantities and Costs in Toronto's Public Schools. Analyzes the consumption quantities and costs of energy, water, and gas for a sample of 10 conventional and 20 energy-retrofitted public schools in Toronto over a 5 year study period to establish a... 12/31/2009
Documenting Performance: Does it Need to Be So Hard? Discusses the difficulty of assessing energy performance of green buildings, particularly in cases when the pursuit of LEED certification generated high expectations, when the buildings are part of a... 12/31/2008
Drawing Down the Data Center: A New Model for Energy Efficiency. Advises on reducing energy use in data centers, detailing steps such as monitoring energy use, spot cooling of equipment, encouraging energy consciousness with end users, and replacing energy-... 03/31/2011
Easy Access to Energy Improvement Funds in the Public Sector. Outlines bonds, tax-exempt lease, and performance contract mechanisms to finance energy improvements in public buildings. 10/31/2004
Eco'tude Auditing and Action Toolkit. Provides guidance to help students estimate the ecological footprint or environmental impact of their school's design and use. Historical audits of energy bills and purchasing, student and staff...
Eco-Friendly, Affordable, School. Describes green components of Montreal's St. Johns School, an affordable and eco-friendly building with a solar wall, a geothermal system, and heat recovery. 04/30/2001
Ecoschools Certification Guide and Planner 2007-08. Provides guidance that a team of students, teachers, and staff can use to complete the Toronto District's application to be certified as an EcoSchool. The steps assessed cover energy... 12/31/2006
Education Case Studies. Provides case studies for ten schools that variously improved indoor air quality, saved energy, and improved thermal comfort with Lennox equipment. 12/31/2009
Effects of Energy Needs and Expenditures on U.S. Public Schools. Statistical Analysis Report. This report provides national estimates on energy needs and expenditures of U.S. public school districts. The survey provides estimates of Fiscal Year (FY) 2000 energy expenditures, FY 2001 energy... 04/30/2003
Efficiency Goals. Advises on energy-efficient lighting for schools, emphasizing daylighting, advanced lighting controls, dimming ballasts, and T-5 lamps. 04/30/2009
Efficient HVAC Strategies: An Emerging Technology Primer. Discusses the particular problems of laboratory HVAC systems, which typically condition a large amount of fresh air and only cycle it through the building once. Variable air volume (VAV) systems can... 07/31/2010
Eight Energy Benchmarking Hurdles (and How to Get over Them). Discusses overcoming these obstacles to energy benchmarking: 1) Upper management does not understand it enough to support it. 2) The motivation for the benchmarking is unclear. 3) One does not know... 06/30/2008
Electric Utility Deregulation and School Finance in the United States. Examines, state-by-state, the decline in assessed property values of electric utilities due to deregulation and the resulting impact on school district revenues. Concludes school revenue shortfall... 03/31/2001