Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Imagine If You Will. Discusses developments in elevator codes, their impact on facilities management, and issues involved in moving from one code to a more stringent one. 02/28/2006
Improving Affordability of Higher Education through Buying Consortia. Discusses the advantages of buying consortia for higher education institutions, using the successful Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) as an example. This consortium has realized savings in... 02/28/2009
In & Out Privileges. Presents an interview with Keith Reid, vice president of education services at a facility services outsourcing firm, about the conditions of today's college campuses, how schools are handling... 04/30/2003
In-source Contracted Services. Explains areas of cost accounting, enterprise scalability, and work-loading where for-profit external contractors typically have an advantage in providing facility services, and suggests ways that... 02/28/2006
Increase Square Footage While Driving Energy and Labor Costs Down Through Wireless Technology. Describes wireless and web-based monitoring of campus infrastructure systems, with particular attention to monitoring of steam traps. 06/30/2007
Indirect Costs and Other Uses of Facilities Data at Institutions. Examines possible uses for facilities data as they relate to three academic issues: classroom management, personnel management, and research activity. Some academic medical centers and research... 09/30/2007
Integrity-Based Budgeting. Discusses issues critical to the evolution of facilities data integrity, being the compatibility, coordination, and timeliness of data from institutions with multiple buildings. 10/31/2008
Internal Partnership: A Recipe for Survival. Discusses the partnership between University of Michigan's Plant Building Services and the schools' University Stores that improved facilities services while shoring up the latter's... 06/30/2005
International Facility Management Association IFMA is a membership organization for individual professional and associate facility professionals that offers professional certification, a bi-monthly journal, a monthly newsletter, professional...
It Takes a Revolution: A Case Study of Facilities Service Improvements at UCSB. Presents a case study on the successful revamping of the University of California Santa Barbara's Physical Facilities Maintenance and Operations Department. Each revamping step is discussed... 06/30/2000
Kathleen O'Brien. Presents an interview with Kathleen O'Brien, vice president of university services at the University of Minnesota. Discusses her goals for making the school an institutional benchmark for... 02/28/2003
Keeping it Flowing. Profiles the University of Las Vegas' program to keep drains clear, describing the equipment they use, training, the advantages of the latest equipment. 12/31/2009
Keeping the Plan Alive. Reports on ways in which college and university facilities management departments can keep a strategic plan viable throughout the intended planning time frame. Focuses on the importance of... 10/31/1997
Lessons in Landlording. Advises higher education institutions on the management of commercial or residential properties that they acquire for income, neighborhood revitalization, or future growth. Typically located close to... 08/31/2006
Location-Aware Services: Where on Earth? Discusses the benefits of location-aware services to campuses, including tracking shuttle busses, security alerts, and monitoring a student's location when crossing campus at night. Examples of... 01/31/2007
Lost in Space. Discusses classroom space management techniques that maximize existing facilities. Identifying and scheduling underutilized space, subdividing large rooms, relocating administrative functions, and... 02/28/2007
Machines that Manage. Describes how facilities-management systems use technology to help schools and universities operate their buildings more efficiently, reduce energy consumption, manage inventory more accurately, keep... 04/30/2003
Maintaining Employee Health and Regulatory Compliance in Lean Times. Describes a variety of behavior modification, tracking, training, and hazard reduction practices that can reduce workplace injury for facilities personnel. 04/30/2004
Maintaining New Facilities. Discusses the particular problems of maintaining new campus buildings, with their more sophisticated systems, and the perception that since they are new, they require less maintenance. Extended... 06/30/2008
Maintenance and Operations Administrative Guidelines for School Districts and Community Colleges. The purpose of this manual is to provide an update of acceptable and effective maintenance and operations management practices and current standards for educational facilities. Chapters include: 1)... 12/31/2004
Maintenance Business Plans. Discusses maintenance business plans, statements which provide accountability for facilities maintenance organizations' considerable budgets. Discusses the plan's components: statement of... 12/31/2001
Maintenance Contracts for 11th Graders. Advises on appropriate outsourcing of maintenance tasks that cannot be accomplished with existing staff, particularly when the budget will not accommodate the addition of any new employees. 10/31/2005
Maintenance Deferred. Discusses how colleges and universities are scrambling to catch up on deferred maintenance before the backlog becomes overwhelming. The problems, and some solutions, for acquiring repair funding and... 11/30/2000
Maintenance for Sale! Proposes an entrepreneurial approach for central plan facility management that considers foremost the often disparate needs of the various campus clients and aims to deliver value just as a private... 10/31/2004
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