Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Public College and University Procurement: A Survey of the State Regulatory Environment, Institutional Procurement Practices and Efforts Toward Cost Containment. Reports on a survey of chief procurement officers at U.S. public four-year universities and university systems, advising on how both institutions and states can make significant improvements through... 12/31/2009
Purchasing Power. Presents an interview with the coordinator of physical plant stores at the University of South Florida, Tampa. The interviewee worked with the univerisity's IT staff to build an effective... 10/31/2003
Qualitative Facilities Assessment. Discusses comprehensive qualitative assessment of higher education facilities. The assessment process includes space capacity, facilities quality, special facilities, infrastructure and... 10/31/2010
Quality Measurement in a Facilities Environment. Outlines a process for quality management in facility departments by obtaining customer input, collecting accurate maintenance data, setting standards, and training the workforce. Suggestions for... 04/30/2004
Risk Management: A Leader's Responsibility. Discusses what facilities management leaders can do to ensure the safety of students and employees. Focuses on six specific tasks, such as detecting hazards and assessing the risks, and offers three... 10/31/1997
Risk Managers Extend Their Turf to Every Corner of the Campus. Discusses the advent of risk managers on higher education campuses, who monitor a variety of issues including facility design and construction, hazardous materials, special events, and compliance. 11/26/2009
Rolling Out LEED-EBOM Across the Campus Describes efforts underway to save time and money for campus facilities managers who want to certify multiple buildings for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM). 08/31/2011
SchoolDude.com This members-only website is the online home for school facility, maintenance, and operations professionals. The site connects school facility professionals to each other to solve problems, share...
Score a Facilities Hat Trick Outlines strategic goals for successful hiring, training, and team commitment for campus facilities management. 04/30/2012
Secure, Reliable, Utilities: More than Meets the Eye. Describes increasing hazards that can upset the balance within the energy supply system and thus the facility manager's ability to provide utility services. An energy resources management plan... 12/31/2003
Setting the PASE for Meeting Facility Needs. The author describes the sequencing and methodology of his approach to facilities management, which he labels PASE, for Planning, Assessing, Selecting and Evaluating. In the planning phase, the use... 10/31/2003
Sights Unseen. Addresses design features that remove unattractive campus materials management functions from plain sight. Underground tunnels and creative landscaping are covered, as are thoughtful campus... 07/31/2008
Smooth Sailing with Contract Services. Discusses how to make the contract services relationship work smoothly for educational facilities. Covers topics of food, child care, and transportation services, along with a brief explanation of... 07/31/2001
Snow and Ice Removal: No Offseason. Discusses how some campuses have moved from informal programs for snow removal, to organized and prioritized plans that list all campus assets and the person and equipment responsible for clearing... 06/30/2008
Sunshine Dollars. Describes ways that higher education institutions keep their facilities busy with construction and summer educational programs. The particular demands of Summer construction and rapid turnover in... 02/28/2007
Take It or Leave It. Discusses survey results that show a school districts aversion to privatize non-educational services. Top reasons why some school districts and colleges turn to, or resist, privatization are provided... 08/31/1999
Taking a Fresh Look at Facilities Data: Lessons Learned. Highlights themes that will assist institutional research professionals and other higher education leadersinterested in expanding use of facilities data in planning and decision making: (1) What you... 09/30/2007
Taking Back Control...Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Describes the background behind Sacramento State University's decision to switch to programmable logic controller (PLC) for its building systems, and the challenges encountered making the new... 12/31/2005
The Changing Campus Landscape. Highlights recent developments in higher education facility management, beginning with the considerable influence that facilities now play in attracting students. Trends in residence hall amenities,... 01/31/2007
The Charge of the Rate Brigade: A Rate Template for In-House Construction Labor. Proposes techniques for facilities managers to set recharge rates for in-house construction, thus avoiding the appropriation of facilities management funding for capital improvements. 06/30/2004
The Facilities Condition Index: A Useful Tool for Capital Asset Planning. Describes the development and history of the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) and its use in rating a facility's condition and measuring the amount of deferred maintenance needed. Also discusses... 06/30/2001
The Heat Is On After years of competing for high-quality students by pouring dollars into academic programs and quality faculty, colleges and universities are now faced with crumbling facilities, antiquated heating... 03/31/2002
The Hidden Costs of Campus Recycling. Describes the impact of recycling on custodial services, including separation of materials and proper handling according to federal, state, and local guidelines. The contracting out of services for a... 04/30/2007
The Importance of Purchasing. Reviews trends and challenges in purchasing, including increased responsibility and accountability, technological advancements, regulations, and streamlined purchasing/accounting departments. 01/31/2007
The IT Vision in FM. Provides a forward-looking vision, including goals, objectives, and principles, of information technology (IT) use within facilities management (FM). This vision includes the evolution of the FM/IT... 10/31/2002