Facilities Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Maintenance & Operations Solutions: Meeting the Challenge of Improving School Facilities. This paper examines the impact current maintenance and operations (M&O)practices have on U.S. school performance and offers possible opportunities for improvement through the judicious use of... 12/31/1999
Maintenance and Operations and the School Business Administrator. A Compilation of Articles from School Business Affairs. This book compiles what is considered the best maintenance and operations articles that have appeared in the journal School Business Affairs, International in recent years. The collection ranges from... 12/31/1994
Maintenance at a Higher Level. Advises on selection of the most appropriate lift equipment. Issues such as capacity, elevation, reach, maneuverability, footprint, handling, safety, ergonomics, stability, and warranty are addressed. 12/31/2008
Maintenance Matters: Maintenance and Minor Works in Primary Schools. A Manual for Boards of Management. This manual provides guidance in the maintenance requirements of primary education schools covering roofing; floors and walls; doors and windows; external and internal finishes; heating, plumbing,... 12/31/1997
Maintenance of Electrical Services. Maintenance and Renewal in Educational Buildings. Building Bulletin 76. This document provides guidance on the overall electrical services and maintenance strategy in educational facilities, the individual components of which are considered in the following sections:... 06/30/1992
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination. This book focuses on and deals specifically with the preparatory tasks that lead to effective utilization and application of maintenance resources: planning, parts acquisition, work measurement,... 07/31/2001
Maintenance Solutions Online Includes a full text archive of current and archived articles, special reports, subscription information, editor's notebook, and current industry news.
Make Your School Control Itself Describes how to control energy use by integrating the mechanical, lighting, and other building systems so that each system can be scheduled and the systems can work together and monitor performance. 03/31/2012
Making Equipment Rental Work. Advises on maintenance equipment rental, including equipment condition, availability of staff to use the equipment in a timely manner, proper training, how to obtain honest appraisals of models, and... 07/31/2008
Making Space: School Planning Expert Provides Tips for Facility Utilization. Presents an interview with Amy Yurko, an efficiency programmer and planner for schools. She discusses capacity, scheduling, removing clutter, sharing spaces, adaptability of buildings from different... 08/31/2009
Making the Most of It. This discusses 10 ways that administrators can try to accomplish more with the resources they have: facility assessment, computerized maintenance management systems, commissioning, performance... 12/31/2004
Managing a Nationwide School District. Explains how the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs manages operations and maintenance of its 7,465 buildings nationwide with a client-server system. Future alignment of the system with other... 01/31/2006
Managing Large District Facilities. Describes the construction, renovation, and maintenance program of Plano Independent School District, outlining their 20-year renovation target and illustrating the program with a description of... 12/31/2005
Mesa Management. Presents an interview with David Peterson, director of operations for Mesa Unified School District. The district utilizes a large number of portables and has an unusual turf situation due to their...
Motors and Drives: Repair or Replace? Makes case for pro-active and cost-effective equipment decisions. To streamline the management of motors and drives, maintenance and engineering managers need to develop strategies for efficiently... 06/30/2011
MRO Storerooms: Bottom-Line Issues. Advises on maintaining well-organized, well-stocked, and inventoried facilities parts storerooms. Reduction of staff time spent looking for parts, consolidated inventory, and quick response to... 03/31/2011
MRO Storerooms: Strategies for Efficiency. Discusses elements of an effective maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) storeroom. These include an effective computerized maintenance management system with bar- code capability, a clean and... 06/30/2008
National School Plant Management Association The purpose of NSPMA, a membership organization, is to provide for the exchange of information that improves school plant management, maintenance and care through the promotion of acceptable policies...
Navigating the Mail Services Treasure Map. Provides examples for very significant postage costs for schools or school districts. These include the use of non-profit postage rates, or engaging the services of a third-party presort firm to... 04/30/2010
New Directions in Staffing Explains that mapping out a successful staffing plan includes both finding the right people and using them the right way. Notes that budget constraints, a tight labor market, and growing and changing... 11/30/2000
New Mexico School Facilities Maintenance Portal Provides New Mexico's forms and procedures for school maintenance, organized by procedure or by building part. Facility information management systems, and energy maintenance programs are...
No Easy Decisions. Lists 10 strategies used by many school districts for cutting costs. The author considers the merits and disadvantages within each category. They include consolidation, class size, layoffs, closings... 11/30/2010
Now More Than Ever! Reviews historical problems with paper-based building maintenance management, and then describes the benefits of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). The abilities of handheld devices... 10/31/2009
Opening Up New Possibilities. Discusses technology's impact on educational facilities and operations. Examines technology's influence on a school's ability to streamline its business operations and manage its... 01/31/2001
Operation and Maintenance Assessments: A Best Practice for Energy-Efficient Building Operations. This describes what an O&M assessment is, who should perform it, the benefits of an assessment, what it costs, and the process for performing an assessment. Includes a glossary of terms and... 08/31/1999