Energy Management

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Energy Management: A Necessity Not a Luxury in the 21st Century. Final Step: Development of Your Energy Management Plan. Adresses key elements that must be developed before an energy anagement plan can be developed and implemented. Numerous unseen or overlooked inefficiencies that can account for a significant waste of... 06/05/2006
Energy Management: A Strategy for HVAC Savings. Describes retro-commissioning of buildings for energy efficiency. Typical elements for scrutiny include lighting controls, HVAC systems, and the building envelope. 03/31/2008
Energy Management: Key Success Elements This article describes key success elements for an energy management program, many of which originate from other industries. Elements include: Treat Energy as a Business Issue… that has a Plan; Have... 02/29/2012
Energy Measurement: It's the Law. [Cities, States Begin Mandates For Energy Benchmarking.] Reviews existing and proposed legislation mandating energy use reporting for non-residential buildings, with particular detail on laws enacted in California and Washington, D.C. 07/31/2009
Energy Opportunities up on the Roof. [Energy Efficient Roofing Metrics.] Discusses reflectivity, emissivity, and thermal conductance in roofing materials, noting how these factors interact with climate to impact the energy use of a building. 05/31/2009
Energy Performance of Daylit Schools in North Carolina. This study analyzes the energy performance and cost of daylit schools designed by Innovative Design in Johnston County, North Carolina. The analysis compares the first-year energy performances of the... 12/31/1995
Energy Performance of LEED for New Construction Buildings. Analyzes measured energy performance for 121 LEED New Construction (NC) buildings, providing a critical information link between intention and outcome for LEED projects. The results show that... 03/03/2008
Energy Retrofit for Aging K-12 Schools. Successfully retrofitting aging K-12 schools using energy conservation measures (ECM) that can improve the physical plant and reduce energy consumption are explored. Contracting strategies for school... 12/31/1998
Energy Savings Performance Contract Case Studies. Building owners and managers can use performance-contracting Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to partially or fully fund building renovations that include energy efficiency upgrades. This report... 12/31/1996
Energy Savings Performance Contract Will Save District Thousands Reports on Nevada's fourth largest school district, Lyon County School District in Yerington, Nev., that has entered into an Energy Savings Performance Contract that is expected to save the... 05/31/2012
Energy Services for Schools [Oregon]. Oregon Department of Energy's program offers technical assistance, best practices research, design guidelines, and financing to encourage, support, and ensure that new schools constructed in...
Energy Smart Choices and Financial Considerations for Schools. There is more information packed into this two-page sheet than in many full-length studies. Includes salient facts that can help decision makers formulate an argument for implementing energy-saving... 12/31/2002
Energy Smart Schools Teach Everyone Lessons. Discusses creative ways to finance high-performance school construction or energy-saving improvements. These include using the district's own funds to finance small projects and then using the... 09/30/2010
Energy Smart Schools: Opportunities to Save Money, Save Energy and Improve Student Performance. An expert panel at a Congressional briefing chaired by Rep. Mark Udall discusses the benefits of energy smart schools and prospects for their further development. This describes the whole building... 11/30/1999
Energy Solutions. Recommends networked and centralized control of school HVAC and lighting systems. Types of occupancy sensors, essentials of managing diverse interior systems, expedient and inexpensive installation,... 06/30/2010
ENERGY STAR and Green Guildings: Using ENERGY STAR Resources for Green Building Rating Systems; LEED, Green Globes and CHPS. Discusses the United States Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program, which delivers tools and resource to curb facilities energy use. Details of the program, as well as those of... 12/31/2010
Energy Star for K-12 School Districts Energy Star for Schools is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help schools and school districts track and manage energy use, evaluate facility financial performance...
Energy Upgrades. Describes energy savings realized by the Johnston County, North Carolina, school system when HVAC use was retimed and an ice thermal storage system was installed for cooling. 09/30/2003
Energy Upgrades: Take Money to Make Money. Identifies possibilities for cost-savings incentives for retrofits and other efficiency projects. In addition to measures that reduce electricity load, cash rebates, tax benefits, and creative... 05/31/2010
Energy Use in Day Care Centers and Schools. [Finland] This study analyses different schools and day care centers and their energy as well as primary energy use. The buildings are located in southern Finland. Each building has had different objectives... 05/31/2011
Energy-Efficient Design for Florida Educational Facilities. This manual provides a detailed simulation analysis of a variety of energy conservation measures (ECMs) with the intent of giving educational facility design teams in Florida a basis for decision... 12/31/1999
Energy-Efficient Education: Cutting Utility Costs in Schools. Details ten methods for saving energy in schools. The suggestions are accompanied by ideas for involving students, teachers, administrators, and outside professionals. Examples of how some Texas... 12/31/2001
Energy-Saving Techniques for Reducing CO2 Emissions in Elementary Schools The South Korean government is working on reducing its greenhouse gas emission and, as part of its effort, it is currently promoting the Green-School Project. This project aims to create energy-... 12/31/2011
Energy-Smart Schools This entire issue covers energy-smart schools, and includes articles on energy effieciency, minor retrofits, system conversions, transportation, energy education, and financing. Energy Ideas is... 03/31/1997
Energy: The Green Remedy for Today's School Districts. Reviews no- and low-cost strategies for saving energy in school systems. These emphasize programs to turn off unnecessary lighting and equipment, with the extra benefit that students learn the value... 06/30/2008