Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Facility Asset Management Doctrine. Proposes a facilities management plan that is aligned with the institution's missions. The author describes a mission dependency index (MDI) by determining the intra-dependency of institutional... 02/28/2007
Facility Asset Management: Surviving Budget Cuts. Discusses means for coping with budget cuts in the facilities department, with emphasis on separating the accounting for core and project work. 06/30/2003
Facility Managers Benefit from the Web. Reviews basic features of computerized maintenance management systems, capital planning and asset management systems, and roofing asset management software. These products are increasingly web-based... 10/31/2005
Fast, Friendly Fix-its. Discusses the delivery of quick and friendly service by facilities staff. Customer service endeavors at several campuses are described, as a specific service enhancement strategies. 04/30/2010
Financial Trouble in Higher Education. Discusses the impact of the current recession on higher education facility construction, the growth of distance learning that requires fewer facilities, and advises facility managers on putting... 02/28/2010
Fire and Ice. Reviews typical causes of residence hall fires and suggests steps to reduce them, as well as offering a checklist to use in preparation for snow and ice removal season. 10/31/2006
Five Recession-Driven Strategies for Planning and Managing Campus Facilities. Details five strategies that some higher education institutions are pursuing during the depressed economy. These are: 1) Deferring capital expenditures and reducing facilities costs through... 09/30/2010
Fixing Maintenance Productivity. Describes how one university's facility managers use Nextel communications technology in conjunction with a Famis Software maintenance management system to improve the productivity of its... 06/30/2003
Focusing on Performance Factors. Discusses use of performance factor indicators by facility managers, identifying four tasks for the process: 1)Identify the right information for collection. 2)Implement the collection process and... 02/28/2005
From Risk-Takers to the Model of Success. Provides an overview of the University of Virginia's facilities apprenticeship program as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. The history, components, and challenges that are inherent with... 04/30/2008
Garnering Support. Reviews traditional methods that facility managers use to determine annual maintenance and operations budgets, and recommends a more accurate system of modeling costs and the effect of maintenance... 06/30/2006
GASB 35: The New Financial Reporting Requirements for Public College and Universities. Presents the basic financial reporting elements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB-35) for public colleges and universities, including statements of net assets and cash flow... 02/28/2001
Get Control of Snow and Ice Removal. Discusses the effectiveness and environmental impact of various ice melting compounds, as well as heated mats that leave no chemicals in the soil. 12/31/2005
Getting Involved in the Code Process. Using examples from recent National Fire Protection Association actions, the author explains how facilities professionals should be involved in code writing, and how their lack of involvement can... 06/30/2004
Getting Started on Your Environmental and Safety Programs. Examines safety and environmental compliance issues surrounding higher education facilities management. Using performance standards is argued to be the best approach to staying in compliance, and... 12/31/1999
Getting Started with the Facilities Management Evaluation Program. Advises on the process and benefits of APPA's Facilities Management Evaluation Program, a self-assessment process that assesses seven major categories and 57 subsections of an institutions... 06/30/2006
Glidepath to Compliance: Managing the Regulatory Risk/Return Trajectory in Educational Facility Enterprises. Offers code compliance recommendations for how best to maintain non-conforming higher education facilities. Steps for identifying and addressing risks that can be remediated are included. 12/31/2007
Green Investment, Green Return: How Practical Conservation Projects Save Millions on America's Campuses. Highlights 23 cost-saving conservation initiatives at 15 public and private postsecondary institutions across the United States. Savings per project ranged from little more than $1,000 to $9 million... 12/31/1997
Guidelines for Managing Regulatory Requirements. Suggests techniques for accommodation of government requirements, rules, and guidelines in the built environment and provides a list of those that typically affect schools. 10/31/2005
Health Education and Safety for High Quality Performance. Discusses the methodologies successfully used at the University of Michigan Plant Building Services for the maintenance of the safety and health of almost 400 management and custodial staff, and... 12/31/1999
Higher Education Vertical Infrastructure Maintenance Planning. To assist higher education facility officers in documenting their financial needs for renewing and renovating existing physical facilities, tools to identify vertical infrastructure maintenance needs... 04/30/1999
Higher-Ed Energy Conservation Tips. Advocates integrated networked building management systems, carbon dioxide monitoring, automatic lighting controls, natural landscaping, photovoltaics, and commissioning of buildings to improve... 08/31/2009
How NOT To Get Outsourced. Addresses outsourcing of school facilities services and the steps facilities services staff can take to help preserve their jobs. Steps include increasing organizational communication of staff... 06/30/1998
How to Answer When the Media Calls. Advises on how to respond to the media, detailing components of a wall and gate approach where the media and the institution are separated by a wall, and an official spokesperson is the only gate. 03/31/2006
I Don't Receive Complaints Today. Describes how Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, successfully reversed a 15-year contract management arrangement for custodial services and built its own in-house management team. The article... 10/31/2001