Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Maintenance Staffing Guidelines For Educational Facilities. The purpose of this publication is to provide a resource or guide for educational facilities in establishing or developing a maintenance trades organization that is sufficient to accomplish basic... 12/31/2001
Making a Buck. Reviews ways in which higher education is renting out facilities and insourcing activities, returning the profits to support the institution's initiatives. 12/31/2006
Making a Move. Discusses five items to consider when selecting a moving company: 1) Use a certified or approved vendor. 2) Look for expertise with higher education commodities. 3) Look for storage capability near... 01/31/2006
Making Ends Meet. Discusses how some college maintenance managers are getting the most out of their tight maintenance budgets. Examples of cost-cutting measures include comparative shopping for cleaning chemicals,... 05/31/1999
Managing Space and Time and Money. Describes how two higher education institutions automated their space management and discovered unused capacity that was put to use for expanded course offerings and as rentals to outside groups. 07/31/2009
Managing the Facilities Portfolio: New Book Addresses Elimination of $60 Billion Problem This excerpt from Managing the Facilities Portfolio: A Practical Approach to Institutional Renewal and Deferred Maintenance offers higher education business officers a conceptual framework comprising... 02/28/1991
Managing the University Campus: Exploring Models for the Future and Supporting Today's Decisions Managing contemporary campuses and taking decisions that will impact on those of tomorrow is a complex task for universities worldwide. It involves strategic, financial, functional and physical... 12/31/2011
Meet the Vice President for Happiness. Discusses nine principles that have worked well at the University of Florida physical plant to recruit and retain high-quality employees: create a supportive environment, rock and roll up your... 04/30/2002
Megatrends and Myths: Facilities Management Practices in Higher Education. Describes five megatrends in higher education that affect facilities, as well as debunking five commonly adhered-to myths. The author admits that predicting these circumstances is very much like... 10/31/2006
Mission-Centered Asset Management. Details a system of addressing educational facility management issues by aligning them with the institution's mission and prioritizing them by their impact on the mission, if deferred. Criteria... 04/30/2007
MSU: Where Efficiency Works. Describes the work of the Michigan State University Physical Plant Division, which has maintained high standards in an era of budget cuts by undertaking preventive maintenance, purchasing labor-... 03/31/2004
New Trends in Facility Asset Management. Explains new, positive trends in facility asset management that encompasses greater acceptance and involvement of facility managers in the financial planning process, greater awareness of the need... 06/30/2000
On the Right Track. Reviews the use of a facilities condition index to properly guide attention to the campus building conditions, illustrated with case studies from Florida State University and the University of... 01/31/2008
One Size Fits All: The Continuing Success Cycle. Describes a decision-making process that guarantees continuing success for college facility management in discovering effective solutions that are process-focused, data-driven, and results-oriented. 08/31/2001
Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial, third edition Addresses topics including: the cost of cleaning, sustainability, determining APPA Levels of Cleanliness in buildings, and scientific measurement of cleanliness. Special sections address the cleaning... 12/31/2011
Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Grounds, second edition A comprehensive guide to maintaining and managing a grounds and landscaping operation. Topics covered include: sustainable grounds operations; green fuels, vehicles, and equipment; and landscape... 12/31/2011
Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance, second edition A guide for maintenance in facilities. Subjects include zero-based staffing build-up, levels of maintenance and benchmarking; compliance, safety, and sustainability; job descriptions and career... 12/31/2011
People before Buildings. Explores what effective facility professionals can do to foster satisfied employees and a progressive work environment. Discusses needs, motivators, and generational differences as they relate to... 02/28/2002
Personnel Data and Costs Reported from the 2004-05 Facilities Core Data Survey. Reports a few highlights from this survey indicating salary increases and decreases for higher education facilities professionals, changes in staffing structure, and changes in percentages of... 06/30/2006
Physical Asset Management: Past, Present and Future. Outlines a total asset management plan of managing facilities, organizing facilities management around concepts of planning, prevention, life-cycle costing, standardization, proactivity and... 06/30/2003
Planning and Managing the Campus Facilities Portfolio. Discusses key elements for managing a higher education institution's facilities portfolio, with three sections presenting issues in the order in which they should be addressed. The first section... 12/31/2004
Portfolio Management. Advocates the consideration of higher education facilities as a portfolio of assets, considering the risks and rewards involved with the individual portfolio components when making decisions about... 10/31/2010
Practical Ideas for Cutting Costs and Ways to Generate Alternative Revenue Sources. Details the present environment of declining school funds and offers advice on cost savings in a variety of management areas, including building scheduling, custodial services, and groundskeeping.... 12/31/2004
Preventing Ice Dams on Roofs. Describes ice dams, how they form, and how they damage buildings. Techniques for preventing them through insulation, ventilation, material selection, roof heating, and preventive maintenance are... 10/31/2005
Preventive Maintenance for Higher Education Facilities: A Planning & Budgeting Tool for Facilities Professionals. This guide is designed to help higher education facilities managers, through the implementation of preventive maintenance (PM), to increase the life of facility systems and equipment, lower overall... 12/31/2002