Facilities Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
2016 State of Our Schools: K-12 Facilities From the Executive Summary: Using industry standards adapted to K–12 public school facilities, we estimate that the nation should be spending about $145 billion per year to maintain, operate, and... 03/01/2016
8 Tips for a Smooth Handoff of New Green Buildings. Details eight steps for an effective transition of a green building from its builders to its operators. These concentrate on including the facilities management staff in the construction process and... 04/27/2011
A Checklist for Meeting Green Goals. Offers an annotated checklist for working with suppliers to meet requirements for green facilities operations and maintenance. Areas covered are green supply chain protocols and product selection,... 06/30/2010
A Gameplan For Access. Compliance with the ADA is a legal requirement, and it is the right thing to do. To make facilities accessible for individuals with disabilities and meet the requirements of Title II of the ADA,... 02/28/2003
A Performance Audit of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Compares the school system's performance to peer school systems and benchmarks. Facilities areas studied include maintenance, transportation, food service, central storeroom, capital projects,... 12/31/2000
A Permanent Fix. Discusses the benefits of a preventive maintenance program for a school's building envelope, especially roofing, including avoiding a crisis-management mentality and gaining greater control over... 03/31/2003
A Worthwhile Investment. Advises on managing risks in schools to prevent accidents and costly litigation. Inspection tips for teachers and administrators are included, including the building, furnishings, and equipment. 11/30/2009
Accessible Design Handbook With easy to read instructions and illustrations, this book makes the process of maintaining accessible facilities readily achievable. It is divided into four sections: Guidelines, Definitions &... 12/31/1999
Adaptable Spaces. Describes the use of portable room dividers to adapt school spaces according to needs. Available features and finishes of many brands of dividers are described. 04/30/2005
Aerial Lifts: Reaching for Safety. Describes importance of rigorous training for workers using aerial work platforms. 07/31/2010
An Asset Management System for School Buildings in Quebec. Reviews the age and condition of Quebec schools, reasons for establishing an asset management system (AMS), the evolution of AMS and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and the... 05/31/2005
An Infrastructure Roadmap. Describes how a master infrastructure plan for electrical and mechanical systems can help determine annual maintenance budgets, form annual capital- improvement budgets, take a snapshot of existing... 05/31/2002
As the Baby Boomers Retire: Preparing to Fill the Open Positions. Discusses the impending retirement of a significant number of school personnel, along with local national efforts to recruit and retain teachers, administrators, and other key personnel. 09/30/2008
ASBO International The Association of School Business Officials International provides programs and services to school business administrators and staff in public and private schools, as well as community and junior...
Automatic Transition. Describes how new automation technologies are providing more amenities to users, and energy and cost savings to facilities managers, in the areas of lighting, mechanical systems, and water. 03/31/2003
Beating the Odds. With 360 facilities and twelve new schools and 12,000 new students every year, the Las Vegas Schools' maintenance department is meeting it's growing challenges by assessing priorities,... 11/30/2005
BIM for Educational Facilities: Change is on the Horizon. Describes the advantages of building information modeling (BIM) to facility management, including minimizing the effort and cost of collecting data, convenience and accessibility of documentation,... 04/30/2009
BIM in the Facility Manager's Toolkit. Advocates the use of building information modeling (BIM) in school facilities maintenance as well as design and construction. The features and abilities of BIM software are described, and advice on... 10/31/2010
BIM: How it Has Changed FM. Advises facility managers on how to obtain and then use building information modeling (BIM) in their work. 04/30/2009
Bridge Builder. Profiles New York City's Division of School Facilities executive officer John Shea. Beginning with compliance with the city's recycling rules, Shea has gone on to implement energy-saving... 09/30/2010
Bringing FM into the Design and Construction Process. Advocates involving facility managers in the planning and design process for buildings, citing numerous cleaning, maintenance, and engineering issues that frequently arise post-occupancy. 02/29/2008
Building a Staffing Plan. Physical plant managers need a staffing plan for their departments. Although some have made attempts through internal staffing guidelines and fairly sophisticated computer software, these devices... 01/31/1998
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) BEES is a free, federally sponsored software package that measures the environmental and economic performance of building products by using the environmental life-cycle assessment approach specified...
Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools: New Facilities Management Information System Promising, but Improved Data Accuracy Needed. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for providing over 48,000 children with a safe place to learn. In response to concerns that data in its old information system did not accurately... 06/30/2003
Business and Operations. Presents an interview with John Musso, executive director of the Association of School Business Officials, concerning trends and issues that will most affect school business and operations in the... 12/31/2006