Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Life-and Death Factor: Focusing on Healthcare Facilities. Discusses the particular facility issues at university-affiliated hospitals, where occupancy is 24 hours per day and outages that would be an inconvenience in any other building can become life-... 10/31/2009
The Logistical Tracking System (LTS) Five Years Later: What Has Been Accomplished? Discusses development of the Logistical Tracking System (LTS)1 and evaluates the changes in processes and procedures at the University of Texas-Dallas (UT-Dallas) that were due to implementation of a... 09/30/2007
The Next Step. Discusses seven trends in higher education. These are: bringing multimedia into the classroom, expansion of campus store offerings, new tax reporting requirements for universities operating overseas... 12/31/2010
The Outs (and Ins) of Facility Management. Discusses outsourcing of higher education facility management services. Good and bad experiences from various institutions are described, with the main advantage typically seen as the institution... 06/30/2006
The Penn Factor. Presents an interview with Mark Wilson, AIA, managing director of design and construction management at the University of Pennsylvania. He discusses his preferred project delivery methods, the... 04/30/2004
The Price of Paralysis. Addresses the consequences of decision paralysis in campus facilities management organizations. Small repairs turn into large ones, systems fail more frequently, the budget is strained, and morale... 12/31/2008
The Public Benefits of Privatization. Describes cost-saving benefits of outsourcing campus services, as well as ways to retain current staff in these services when outsourcing. 06/30/2005
The Same, Yet Different. Acknowledges diverse needs for mail delivery services on different campuses and describes options to consider. Article describes a green mailroom for both ingoing and outgoing mail, and lists... 04/30/2010
The Six Principles of Facilities Stewardship. Addresses linkage with institutional priorities, institution-wide responsibility, comprehensive assessments, credible capital investment decisions, accountability, and contintinuity in higher... 12/31/2009
The Space Race. Advises on calculation and utilization of classroom space use and utilization, space inventory, maximizing available space through density, updating and reuse of older space, and student activity... 06/30/2010
The Strategic Assessment Model. This book presents six papers focusing on the application of the strategic assessment model (SAM) to the management of higher education facilities. The papers are part of an ongoing effort by the... 12/31/1998
There's Strength in Numbers: The Facility Asset Management Process. Discusses the use of a holistic facility asset management process for educational facilities, including its use for capital renewal projects and recording capital funding results. 04/30/2001
To Maintain or Not to Maintain: A Common Sense Approach to Facilities Management. Describes the University of Southern Indiana's approach to residence hall maintenance, which includes training residents and resident assistants to execute many of the smaller tasks. 10/31/2004
Top Tips for Buying Telecommunication Services. Examines top regulatory issues and other unique issues resulting from this regulatory overlay when negotiating for corporate telecom services. Issues cover such topics as tariffs, rate negotiation,... 12/31/2000
Two for One. Advises facilities managers in situation where school facilities and transportation functions are being consolidated. The duties of managing such an arrangement are detailed, divided into those for... 08/31/2006
UK Higher Education Space Management Project: Drivers of the Size of the HE Estate. Presents a review of research undertaken to benchmark the size of any higher education institution's property in the UK. The key findings were: 1) Using central timetabling to allocate teaching... 12/31/2004
UK Higher Education Space Management Project: Review of Practice Report. Gives an overview of how United Kingdom higher education institutions currently manage their space, based on survey responses from 140 institutions. The research set out to see to what extent... 12/31/2004
UK Higher Education Space Management Project: The Cost of Space Report. Details two measures to calculate and benchmark the total cost of a higher education institution's non-residential estate in the UK. Sustainable estate provision is the maintenance, operation,... 12/31/2004
University System of Georgia Uses FPI to Support Its Internal Evaluation Process. Describes how the University System of Georgia implemented the APPA's Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) Survey, emphasizing how a considerable portion of the training was done through... 10/31/2009
Use It Or Lose It. Advises on how to analyze class scheduling, curriculum changes, teaching methods, and enrollment to maximize classroom use. Facts to be considered and formulas for calculating usage are included. 07/31/2004
Variety & Service Highlight the 2010 Effective & Innovative Practices Awards Winners. Profiles five higher education institutions that received the APPA's 2010 Effective and Innovative Practices Award for facilities management. Awardees were recognized for institutional benefit,... 08/31/2010
What Happens When the Right People Are in the Wrong Places? Advises on managing facilities staff to have enough people in the right jobs, particularly in situations where the number of staff in a particular area is too high or too low. Short-term solutions... 06/30/2009
What is Current Replacement Value and Why Should You Care? Presents a rationale supporting consistent definitions and methods for determining appropriate current replacement value. Standard real estate valuation techniques, national data sources, common... 04/30/2004
Why Conduct a Facilities Management Evaluation Program? Describes AAPA's Facilities Management Evaluation Program, three institutions' rationales for undertaking one, and their feelings about the results. 06/30/2005
With Campus Aesthetics, Perception is Reality. Briefly discusses economic and educational benefits of campus recylcling programs. 12/31/2005