Facilities Assessment

Title Abstract Publication Date
2011 Kentucky Facilities Inventory and Classification System Project Report According to this report, some 500 state schools need moderate to major repairs. And while $3.7 billion is needed to fix them, money is limited. This project was undertaken as mandated by 2010's... 11/30/2011
21st Century Classroom Assessment Tool. Offers three survey instruments to assess the extent and adequacy of classroom technology. The survey instruments are for students, faculty, and IT staff. Implementation and reporting advice are... 12/31/2009
A Bold Plan. Illustrates how the Arizona School Facilities Board is moving ahead with a massive capital-improvements program for school facilities. Explains the board's guidelines for assessing buildings and... 07/31/2001
A Data-Driven Approach. Discusses the need for a school district to have an accurate assessment of existing facility conditions and outlines how a facility assessment is typically conducted and its results utilized. 02/28/2007
A Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools. Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools (DASE) assists educators and architects in evaluating, planning, and designing developmentally appropriate learning environments for elementary schools... 04/30/1999
A Fifty State Assessment of Capital Needs for Public Higher Education: Policy Objectives. Assesses and compares states and their efforts to fund public higher education capital needs, ranking them by operating appropriations per student and capital appropriations per student. Data shows... 06/30/2001
A Performance Audit of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Compares the school system's performance to peer school systems and benchmarks. Facilities areas studied include maintenance, transportation, food service, central storeroom, capital projects,... 12/31/2000
A Proactive Solution. Explains benefits, types, and occasions for facilities assessments, as well as detailing four steps that every facilities assessment should involve: 1) Identify goals and select and appropriate audit... 10/31/2006
A Proven Methodology for Assessing School Buildings. Discusses the methodology and benefits of the Building Condition Assessment Survey (BCAS) approach for evaluating school building conditions for long-range capital planning. The level of survey... 11/30/2000
A Review of the School Facilities Construction Commission. [Kentucky] Analyzes the impact of Kentucky's School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) and other facility funding programs in the state. The study includes a review of school district facility needs... 02/09/2006
A Step-By-Step Plan for an Inhouse Maintenance Audit of School Buildings In order to fix the problem of deteriorating school buildings, one must start with a comprehensive evaluation of the maintenance needs. The authors provide a 7 step plan for assessing the condition... 06/30/1987
A Study of School Facilities and Recommendations for the Abbott Districts. [New Jersey] The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) presents a study of facilities' needs for the Abbott School District's 28 educational facilities and provides recommendations concerning how... 12/31/1998
A Systematic Approach to Evaluating the Building Envelope. Describes a process for evaluating a building's envelope (roof, walls, windows, waterproofing, and structure). Steps are grouped into the following categories: building history, field inspection... 08/31/2002
American University Mobilizes to Gain Control Over Its Assets. Describes how American University's facility, financial, and information system managers created a comprehensive asset-identification, condition, and valuation database. Discusses assemblage of... 10/31/1997
An Appraisal Guide for Older and Historic School Facilities. Assists in the evaluation of the physical condition and educational adequacy of older and historic school facilities. The authors discuss principles of school facility assessments, the appraisal... 12/31/2004
An Assessment of the Quality and Educational Adequacy of Educational Facilities and Their Perceived Impact on the Learning Environment as Reported by Middle School Administrators and Teachers in the Humble Independent School District, Humble, Texas Investigates the adequacy and quality of middle school facilities in Humble ISD middle schools as reported by the primary users of these facilities, the teachers and administrators. These middle... 11/30/2006
An Update on Asset Management Plans in the United Kingdom. Describes a current project in the United Kingdom designed to improve school buildings. The use of Asset Management Plans (AMPs) in providing the means through which likely future needs are assessed... 09/30/1999
Arkansas Statewide Educational Facilities Assessment-2004. Summarizes the state's 2004 assessment of its 6,569 permanent school buildings, with tables displaying numbers of school by type, facility conditions, educational suitability, enrollment growth... 11/29/2004
Assessing Learning Spaces. Describes a multi-factor, multi-method analysis process to assess the efficacy of learning spaces. The assessment process must address whether the assessment focuses on teaching or learning, the... 12/31/2005
Assessing School Facilities for Learning/Assessing the Impact of the Physical Environment on the Educational Process: Intergrating Theoretical Issues with Practical Concerns. This presentation explores a theoretical framework and a practical procedure for assessing the physical environment of urban schools to identify its perceived impacts on the educational process.... 09/16/1999
Assessing Secondary School Design Quality. Presents the results of an audit by the United Kingdom's Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) of 124 secondary schools completed between January 2000 and September 2005.... 07/02/2006
Assessing the Fit Between Educational Programs and Older Buildings. Explores the evaluation of an aged school facility's ability to support today's educational programs and ways of enhancing this support through building improvements. Covers national school... 02/28/2000
Assessing the Need. This issue paper presents an assessment of Georgia's need for school facilities--both current need as well as the additional need created by law HB 1187. For the purposes of this paper, the... 11/27/2000
Assessment and Utilities Savings at UT Houston. Describes how one institution took advantage of an innovative internship program to conduct an assessment of its utilities operations. Describes how the program worked, the implementation of a hot... 04/30/1998
Assessment Tool: 2009 Edition, Criteria for New Construction, Major Modernizations. Provides an update to Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Criteria, a green building rating system designed specifically for Bay State schools. The update reflects a move... 12/31/2008