Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Engaging Schools in the Science of Low-Energy Buildings. Explores the relationship between the previous UK government's initiative to rebuild and renew secondary schools, and the requirement for improved education for sustainable development in the UK... 11/22/2010
EPA's ENERGY STAR Helps School Buildings Perform Better. Describe the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program, including its components and goals, along with its application to the design and operation of school buildings. 12/31/2005
Exploring Deregulation. The deregulation of the electric power industry, along with real-time pricing and retail wheeling, is fostering a fiercely competitive supply arena. While chiller plant management and specification... 10/31/1998
Facilities Upgrade and Retrofit. Strategies for Success. Provides three articles on the subject of educational facility upgrading and retrofiting that address setting guidelines for classroom acoustics, making sports facilities brighter and more energy-... 06/30/2000
Facility Monitoring Requirements for Optimal Energy Efficiency. Discusses the inadequacy of demand control ventilation (DCV) in maintaining optimal indoor environmental quality. The advantages of intelligent controls with the ability to sense a variety of indoor... 10/31/2010
Fast Payback. Reviews easy-to-find energy savings from converting school lighting to fluorescents and then properly tuning them. Regulating motors with variable frequency drives or capacitators is also addressed. 05/31/2008
Feeling the Squeeze. Discusses how school facilities managers are using performance contracting to help them reduce energy waste and save money. Highlights recommendations for using performance contracts and examines... 05/31/2001
Field Commissioning of a Daylight-Dimming Lighting System. A Florida elementary school cafeteria, retrofitted with a fluorescent lighting system that dims in response to available daylight, was evaluated through real time measurement of lighting and air... 06/18/1995
Fifteen O&M Best Practices for Energy-Efficient Buildings. An overview of 15 O&M best practices that building owners and managers can employ to make their buildings more energy-efficient. These best practices are divided into four major categories:... 08/31/1999
Filter Facts: Improving IAQ, Lowering Energy Costs. Discusses characteristics and types of HVAC air filters, making recommendations on proper selection, maintenance, and replacement of filters. 01/31/2009
Financing an EnergySmart School. Describes ten creative financing methods that can be used to create an energy-smart school, and includes three case studies. 12/31/2007
Financing Energy Efficiency in Buildings. This document, written for organizations considering investments in energy-efficient projects, provides descriptions, definitions, and advice for implementing successful financial strategies. It... 04/30/1998
Financing Energy-Efficient Projects. Briefly describes tax-exempt lease/purchase agreements as a means to finance improvements in school facility energy consumption. 12/31/2005
Financing Options for Schools [Oregon] Oregon school districts constructing energy efficient facilities and/or making energy improvements to existing buildings have several financing options available through the Oregon Department of... 12/31/2004
Finding Funding: Making School Improvements Possible. Discusses the use of performance contracts to fund school improvements. Case studies from Wyandotte (Michigan) and Buffalo illustrate how customized agreements and specific goals were crafted into... 12/31/2010
Fiscal Accountability of the Department of Education: Tracking Responsibility for Utility Costs. A Report to the Governor and the Legislature of the State of Hawaii. Responsibility for expenditures by schools in Hawaii for such utilities as electricity, telephone, gas, water, and sewer is shifting from the Department of Education to schools. In shifting... 03/31/1999
Five Areas Not to Overlook in Reducing Energy Costs Discusses five areas of energy savings: develop a database to store and retrieve energy information; coordinate management of energy data, supply, and demand responsibilities; optimize timing for... 05/31/2011
Five Successful Strategies for Greening Your School. Describes five strategies for creating a green school: 1) Start wherever you are. 2) Benchmark energy use with ENERGY STAR. 3) Change occupant behavior. 4) Use abundant signage. 5) Test with pilot... 12/31/2010
FLASTAR: Florida Alliance for Saving Taxes and Energy Resources. Results of a Florida Public Building Loan Concept pilot program to determine its effectiveness for helping to upgrade building energy systems. The pilot program, termed FLASTAR (Florida Alliance for... 09/30/1996
Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Collins, Colorado. Explains how this high-performance school was constructed at no extra design or construction cost, the strategies and products used, and the energy savings realized in the completed project. 02/28/2009
Four Alternative to Traditional HVAC. As cost-saving alternatives to traditional HVAC, this article describes chilled beam, geothermal, night-sky cooling, and thermal energy storage systems. 05/31/2008
Four Steps to Energy Savings. An upstate New York district's energy-conservation measures over the past 19 months have saved $376,000 that can be invested in academic and additional energy-saving programs. The district... 11/30/1999
From Simple to Sophisticated: Three Ways to Track Energy Use. Advises on ways to reduce energy costs through tracking use. Analyzing utility bills, submetering and and building automation systems (BAS) are discussed. 02/28/2010
Fuels for Schools and Beyond Fuels for Schools promotes the use of wood biomass to provide a readily available energy source for schools and other public buildings. The program uses small diameter trees removed in fire hazard...
Fundamentally Green. Advocates compact, wraparound school design to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Classrooms should surround less densely populated areas, such as the library, gymnasium and administrative areas.... 05/31/2005